279 Chapter 279: Plan

    One of the four Black Robed men stopped as he pulled out a transmission talisman.

    He had just received a message.

    "Teleport? Interesting. Let me see for myself." He muttered as a grin appeared on his face.

    " You guys go on ahead, I'll be right back." He said to the others before he left.

    Although the others wondered what had happened, they didn't care and let him go.

    They were more focused on killing the remaining elders. They had sent the Red Robed cultivators to find the disciples and slaughter them all.

    The black robed man that received the transmission called out for his Winged Lion who landed in front of him.


    On the other side of the sect, Long Chen had killed the two Red Robed cultivators who were blocking his path and only one was left.

    The one that was fighting Ji Shan.

    Although Ji Shan kept getting pushed back, surprisingly enough, Ji Shan was still quite safe.

    "Will you come for my help or just watch?" Ji Shan called out as he saw Long Chen looking at him.

    Although he couldn't believe that Long Chen was so strong, the reality was right before his eyes.

    "I don't think I need to come there."

    Long Chen's words had just escaped his mouth when Ji Shan noticed a shadow that appeared behind the Red Robed man and tore his leg off and instantly disappeared.

    The Red Robed man groaned like mad in pain as he lost his leg. He fell down to the ground.

    Ji Shan utilized this god-given opportunity as he attacked the red-robed man.

    His sword cut the neck of the red-robed man.

    Ji Shan had finally managed to kill a Peak Earth Realm cultivator, but he knew that the credit didn't belong to him.

    "That shadow... was that... the Devil Hunter Beast?" He asked with a stunned look on his face.

    " Yeah. We don't have much time though. Let's leave fast before the others arrive." Long Chen said as he started running towards the exit.

    Long Chen had a theory as to why these three were left here. There was not much distance between them and the exit of the sect, that's why these three red-robed cultivators were assigned here. To stop anyone from leaving, while the others went inside to slaughter everyone.

    Since Long Chen had killed them, he felt like he could leave, unfortunately, it was not that simple.

    Although his theory was correct, the transmission sent by the red-robed man was more crucial.

    There was not only one transmission that we sent.

    The one that was fighting Ji Shan also sent a transmission as well, as he saw his partners get killed.

    His transmission was sent to the Red Robed team that was assigned nearby.

    Long Chen did manage to leave the beast hall with others, but he noticed around 5 flying beasts coming towards them.

    Since they were out of the Beast Hall, they entered the forest on the mountain as they traveled down the mountain, but the red-robed assailants did manage to see them.

    Long Chen saw them and he realized that it wasn't easy to escape. In Fact, in 5 minutes, they would be caught by the red-robed cultivator.

    He looked towards the others while he was running.

    "You guys, leave. I'll handle them and come right out. I'll see you at the inn."Long Chen said as he gazed at them.

    " I'm not running. We can help you!" Mingyu said as she didn't step back.

    "I can handle one of them as well. I might even handle two." Ji Shan said. He didn't want to leave Long Chen behind either. It was the same for Zhiqing.

    "If you stay here, you'll only be a burden at this point. I have an idea. Nothing will go wrong. I'll safely come out unharmed, I promise." He said to them.

    Even though he said it, The others still looked unconvinced.

    "Mingyu, you've seen my special talents. You should know that I can come out safely." Long Chen said.

    " Now don't make my life difficult, or we'll all die." He said in an annoyed tone as he still didn't see them nodding their head.

    Mingyu looked at him for a moment as she nodded her head finally. She decided to believe him, his statement about being a burden and him being able to escape safely.

    She realized that Long Chen had the winds and many other things that could help him escape. But if they stayed here, it would only be tough for him.

    "We're leaving."She told Zhiqing. Zhiqing also nodded her head as she knew that she was the weakest here and not even the slightest help.

    "But..." Ji Shan was still hesitant, but then he saw the confident look on Long Chen's face.

    It was the same look he saw when Long Chen stepped forward to face the red-robed men last time.

    He also gave up as he nodded his head.

    "Good. Keep running and don't stop." Long Chen said.

    He himself stopped, but the others followed his command and kept running.

    Long Chen stopped as he looked at the flying beasts coming towards him.

    The beast landed on the ground as they saw Long Chen.

    5 red-robed cultivators got off the 5 beasts as they stood in front of Long Chen.

    "Do you think that you staying behind will help your partners? We'll find them after we kill you." One of them said.

    " Don't underestimate him, dude. If I'm not wrong, he should be the one who killed Wei's team."

    " So what? Even if we are all in the same realm, Wei's team was clearly weaker than ours. There's no way this man can leave. " He said, but just as the words left his mouth, a red line appeared around his neck.

    Blood started coming out of his neck and his head fell down to the ground.

    Long Chen, on the other hand, hadn't even moved.

    That's what they actually thought, but in reality, the Long Chen standing in front of them was an illusion.

    The real Long Chen was standing right beside the man he killed.
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