273 Chapter 273: 10th God Beas

    "Your Majesty, The signals of the 10th God Beast have appeared again. " Someone came running in a large hall and spoke.

    A person was sitting on a throne. It looked similar to a human, but it was clear that the person was not human.

    The person had white skin with black stripes all over his body. Instead of fingers, he had sharp claws. His eyes looked somewhat orange.

    He looked like a humanoid version of the legendary beast white tiger.

    The person heard the report of the informant and excitedly stood up.

    "What? You finally found the 10th God Beast? Tell me where it is!" He looked towards the informant and asked.

    " We... We don't know yet. The energy signature is too weak. It might take 7-8 hours to track it." The informant replied.

    " Our Diviners are using everything they have to decrease the time and find the 10th god beast as soon as they can, Your Majesty." The informant further said as he looked down. He didn't dare look at the person who was sitting on the throne.

    "Alright. Inform me when you have the location. We must find the 10th God Beast before others." The man said as he sat back on the throne.

    " Yes, Your Majesty," The informant said as he turned back and left.

    The man kept sitting on his throne as he fell into deep thought.

    "A god beast that appeared out of nowhere... A beast whose birth star is shining brighter than all 9 God Beasts, just what is happening here? Is this the sign of a massive change that's about to come?"

    "What's the guardian doing about all this? Just where had he disappeared to? Since the 10th God Beast star appeared, he's nowhere to be found. It's like he has been swallowed by the space." He muttered to himself.

    "Your Majesty, the Master of Black Tortoise Clan is here. He wishes to see you." A guard came and informed the man.

    " What's that old turtle doing here? Let him enter." The man ordered the guard.

    " Yes, your Majesty. " The guard bowed his head and left.

    Ten minutes after he left, the doors of the hall opened again as someone entered.

    It looked like an old man, but what made him different was the big shell that was on his back.

    He was the humanoid form of a Black Tortoise and the master of the Black Tortoise Clan.

    The Black Tortoise master looked like an ordinary 80-year-old man if one was to ignore the shell on his back.

    "Old Turtle Beifang, Why are you here?" The white-skinned man gazed at the old man and asked.

    Generally, no one dared to call the Black Tortoise Clan master as Old Turtle, let alone call him by his name. He was a God Beast after all. But the person who was talking to him was no ordinary person either.

    The man sitting on the throne was the Master of the White Tiger Clan. He was considered as one of the strongest God Beasts.

    Although the God Beasts never fought for rankings, everyone knew the general strength of the other.

    Based on the common understanding, it was said that the White Tiger King Bai Hu was in the top 3 at least, if they were to rank all 9 God Beasts.

    "Can't this old turtle come to see an old friend for no reason whatsoever? " Black Tortoise Clan master Beifang said with a smile on his face as he stepped forward.

    "You can come to meet me at any time. It's just strange since, in the last thousand years, you never came to me for no reason." White Tiger King Bai Hu said with an interested smile on his face.

    "You're partially right. I did come for a reason. I think you might have guessed it already. It's about something we're all concerned about. The 10th God Beast." Master Beifang said.

    "If anyone can't find it, it's your clan and the azure dragon clan. You both are more knowledgeable in tracking."He continued.

    " Hahaha, I get it. Since you're amidst a fight with the Azure Dragon, you can't go to him. So that's why you came to me." White Tiger King Bai Hu started laughing as he heard the words of the Black Tortoise Clan master.

    "Azure Dragon is too arrogant. I don't like seeing his face. " Black Tortoise Clan master said with a smile.

    " Anyways, Did you find anything about the 10th beast? " He asked the White Tiger King.

    " Not yet." White Tiger King replied.

    He didn't mention anything about the Energy Signature they have located.

    "Too bad. I did hear that the Azure Dragon Clan and the Phoenix Clan are close to finding the 10th God Beast. I don't know how true the rumors are though. " He sighed in disappointment as he spoke.

    " Huh, I believe those are nothing but the rumors. How can they find the 10th beast before us? " The White Tiger King smiled as he replied.

    He didn't take the words of the old tortoise seriously as he was confident that in a few hours, he would have the location of the 20th God Beast himself.

    "It's such a history-defining event though. Since the beginning, there have only been 9 God Clans. And only one God beast from each god clan can appear at a time. I never would have expected that I would see a 10th one in my lifetime. " The Black Tortoise said as he looked out the window.

    The throne room of the White Tiger King was made in such a way that the 10 God beast stars could be seen from the window.

    "I will take my leave now. It was good meeting you again Bai Hu" The Black Tortoise Clan master turned back to leave.

    " Hey? Did you find your grandkid's location? " White Tiger King Bai Hu asked abruptly.

    " Not yet. He did have an artifact that can hide his location, so it's going to be quite tough finding him. But I do believe that he went to the mortal world. " Black Tortoise Clan master said with a disappointed look on his face.
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