285 Chapter 285: Kill him

    "She's going through evolution? It's fine as long as it's nothing serious." Long Chen let out.

    "By the way, Do you have any idea how I can get out of here? " Long Chen asked as he looked towards her with a hopeful gaze.

    "I think there are a few ways. One of them is for you to increase your comprehension of the law of space when you're locked in here." Xun replied.

    "That will take too long. What else? " He asked.

    He didn't want to wait here for years in hopes of achieving a breakthrough in comprehension.

    "The second way is to talk to the guy named Lang Jing. He didn't kill you, there must be something he needs you for. You can negotiate your freedom. " She gave another suggestion.

    'What can I give him? As he said previously, my space law knowledge can't be given away. So there's nothing for me to help him with. " Long chen did with a doubtful look on his face.

    "Leave it for him to decide. I'm pretty sure he'll come looking for you himself. In fact, he must be on his way since your earlier actions have most probably alerted the guards outside. " She said with a slight smile on her face.

    " All I can do is wait then." Long Chen muttered as he looked down.

    "Hey, tell me one thing. If I had died, what would have happened to you? " Long Chen asked.

    " Nothing. I and the ring would have been destroyed along with you." Xun said with a smile.

    Long Chen was stunned as he heard her words. He couldn't believe she said something like this with a smile.

    " Destroyed? Why? You wouldn't go to find the third inheritor?" He asked.

    "Nope. The ring was made for two inheritors only. There were only two blood drops in the ring. One was given to Tian Shen and the second one to you. If you died, there won't be any purpose for me or the ring." She said as she sighed.

    Long Chen was about to reply to her when the door opened.

    The dark room was brightened.

    A man entered the room and closed the door again.

    The man was wearing a black robe, but he didn't have a mask on his face.

    Without the mask, Long Chen clearly saw his face. The man looked like he was in his early forties.

    His face had a small scar on his forehead that looked much like a thunder symbol.

    "You're awake." The man said.

    Long Chen recognized the voice. It was the voice that belonged to the masked man that defeated him.

    "Why didn't you kill me?" Long Chen asked straight away.

    "Are you that eager to die?" The man let out with an amused look on his face.

    "Don't be so serious. I had my own selfishness for letting you live. I need your help. To be more precise, I need the help of your law for achieving a goal of mine." The man said with a smile.

    " What goal? And why should I help?" Long Chen inquired. That was the main question that he wanted answered.

    "You'll know when the time comes. Sad for right now, you just need to know that I'm your savior. I saved your life and for that, I had to use my precious Life-Giving Pill, since your wounds were more serious than I thought. "The man said with a smile.

    " Weren't you the one who gave me those wounds? " Long Chen said sarcastically.

    " I can leave you some wounds again if you would like?" The man said with a grin on his face as he glared at Long Chen.

    " Oh, By the way. I should probably tell you, that while helping you, I also gave you something special. A poisoned created by myself." The man said as if he suddenly remembered something important.

    "The poison won't hurt you as long as you keep taking a special pill every week. But if you miss a dose, you'll die. Not even the Hundred Poison Healing Pill can cure my special poison." He continued.

    " I'll give you a complete antidote when you complete the thing I need you to do. Also, if you don't mind, I'm willing to take you in as my personal disciple."He further said.

    " I understand about the poison, but why a personal disciple? " Long Chen asked as he looked at the man.

    " I have two reasons. Firstly, I'm quite impressed with your talents and I do wish for you to be my disciple. Secondly, It would protect you inside the sect. It's like an excuse I gave to the other black-robed elders for keeping you alive."The man explained

    " Where's Orion and my Sword?" Long Chen asked another question that was bugging his mind.

    " Orion? Oh, you must be talking about the Devil Hunter. You don't need to worry about him as he's safe. I'll give you your Orion when you complete my work. As for your sword... here. " The man said as he brought out a sword out of his storage ring and threw a sword at Long a Chen.

    "It's a good sword, too bad that it's grade is too low. " The man said.

    Long Chen caught the sword as he stood up. He pointed his sword towards the man.

    "What makes you think that I would choose my life over my revenge?" Long Chen let out as he began using his cultivation.

    " I said what I had to. Now it's up to you to decide what you want to do. You can either die or help me and become my disciple. You'll have an elevated position in the Dark Soul Sect." Lang Jing said as a smile formed on his face.

    As Long Chen stood there, a voice was talking to him in his mind. A voice that belonged to his heart demon.

    The voice was only repeating one thing.

    "Do it! Kill him! We can escape!"


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