281 Chapter 281: Battle against a Sky Realm cultivatior.

    He slowly turned back and looked towards the person who was clapping and a frown appeared on his face.

    There was a masked man standing there. Only the upper half of his face was covered by his mask.

    Unlike the men from before, This man was wearing a Black Robe.

    But what made Long Chen shocked was the man's cultivation.

    The man was a sky realm cultivator.

    Not an initial sky realm either, He was the 4th stage Sky Realm Cultivator. Long Chen couldn't help but worry now.

    He realized that this man was one of the 4 sky realm cultivators he saw before, but he didn't expect the man to come here for a kid personally.

    "Bravo... So young yet so skillful. I'm quite impressed." The man said as his lips formed a grin.

    Long Chen didn't reply as he gripped his sword tightly.

    "I must say, I was quite surprised to see you fight today. A kid who can teleport? I've only heard some crazy theories about a unique law existing called the Law of Space. Although the theories were impossible to believe, I still somewhat believed it."

    " After all, the world we live in is quite crazy itself. Anything is possible here. Today, I personally got to see a glimpse of that. You must have comprehended the Essence of Space Law, Right?" The man asked, but Long Chen didn't reply.

    He just silently stood there.

    "You look like a shy kid. It's fine. Anyways, I quite like that law now that I saw it in action. It's quite powerful when used by the right person. Unfortunately, a law can neither be shared nor taught. So you knowing it, doesn't help me the slightest." The man sighed in disappointment.

    " Also, you did kill my men. So no matter how special you are, you will die today. I apologize in advance for that." The man said in full seriousness.

    From the man's words, Long Chen did understand that the man hadn't been there since the beginning of the fight, thus he didn't see him use the Law of Illusion, or he might have guessed it too.

    "Before you die, Can you tell me one thing, though? From your expressions, it looks like you're ready to fight me to death. Why is that? Why don't you beg me to let you live? " The masked man asked with a smile.

    " I'm not naive enough to think that begging can save someone. Quite a lot of people begged in front of me as well and didn't help them. It will only bring more satisfaction on your face when you kill me." Long Chen replied.

    " But it's not going to be that easy." Just when the man was smiling, Long Chen continued.

    Long Chen moved towards the man as he swung his Sword.

    "I like your determination boy." The man muttered as he brought out his own sword and clashed it with Long Chen's sword.

    The man stood in his position without being pushed back, while Long Chen was pushed back 20 steps before he landed.

    "You're quite strong. No wonder you managed to kill my men." The man said as he looked at the man with an amused look on his face.

    "Too bad I'll have to kill you." He said as he finally moved.

    His speed... It was just so fast. He immediately appeared beside Long Chen as he swung his sword.

    Long Chen couldn't even react since his speed was so fast. It was nearly touching the boundaries of teleportation in Long Chen's eyes.

    Long Chen barely reacted and brought his King's sword between his body and the sword of the man as he saved his body from being cut in half.

    The impact was so brutal that Long Chen flew back as he landed on the ground.

    Long Chen coughed out a mouthful of blood. He could feel the pain in his internal organs.

    His Qi was running low as well, and he had already used his spatial travel ability once before. There were still 20 hours before he could use it again. He could see no path of escape other than somehow killing the Sky Realm cultivator.

    Long Chen was still on the ground as he tried sitting up. The masked man slowly walked towards him.

    "Although it's late for introduction, but still, I'll introduce myself. You should know the name of the man who's going to kill you."

    " I'm Lang Jing. I'm an Elder of the Dark Soul Sect. You should be proud that you'll die by my hands." The Man smirked as he said.

    He didn't stop walking towards Long Chen. He was walking quite slow as if he was enjoying the moment.

    The distance between them was only 30 minutes when Long Chen used one of the two remaining teleports as he disappeared from his position and instantly appeared behind the man.

    Unfortunately, the man's reaction was even faster as he skillfully turned his body and swung his sword backward.

    The sword clashed with King's sword. Long Chen was again at the defeated end as he flew away like a broken kite and crashed on the ground.

    "Teleport is good as a surprise attack, but it's not as effective against me. I already know about your skill." The man said as he gazed at Long Chen.

    Long Chen again stood up, though he sneakily used his Law of Illusion on the man.

    The man saw Long Chen still lying on the ground weakly.

    The man walked towards Long Chen, the Illusory Long Chen to be precise.

    The real Long Chen stood nearby, ready to attack when the man was near.

    Just like before, the man took his sweet time as he walked towards Long Chen.

    There were 100 meters of distance between himself and the illusory Long Chen and 70 meters of distance between him and the real one.

    Long Chen didn't use his last teleport as, if he used it, his focus would shift from the man for a brief moment and the illusion would break.

    Considering the man's fast reflexes, he would survive. He waited for the man to come to him.

    Finally, after a short period of time, the man was near him.
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