270 Chapter 270: Battle continues

    Long Chen's eyes turned somewhat white and it seemed like a mist had covered his eyes.

    The Sun Destroying Condor was flying at some distance from Long Chen and kept attacking him.

    It was attacking him when Long Chen suddenly disappeared. The Sun Destroying Condor flew higher in the sky as he looked around, but he couldn't see Long Chen.

    "You're quite special, aren't you?"

    "No matter how long I have to try, I have decided! You will be my tamed beast, even if I have to spend 3 days and 3 nights fighting you." Ji Shan said with a smile on his face as he kept attacking.

    "Whitey!" He called out as he tapped his beast bag twice.

    A white speck of light came out of the bag and took the shape of a wolf.

    It was his tamed beast.

    Long Chen used his law of Illusion to make himself invisible in front of Sun Destroying Condor.

    The Sun Destroying Condor wasn't able to see Long Chen, still, it kept attacking madly in every direction.

    Fortunately, Long Chen was able to dodge all these attacks.

    Long Chen had also placed his King's sword back in the Ancient ring so that the Sun Destroying Condor couldn't find him through the sword aura.

    He stealthily flew closer to the Sun Destroying Condor and was just about to get to him when he heard another loud screech.

    He felt a sense of danger and immediately teleported from a good position and appeared 30 meters to his right.

    "Such a bad running," Long Chev cursed as he looked towards the Soaring Eagle that had attacked him.

    The Sun Destroying Condor looked like it recovered from his law of Illusion as well. It was finally able to see Long Chen.

    "Frickin limitations of the law." Long Chen cursed as he dodged the attacks.

    His control of the law of Illusion was in the initial stage and his Illusion Skill had a big limitation.

    To cast his Illusion, he had to be looking at the person he wanted to cast it on. As soon as he takes his eyes off of that person, the Illusion would break.

    Kong Chen had cast his Illusion on the Sun Destroying Condor but the Soaring Eagle was still able to see him.

    It came out of nowhere as it attacked him.

    As soon as he shifted his focus, the illusion broke.

    He again brought out his King's sword.

    The Soaring Eagle looked like it wasn't as smart as the Sun Destroying Condor as it fought in close rank.

    It used its steel-like wings to attack Long Chen.

    Long Chen was getting quite annoyed as it kept getting attacked again and again.

    "Seven Forms of Saint Sword: third form- destruction!" He roared loudly as he swung his sword.

    The Soaring Eagle was flying towards Long Chen when it felt dangerous. It tried to change its direction, but it was too late. The attack collided with him.

    Fortunately, the Soaring Eagle had managed to slightly change the direction towards the right. It did manage to survive, but it's left-wing was cut off.

    It screeched in pain as the Soaring Eagle fell to the ground.

    Long Chen didn't go after the Soaring Eagle and looked in the direction of the Sun Destroying Condor, but he was stunned to see that the Sun Destroying Condor was flying away.

    "Hey, stop!" Long Chev yelled out loud as he followed the Sun Destroying Condor, but his speed somewhat lacked in comparison as he had used most of his Qi in the fight.

    Long Chen followed the Sun Destroying Condor for quite some time before he landed on the ground.

    His Qi reserves were 90 percent empty at the moment. He knew that he wouldn't be able to catch up to the Sun Destroying Condor and even if at last he did manage to catch up, he would have no Qi to catch up.

    "It escaped. If that Soaring Eagle hadn't interfered, I would have tamed the Sun Destroying Condor by now."

    "The  Sun Destroying Condor is quite clever, I must say. It knew exactly when to retreat. I remember, Orion did the same thing. Only Auro was the one who didn't try to run." Long Chen muttered as he looked towards the direction the Condor ran off to.

    Long Chen was devastated, but he didn't feel defeated. He knew that he still had the opportunity. There were still 3 days.

    Long Chen was somewhat tired as well. He called out for Auro.

    His tamed Dark Horned Armored Rhino came out of the Ancient Ring.

    "Did you meet Orion and others?" Long Chen asked with a smile.

    Auro nodded his head.

    "Good. Well, I might need your help again. The situation here didn't go as planned and the Sun Destroying Condor escaped."Long Chen said as if he was explaining to the beast.

    If someone saw it, they would wonder if he has gone mad as he was talking to a beast like it was a human, but to Long Chen, it was completely different. He felt a sense of closeness to his beasts.

    He didn't know if it was the same for everyone or just him, but he didn't care.

    He climbed on top of the Dark Horned Armored Rhino and ordered it to move in the direction of the Sun Destroying Condor.

    He knew that he wouldn't be able to catch up to it, but he was sure that the Sun Destroying Condor would come down to rest after it was in a safe zone.

    He sat on top of the Dark Horned Armored Rhino in a meditative position as he began recovering his Qi.


    On the other side of the Beast Forest, Ji Shan was engaged in a battle of his own.

    He was fighting with a Dark Moon Horse.

    The Dark Moon Horse was a 5th stage Earth Realm beast, thus it should have been quite easy for Ji Shan, but surprisingly he was having a lot of difficulty.

    No matter what he tried, the Dark Moon Horse was able to dodge all his attacks.

    Even his Talismans were proving to be useless.

    "You're quite special, aren't you?" He muttered with a smile on his face.

    " I have decided! No matter what, I will make you my tamed beast! Even if I have to fight you for the days and three nights, I'll make it happen! " He let out in a determination filled voice.

    "Whitey!" He called out as he tapped his bags twice.
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