283 Chapter 283: Long Chen No More

    Two black-robed men and a woman was standing in the

    A few dead bodies were lying in front of them. One of which belonged to the Sect Master of the Beast Hall.

    A black-robed man walked towards the dead body of the Hall Master and cut his neck with a sword.

    He stored the Hall Master's head in his storage ring.

    "Hahaha... This should be the perfect gift to send to the Main Beast Hall. I'm sure those guys would love it." The man said with a creepy grin on his face.

    " Hey, Lang Jing is still not here? Just what is that man up to?" The man turned back with a curious look on his face.

    " Who knows, maybe he found something fun to play with. I pity the person who attracts his attention." Another masked man said with a sigh.

    " Well, we're done here. Let's go find him. We still have some time till our people kill all the disciples. Let's see what he's up to." The man said with a smile as he walked towards the exit.

    The other two did the same and left. They called out for their Winged Lions and climbed on them.

    The Winged Lions began flying above the Beast Hall.

    Everywhere the three black-robed people passed through, they saw the wreckage and dead bodies of young as well as of old. The whole Beast Hall was covered in blood.

    They flew over the whole place, but didn't see the 4th man they were looking for.

    They sent messages to their underlings to ask if anyone had seen him.

    They knew that even if they sent Lang Jing a message personally to ask him, he wouldn't answer. So they could only ask around indirectly.

    Fortunately, quite a few people had seen him fly towards the exit of the sect.

    They followed the direction and left the sect. They didn't have to fly too far outside the sect before they found who they were looking for.

    They ordered their Winged Lion to go down.

    "So here you were. We were looking for you all along. It's time to leave." The masked woman said to Lang Jing.

    " Oh, is it? It's good I'm done here as well." Lang Jing said with a grin.

    "That body lying there... It looks like a kid. Were you toying with him?"

    "Yeah. This kid was pretty good. You see those  5 red-robed men lying here? They were killed by this kid. Unfortunately, he made the mistake of killing my men." Lang Jing replied with a smile.

    " You're kidding. How can a kid do this? Someone else must have done this. There's no way a kid could do it."

    It was clear that the other did not believe it.

    "I was here when he did it. Are you calling me a liar?" Lang Jing said with a grin as he glared at the one who said it.

    The masked woman could feel like the mood was getting heated, so she changed the topic.

    "Hey, That's a rare Devil Hunter Beast. It's good that you didn't kill the beast. These things are hard to come by. Let's take the beast to our sect." She said as she looked at the unconscious Devil Hunter Beast.

    Suddenly all their transmission talismans started shining.

    They heard the message and were notified that everyone single person belonging to the Beast Hall was dead.

    "We're done. Let's leave." Lang Jing said as he called his Winged Lion.


    That night, The flying beasts left the Beast Hall just as silently as they came.

    The only difference was that not a single living person was left behind to tell the tale. Not even the buildings were left intact.


    The deadliest night passed away and soon the sun's rays started warming up the land.

    Mingyu and the orders had reached the nearest town. They had already booked rooms. They even booked a room for Long Chen when he came.

    Ji Shan and the others waited for a whole day, but Long Chen didn't come.

    They were starting to get anxious as so much time had passed.

    "He's still not here. Something must have gone wrong. I'll go check the mountain. Maybe he escaped, but he's injured. I'll be right back." Ji Shan said as his worries started increasing.

    " We will come as well." Mingyu and Zhiqing said.

    "That would only delay us. My Soul Devouring Wolf is much faster than the Dark Horse. I can go there faster. We would only be slow if you guys came." Ji Shan shook his head as he rejected their offers.

    The girls looked like they understood his reasoning as they turned silent.

    Ji Shan climbed on top of the Soul Devouring Wolf as he moved like the wind towards the mountain where the Beast Hall was situated.

    After half an hour of the journey, he got to the bottom of the mountain, but his eyes opened wide in shock as he saw the condition of the mountain.

    All the plantations and the trees were burned to ashes.

    He understood that most of the assailants burned down the mountain along with the sect.

    His worries started increasing as he ordered the Soul Devouring Wolf to move towards the peak of the mountain.

    He moved towards the location they separated from Long Chen.

    As he stopped there, there was nothing.

    All he saw was ashes. He couldn't even differentiate whether these ashes were of trees or of bodies.

    He just stood there with shock on his face. He was having a bad feeling.

    "Long Chen!!!" He roared loudly as he looked towards the sky.

    There was no reply. The whole mountain was like a graveyard. There was nothing but death everywhere.

    He still kept hope alive as he roamed around the mountain in search of Long Chen.

    He checked every spot. He even entered the Beast Hall, or what remained of it. All he saw inside were some half-burnt bodies and ashes.

    The structures were still standing, but they had lost their structural integrity.

    He searched the whole day, but there was no result.

    "Little brother Chen, Why did you have to die? I should have stayed here and helped you. It's all my fault. " Ji Shan said as he looked towards the sky that was starting to darken. His eyes were wet.

    He left the mountain. He needed to inform the girls as well. No matter how painful it was, he needed to inform them that Long Chen was no more.
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