277 Chapter 277: Ill handle the res

    A frown appeared on Elder Jun's face as he saw the masked man. He could feel a sense of danger from the man.

    No matter how hard he tried, he couldn't see the cultivation of the opponent. That combined with the dangerous feeling made him understand that he was facing someone who had a higher cultivation.

    "Why are you guys attacking our Beast Hall? We never had any enmity with a force. Also, no force in the area can have cultivators as strong as you and your three friends above." Elder Jun said as he glanced at the sky.

    Although he didn't notice it initially, after one of the black-robed men came down from the above, he took a glance and realized that there were 3 more people who had similar outfits standing in the sky.

    "Oh? Don't worry, we know that you people don't have enough strength to offend us... It's your father, the Main Beast Hall that did it."

    " Then attack them! Why are you attacking us? Whatever the Main Beast Hall did, isn't our fault! " Elder Jun let out in an annoyed tone.

    " Someone from your Main Beast Hall destroyed a branch of our Sect. So our revenge is justified."

    " And it's true, that attacking them would make more sense, but unfortunately, we can't attack them yet for some reason. That's why we came to destroy something of theirs. An arm for an arm. " The masked man said with a smile.

    " The main Beast Hall would never do something like destroying a sect, Unless... You are from the Evil Sects?"

    " Hahaha... We prefer the term unorthodox, but yeah. The world does consider our supreme sect as an Evil Sect, quite unjustly if I must say so myself." The masked man laughed as he said.

    " Also, don't worry. We have quite a lot of people. Not a single person shall be left alive." He said as his laughter turned creepy.

    " You bastard!" Elder Jun said as he tapped his Beast Bag three times.

    Ten Beasts came out of his beast bag. Surprisingly, every single one of them was a peak Earth Realm Beast.

    Elder Jun ordered the masked man to attack the Red-Robed man behind while he flew towards the Black Robed sky realm cultivator and punched out. A fire started burning in his fist.

    The fist was about to land on the man's chest, but before his fist could land, the black-robed man disappeared from his position and appeared behind Elder Jun and kicked his back.

    His movement was so fast, that it somewhat touched the boundary of teleportation in the eyes of Elder Jun.

    As Elder Jun was kicking while he was running ahead, he flew away towards the front and crashed on the ground. His face had some scratches but Elder Jun wasn't overly harmed.

    "You're quite slow for a Sky Realm cultivator." The black-robed man chuckled as he observed Elder Jun.

    He completely ignored the fight that was going on between Elder Jun's tamed beasts and his Red Robed underlings.

    Elder Jun didn't give up as he immediately stood up as he brought out his treasured sword.

    "I know that our branch most probably can't survive the calamity we are facing right now, but I promise that I will at least kill you before I die! " Elder Jun roared in anger as he roared in anger.

    He poured all his Qi and cultivation into this one last attack as he broke through his limits. Surprisingly, in this challenging time, Elder Jun broke through to the 2nd stage of the Sky Realm.

    Before he could swing his sword, a sword penetrated his heart from behind.

    The black-robed masked man had appeared behind him and thrust his sword in Elder Jun's chest.

    "You know, you talk too much. You also dream too much." The black-robed man said as a smirk appeared on his face as he pulled out his sword.

    Elder Jun fell to the ground as his breathing stopped.

    On the other hand, all of the tamed beasts were killed by the red-robed cultivators as well. Though five of the red-robed men died as well.

    Three more people came down from the sky and landed in front of the black-robed man. They were all wearing similar clothes. One of the four was a girl.

    "We knew that it was going to be easy, but never expected it would be so easy." The man who had just fought Elder Jun spoke.

    " What did you expect? It's a Branch of the Beast Hall after all. The main challenge will be attacking the Main Beast Hall. They are not considered a peak force in the continent for no reason after all." The only girl amongst them said sarcastically.

    "I'm quite excited for the day we do get to face the ones from the Main Hall." Another person said in quite an excited tone.

    " That's for the later, let's go deal with the remaining pests first, " The woman said as she took the lead and walked towards the door where Elder Jun had come out from.


    On the other side of the field, Long Chen and the others were running as they tried to leave the sect.

    Unfortunately, they had come at a dead end.

    Three Red-Robed Men were standing in front of them, blocking their path.

    The only way out for them was to get through the three men.

    "Looks like we can't escape stealthily." Long Chen sighed as he brought out his sword.

    " Can you handle one of them?" Long Chen asked as he looked at Ji Shan.

    Although he knew that Ji Shan was strong, he wasn't sure if he could face a peak Earth Realm cultivator alone.

    "I don't think I can beat him. Although I can delay one of them without dying, unfortunately, that's not going to be enough." Ji Shan sighed as he told Long Chen.

    " That'll be enough. Take care of one of them for me. I'll handle the rest." He said as he stepped forward.

    Ji Shan wasn't sure what was happening, but he decided to listen to Long Chen.
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