275 Chapter 275: Under attack

    Long Chen was able to see some core memories of the Sun Destroying Condor which finally made him understand why it was so against the taming.

    Apparently, when the Sun Destroying Condor was young, it was a tamed beast of a person.

    Surprisingly, the person was the son of the Sect Master of Thunder Giant Sect.

    The son of the Sect Master was a little ruthless and let out his frustration on the Sun Destroying Condor quite a lot of time.

    Since the Sun Destroying Condor was quite young and weak at that time, the master tortured him a lot whenever it was defeated in a battle.

    Fortunately, the master was assassinated one day and the Sun Destroying Condor was freed of the Contract.

    The taming contract worked in quite a mysterious way. One of those was that whenever a master was killed, the tamed beast would be released as long as the tamed beast never disobeyed its master's orders during its lifetime. Thus the Sun Destroying Condor gained its freedom and flew away.

    It landed in the beast forest of the Beast Hall and made its home here. Although quite a lot of people tried taming it, but they weren't successful since the Sun Destroying Condor's determination was so strong, the contract was never successful on it.

    Unfortunately, it met Long Chen who had the special bloodline that overpowered it. No matter how much it tried, it couldn't break the contract. It had finally decided that it was better to die than be tamed again.

    Long Chen was lost in his thoughts when he saw the Sun Destroying Condor falling to the ground. It lost consciousness.

    Long Chen ran towards it, but he was stunned to see various blood red patterns appear on its body.

    "What's happening?" He looked towards Xun and asked.

    "Don't worry, it's something good. I think the Sun Destroying Condor is going through an evolution. Although it's quite rare, it still happens. It must have the bloodline purity might be increasing or maybe it'll evolve into something else. Whatever the case, I don't think it's going to wake up anytime soon. Let it sleep in the Beast Region of the ring. It will be helpful for it." Xun replied to Long Chen.

    Long Chen listened to her words and immediately sent the Sun Destruction Condor inside his ancient ring.

    "Ah... Long Chen. Aren't you forgetting something?" Long Chen was lost in thoughts, when Xun's voice got him out of his daze.

    "What?" He turned towards her and asked.

    "The time! Four days are about to be over. If you don't leave soon, the formation will close." She reminded him.

    Long Chen remembered about it and all color from his disappeared. He remembered the words of the elder that once the formation closed, the humans who are still inside the beast forest will be killed by the formation.

    "Oh **, There's not enough time. Even if I fly, I won't be back in time." Long Chen let out with a worried look on his face.

    "Looks like I have no choice." He said as he looked towards a certain direction.

    "I just hope that the portal won't open in front of someone." He let out with a wry smile on his face as he started using his law of space.

    He had decided to use Dimensional Crack. A skill that could immediately take him anywhere working a 200 km range. Its limit has increased since his last breakthrough in comprehension.

    Unfortunately, the still can only be used once in 24 hours. Also, he can only go to places he has personally seen before. Also, where the spatial crack opens in his destination is not under his control.

    His eyes turned starry black as he made a strange gesture with his hand.

    A Spatial Crack appeared in front of him which widened in size until it was wide enough for Long Chen to enter.

    Long Chen entered the spatial crack.

    A different spatial crack opened 100 meters away from the exit.

    Fortunately, he came out in a heavily covered place and no one saw him.

    Long Chen left the plane and hurriedly walked towards the exit.


    Outside the beast forest, most of the people who entered had come out. Even Ji Shan was out. He was standing near a black horse that he had successfully managed to take inside the beast forest after much effort.

    "Only 2 minutes are left and he's still not out." Zhiqing thought with a worried look on her face.

    The opening made in the portal slowly started closing.

    "Elder! Long Chen is still inside! You can't close the opening!" Zhiqing let out loud as she saw the portal closing.

    "Sorry kid, it's not under our control anymore. This formation is made by the first Sect Master. We can only open it for 4 days every year, as for its closing, we have no control over that.

    The Elder in charge of the beast forest shook her head lightly as she replied.

    Zhiqing was about to say something else when a person finally came out of the small opening in the formation that way almost closed.


    Long Chen came out of the Beast forest as he breathed in relief.

    "Alright. Since everyone is out now, let's begin with the results." Elder Xin stepped forward as she asked.

    "Those who managed to take a beast come forward and bring your beast out. We will confirm if they are indeed from the beast forest and give you your permanent disciple badge." She said as she glanced over everyone.

    Her words worked like charm as everyone started showing off the beast they tamed.

    Even Ji Shan showed the beast and got his permanent disciple badge.

    "Long Chen? What about you? Did you not tame a beast?"Elder Jun looked towards Long Chen and asked.

    "I..." Long Chen didn't want to show his beast as he was planning to leave the place. He had no intention of becoming a true disciple here.

    But before he could say anything, He heard a loud blast.

    "We're under attack!" Elder Jun looked in a certain direction as he said in a heavy tone.
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