269 Chapter 269: Facing the Sun Destroying Condor

    "Anyways, Let's give you a name." He muttered as a smile appeared on his face.

    "Your defense is the strongest and your strength is fierce as well. You are just like a war machine. From now on, you shall be known as Auro." He said with a smile.

    The Dark Horned Profound Rhino didn't have much of a reaction. It looked neither happy nor angry.

    "Alright Auro, Let's go. We need to find the Sun Swallowing Condor. After we're done, I'll send you to meet your older brother and sister." Long Chen smilingly said.

    Long Chen stepped forward and climbed on top of Auro.

    Auro was quite big in size. It was almost twice the size of a normal rhino back on Earth.

    Long Chen told Auro a direction to move. Long Chen finally had a clue about where he can find the Sun Destroying Condor.

    He had managed to see a glimpse of the Sun Destroying Condor in Auro's memories. He wasn't sure if Sun Destroying Condor would still be there. He could only hope that it was still there. He didn't have much time to waste in search as he only had four days.

    The Dark Horned Armored Rhino looked big and heavy, but it was quite fast. No one would be able to guess that it was so fast after seeing the sheer size and weight of the Dark Horned Armored Rhino.

    The Dark Horned Armored Rhino passed through the dense forest without any difficulty. Long Chen was stunned to see that no beasts dared to obstruct their path.

    Most probably because they didn't want to face the Dark Horned Armored Rhino.

    The rest of the journey was quite comfortable.

    After 4 hours of travel, Long Chen finally reached a lake. It was the same lake he wanted to go to.

    "Thanks for the work, big guy. Go have a rest inside the beast region. Don't forget to greet the others when you meet there. They'll be your family from now on. " Long Chen said with a smile as he sent the Dark Horned Armored Rhino inside the beast region of his Ancient Ring.

    Long Chen stepped towards the lake as he used his divine senses. He finally felt something.

    A smile appeared on his face as he saw a beautiful condor lying on the embankment of the lake.

    It was a pitch-black Condor with a few red patterns on its wings. It looked much like a vulture, but it was way larger.

    Long Chen had seen many flying beasts, but he still felt like this Sun Destroying Condor was the largest flying beast he had seen. He felt like the Sun Destroying Condor could easily accommodate 4-5 people.

    It had a wingspan of 33 meters. The Sun Destroying Condor has its eyes closed and looked like it was sleeping peacefully.

    Long Chen stepped towards the condor softly. He didn't have his sword in his hand as he didn't want to give off the attacking vibe. He wanted to try taming the beast without fighting first. Although the chances were low, he still wished to try.

    The Sun Destroying Condor was a 9th stage Earth Realm beast and it was known for its fast speed.

    The Sun Destroying Condor was able to use wind essence in its attacks that made it a tough opponent to face.

    Long Chen was almost near the Sun Destroyed Condor. There were only 15 meters of distance between them. Unfortunately, it was at that moment, the Sun Destroying Condor sensed his presence and opened its eyes.

    Its eyes were sky blue that is quite contradictory to its black feathers.

    He gazed at Long Chen in a threatening manner.

    Before Long Chen could speak a single word, the Sun Destroying Condor flew in the air.

    "Sorry, but I can't let you escape!" Long Chen muttered as he saw the Sun Destroying Condor flying in the air.

    "Heavenly Demon Wings!" He said softly as two wings appeared behind his back.

    He also flew up in the air.

    " Don't be scared! I don't want to harm you. I just want you to join us on our journey and be my tamed beast! " He let out loud, but the Sun Destroying Condor didn't seem to care for his words.

    "Eeeeee" The Sun Destroying Condor had a loud screech as he flew towards Long Chen.

    Its speed was so fast that even Long Chen was stunned for a short moment.

    He dodged to the side, but the Sun Destroying Condor's wings still managed to scratch his arms.

    His arms were bleeding. Thankfully, the wound wasn't too deep.

    "Looks like you want to do it the hard way." He muttered in an annoyed tone as he brought out his King's Sword.

    A powerful sword aura spread in the atmosphere as soon as the sword came out of the storage ring.

    The Sun Destroying Condor seemed to have noticed the aura and felt quite threatened.

    "Eeeee" It gave another screen as it used its wind essence to attack.

    One after another, Wind blades kept attacking Long Chen.

    Since the wing blades were completely made of wings, Long Chen had no choice but to dodge the attacks.

    Unfortunately, the Sun Destroying Condor was flying outside the range of his teleport, thus he couldn't teleport near the Sun Destroying Condor.

    The Sun Destroyed Condor was also quite clever as it looked like it was trying to maintain the distance and attack from long range.

    Long Chen was now regretting his decision to take out the King's sword. It had alerted the Sun Destroying Condor and made it keep its distance.

    Long Chen was struggling to do anything. Every time he moved near the Sun Destroying Condor, it moved further back.

    The Sun Destroying Condor had intensified its attacks on Long Chen.

    There were tens of Wind Blades attacking him at once.

    Long Chen decided to use his last resort.

    The Law of Illusion!

    His eyes turned somewhat white and it seemed like a mist had covered his eyes.
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