276 Chapter 276: Massive Force

    One after another, people kept hearing loud blasts.

    "We're under attack!" Elder Jun looked in a certain direction as he said in a heavy tone.

    "Elder Xin, Take the kids to somewhere safe. I'll see who dares to attack the beast hall." Elder Jun told Elder Xin as he brought out his flying beast.

    It was a Dark Winged Sparrow that looked nothing like a sparrow on earth. It had two black feathered wings and two devil-like horns on its head.

    It had a wingspan of 4 meters and despite being called a sparrow, it was just as big as the flying eagle that Long Chen faced back in the beast forest.

    Elder Jun was about to climb on the Dark Winged Sparrow but he stopped abruptly.

    He brought out a transmission talisman.

    He probably relieved an urgent communication from someone.

    "What the hell! What do you mean Hall Master is poisoned? How can this happen at a time like this! Wait right there, I'll be there soon." He was shocked as he heard the message. He replied to the message.

    Elder Xin was shocked as well when she heard about the Hall Master. She just stood there in shock.

    "Don't delay! Someone's really wrong. Escort them safely and come up to help others. I'll check the situation." Elder Jun saw her standing there. He couldn't help but remind her of the situation.

    Elder Jun climbed on the back of Dark Winged Sparrow and flew away.

    "Everyone! Come with me. There's no need to panic. The other Elders will take care of everything.

    Elder Xin said to everyone. She could see that the kids were anxious, but after some effort, she was able to calm her down.

    She walked in the front while the others followed her. Long Chen was amongst them as well, but his mind was on something else.

    He had managed to bear that the Hall Master was poisoned.

    Previously, when he heard the blasts, he had his doubts. He did feel like the Beast Hall was under attack, but the news about the Hall Master helped him in understanding that this wasn't a blind attack.

    He felt like it was a properly prepared plan and the ones that were attacking had everything under their control.

    After thinking for some time, he decided that he was better to escape.

    There was a good chance that it was an attack for revenge. Even if it wasn't, he didn't feel safe being trapped inside until he was surrounded by all the powerhouses of the attacker since they were moving deeper inside the Beast Hall. It would only get tougher to escape if he went with them.

    He tapped on the shoulders of Mingyu and Zhiqing as he gestured them to leave with him. Since he was already at it, he decided to bring Ji Shan with him as well. It would only increase their combined strength and their chances to escape.

    Ji Shan was somewhat hesitant, but in the end, he decided to listen to Long Chen and leave with him. He also had a feeling that it was better to escape. There was no benefit for dying inside a sect they spent only a few days inside.

    Long Chen took the lead as they separated from the group of Elder Xin.

    Since Elder Xin was now focused on the path ahead, she didn't notice the four people left.

    "Hey, since we're leaving, how about we go on our beasts. It'll be faster than running." Ji Shan said as he ran behind Long Chen.

    "Nope. That would attract too much attention and make us more visible." Before Long Chen could reply, Mingyu shot down the suggestion.

    As they ran, they were able to see quite a lot of people running as well, the only difference was that they were running towards the other side.

    Long Chen gazed at some distance and noticed someone.

    "Hurry and hide under that tree. " He said abruptly as he pointed towards a tree.

    They all ran and hid under a tree.

    Not long after, they saw four Winged Lions and tens of various types of flying beasts pass from the sky.

    A frown appeared on Long Chen's face as he saw the Winged Lions.

    Five minutes after the Winged Lions and the others passed, Long Chen finally let out some words.

    "Sky Realm Cultivators" He said.

    His words shocked the other three.

    "The four on the Winged Lions were Sky Realm Cultivators and the others were high-rank Earth Realm cultivators. Let's hurry." He said as he left the shade of the tree and continued on their path of escape.

    Back in the Core of the Beast Hall, Elder Jun was standing in front of the Hall Master who was lying on the bed. His breathing was too weak.

    A bearded man was sitting near the Hall Master. He was checking him.

    "The poison isn't fatal, but it is still serious. It has weakened him and it is preventing Hall Master from recovering. The Hall Master can't use his cultivation now." The bearded man said with a frown on his face.

    Elder Jun couldn't help but grimace about the situation.

    "Take care of the Hall Master, I'll handle the things outside." Elder Jun said as he turned back and left the room.

    As soon as he came out of the room, he was stunned to find the dead bodies of tens of Elders long on the ground.

    They were all dead and only a few were still alive. The ones that were alive were fighting the red-robed masked men, but it was clear that they are about to be defeated.

    "How dare you attack our Beast Hall!" Elder Jun roared in anger as he released his Sky Realm Cultivation.

    He was a First Stage Sky Realm Cultivator.

    He flew towards the masked men in anger. He wanted to kill them all for their sins.

    Just as he covered half the distance, he stopped as he retreated.

    As he stepped back, he saw a man landing in front of him from the sky.

    "It's quite amazing that a simple branch of the Beast Hall has two Sky Realm cultivators. No wonder the Main Beast Hall is considered such a massive force." The Black Robed Masked man said with a smile.

    A frown appeared on Elder Jun's face as he saw the masked man. He could feel a sense of danger from the man.
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