282 Chapter 282: Deadly Struggle

    Finally, after a short period of time, the man was near him.

    Long Chen silently raised his sword as he swung it at the man.

    The King's sword slashed through the air as it advanced towards the neck of the black-robed man.

    A smile appeared on the lips of the black-robed man as he raised his sword. His sword met Long Chen's sword head-on.

    He raised his other hand swiftly as he punched out.

    His fist collided with a shadow that had attacked him from the other side.

    The Devil Hunter Beast tried to sneak in an attack on Long Chen's orders, but the man's senses were really too scary.

    The Devil Hunter Beast was punched and flew away as it crashed on the ground.

    Some of its chest bones were broken.

    "Orion!" Long Chen called out.

    "You should focus on the fight in front of you boy." The man said with a smile as he punched Long Chen.

    " Urgh..." Long Chen coughed out a mouthful of blood as he felt like his chest bones were broken.

    He flew away like a broken kite and landed on the ground.

    His sword fell from his hand as he crashed.

    So you can use illusion as well... That was surprising I must say. Though not as surprising as using the Essence of Space. Too bad that illusions have weaknesses of their own.

    "You boy, have some really nice things. Also a rare beast like a Devil Hunter. I would be so happy if my disciple was as talented." The man sighed in disappointment as he stepped towards Long Chen.

    Long Chen felt extreme pain as his chest was crushed.

    He still bore with the pain as he tried to stand up. Unfortunately, his body wasn't supporting him.

    It was like even his body had left him at this challenging time.

    "I pity you, boy. Such a talented boy shall die before reaching his full potential, unfortunately, it's the way it must be. " The man smirked as he stopped in front of him.

    He reached out his hand towards Long Chen's neck and grabbed it.

    He pulled Long Chen in the air while gripping him by his neck.

    "You can't move your body, can you?" The men said.

    "Even if you can't move it, I'm sure you can feel pain, right?" The man asked with a smile.

    Long Chen didn't reply and just glared at him.

    "It's fine. You don't need to answer. I'll check for myself." The men said as he raised his sword and stabbed it in the right hand of Long Chen.

    "Ahhhh..." Long Chen roared in pain as he felt his hand being penetrated by a sword.

    "That's a nice sound. I quite enjoy it. Let me try again." The man said as he pulled the sword out and stabbed it in the other hand out Long Chen.

    Long Chen clenched his teeth as he controlled himself from screaming.

    "Once more." The man looked like he was enjoying it.

    He pulled out the sword as he stabbed it in the right leg of Long Chen.

    He repeated the same process for his other leg.

    Long Chen's arms and legs both were bleeding by now. In fact, he couldn't even feel his arms and legs now.

    "Good bye, little guy" The man said as he pointed his sword towards Long Chen's heart.


    Far away from them, Mingyu and the others were still running down the mountain and they were almost at the bottom.

    "He'll be safe, right?" Zhiqing asked with concern as she occasionally glanced behind.

    "Don't worry. He can achieve anything. You know what he did in the Profound Blossom Sect, right? If he can escape under that situation, then have faith. He'll come out safely." Mingyu said.

    What she didn't know was that although Long Chen faced a sky realm cultivator at that time, he had a hostage with him.

    Also, he hadn't used Spatial Travel before at that time, thus he escaped using that.

    Long Chen had none of these things right now. He would be able to escape from peak Earth Realm cultivators, but a 4th stage Sky Realm Cultivator was a completely different thing.

    Even Long Chen himself hadn't expected that a sky realm cultivator would come after him, instead of the Elders of the sect.

    They came out of the forest as they reached the bottom of the mountain.

    You both can ride on my Dark Horse. I'll go on whitey.

    He said as he brought out both his Beasts.

    A dark horse and a Soul Devouring Wolf.

    He climbed on top of his Soul Devouring Wolf while the girls climbed on top of the Dark horse as they advanced towards the nearest town. The place Long Chen had promised to meet them.


    Inside the Beast Hall, a slaughter was going on.

    The Red Robed Cultivators were slaughtering the disciples of the Beast Hall as brutally as they could.

    There was blood everywhere in the place.

    5 Red Robed men were standing in front of a woman that was bleeding all over.

    There were kid's bodies everywhere around her, and it looked like she would soon follow in their footsteps.

    The woman was the Elder Xin, that Long Chen had interacted with before.

    As she was escorting the kids, she was stopped by 5 red-robed Cultivators.

    Elder Xin was a peak Earth Realm cultivator, but so were the 5 red-robed Cultivators as well.

    She fought valiantly, but she wasn't able to save any of the disciples.

    "You're so beautiful, wish we could have some fun time with you. Unfortunately, our bosses are here as well. So we can't mess around today." A man sighed in disappointment.

    He didn't like the thought of killing a woman. Especially a beautiful woman like Elder Xin.

    Inside the Core Hall of the Beast Hall, Three people were standing.

    Two black-robed men and a black-robed woman.

    A few dead bodies were lying in front of them. One of which belonged to the Sect Master of the Beast Hall.
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