278 Chapter 278: Killing

    Ji Shan wasn't sure what was happening, but he decided to listen to Long Chen. He stepped forward as he glared at the masked men.

    "Which one of you is brave enough to face me? " He said in a mocking tone.

    Since all three of them were at the peak of Earth Realm Cultivation, He didn't mind much as he let the other three decide the one who will fight him.

    "I'll go handle that guy. He's just a kid after all. You take care of the kids." One of the Red Robed men said as he started walking towards Ji Shan.

    "Does he think he's a Black-Robed Master? How dare he order me! " One of the remaining two let out in an annoyed tone.

    " Let it go, Ju. It's just a kid after all. So what if the one he chose is stronger than others? All these kids are weak as hell. Even the one he chose is weak as hell in front of us. Let's just kill the remaining ones and get it done." The second red-robed man replied.

    "Wei, I don't need help to take care of ants. You stay back, I'll deal with the three ants. " Ju said as he stepped towards Long Chen.

    He brought out his sword as he ran towards Long Chen, but he stopped midway as he heard the scream of his partner.

    He looked back and saw that the left hand of the Red-Robed Man was missing. There was blood all over the ground.

    "You bastard! Beware! There's a Devil Hunter Beast nearby. Hiding in the darkness of night. " Wei said as he warned his partners.

    He was right though. Long Chen had already released the Devil Hunter Beast which war followed them stealthily in the darkness of night.

    "They got a Devil Hunter Beast? Looks like I underestimated the backwater branch of Beast Hall. " Ju let out in a serious tone. As he turned back, he was stunned as he saw a sword coming straight at him.

    At the last moment, the man used his sword.

    His sword collided with the sword of Long Chen. The impact of the force was enough for him to push him a step backward.

    He could feel the force and the impact in the hand that was holding the sword.

    "You!!! You're a peak Earth Realm Cultivator as well?" He let out with a shocked look on his face.

    His words were enough to shock everyone.

    Wei who was holding his blade as he tried to find the Devil Hunter Beast was stunned as well. He had almost exclaimed in shock.

    He couldn't believe that a kid so young could be a peak Earth Realm cultivator.

    "Huh... What the hell are you talking about? It's clear that he isn't a peak Earth Realm cultivator. It's something in the gold core realm. I can see his cultivation. He must be a Body Cultivator. You're such an embarrassment on the name of us Red Robes." The man fighting Ji Shan snorted as he said to Ju.

    He was fighting Ji Shan and it was clear that Ji Shan was way weaker and was getting pushed back. Despite all that, he hasn't managed to harm Ji Shan even once.

    "You damn bastard. An Earth Realm Sword and an Earth Realm Armor? You're quite rich, aren't you? " He said with a creepy grin on his face.

    Since Ji Shan's clothes were torn off in places, his Earth Realm Armor was revealed.

    "That's right. You must be a Body Cultivator. Still, it's quite amazing that you were able to gain such strength. Too bad that you'll die. " Ju said as he intensified his attacks.

    His Earth Realm Sword was shining with a red light. He kept attacking and clashing his sword with Long Chen's sword.

    Long Chen was slightly getting pushed back now that Ju was using his full strength.

    "My physical strength still can't compare to a peak Earth Realm cultivator like him. " He muttered softly.

    " What the hell are you talking about?"Ju roared in anger as he saw that Long Chen wasn't focusing on him.

    "That's Enough, Time to finish it. No need to keep anything back. " He muttered as he teleported right behind Ju and thrust his sword at Ju.

    Unfortunately, being a peak Earth Realm Cultivator had its advantages for Ju.

    His sharp senses made him react quite fast as he tilted his body to the side.

    Although his reactions were fast, they weren't fast enough as the sword still managed to penetrate his body.

    Fortunately, the sword missed the heart and his vitals.

    As Long Chen pulled the sword back, Ju created some distance between him and Long Chen.

    He looked down and noticed that his chest was bleeding.

    Even though he was in pain, he didn't make a noise.

    Long Chen didn't give him an opportunity to breathe as he asked Ju again.

    Wei kept looking, but he didn't see the Devil Hunter Beast again. He finally couldn't wait anymore as he ran ahead to help Ju.

    He was starting to see that the situation wasn't as good as they initially hoped.

    The kids weren't as simple as they thought.

    Wei ran towards Long Chen but as he covered half the distance between him and Long Chen, his eyes opened wide as his neck started bleeding.

    His head slowly separated from his body and fell down to the ground. His body was the second one to fall.

    Long Chen was standing being him with a bloodied sword in his hand.

    "You should've minded your own business." Long Chen said in a heavy tone.

    Ju was starting to worry now as he saw Long Chen teleport once again. He saw Long Chen instantly appear behind Wei without even moving a single step.

    No matter how unbelievable it was, he had started to believe that Long Chen could teleport.

    He was starting to get worried. He secretly took out transmission Talismans and sent a message to someone.

    Long Chen noticed the Talismans and used teleport once again.

    Ju was killed as well. A sword was stabbed in his heart and Long Chen was standing in front of him.

    Just as he had expected... It was teleportation.

    He coughed out a mouthful of blood as Long Chen pulled out his sword. Ju fell down to the ground.


    Back in the core of the Beast Hall, 4black-robed men were walking towards the building in front of them when one of them brought out a transmission talisman.

    He had just received a message.
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