286 Chapter 286: Not in the open

    There was a voice in his head that was only repeating one thing.

    "Do it! kill him! We can escape!"

    "Can you even kill me? Do it if you can." The man said.

    He didn't look scared even for a moment.

    Long Chen kept his sword pointing at the man, but he ultimately lowered it.

    "Let alone if he could defeat him, even if he did, he wouldn't be able to escape. Even if he can escape, what about Orion and his sword? Orion was his partner and the sword was one of the keys to getting the inheritance of Saint King Xianwu.

    Although Long Chen lowered his sword, he felt pain in his body that made him fall down to his knees.

    Even Lang Jing was stunned as he saw Long Chen's reaction. He didn't know that Long Chen was suffering from his heart demon.

    Long Chen pressed his chest tightly as he felt like his heart was going to burst.

    "I'm not forcing you, doesn't mean that you have the right to not follow your desires. Don't make me force you. This is just a small punishment." His heart demon's ruthless voice appeared in his head.

    Lang Jing just watched Long Chen sitting on his knees as he wondered.

    "Are you sick?" He finally asked.

    Long Chen didn't reply as he just pressed his chest tightly. He tried to calm his breathing.

    After a few moments, he recovered as he stood up. But he was sure that the pain was the worst he had felt.

    "Looks like you're fine now." Lang Jing said as he rubbed his chin and observed Long Chen.

    " So, do you accept my terms? You won't be a prisoner, but a disciple of mine." Lang Jing said with a smile.

    "I'll accept your request. I'll help you... but I won't take you as my master. You're not worthy."Long Chen replied to him.

    " Hahaha... who can be worthy if not me? Whatever, You can do whatever you want, but you must help me when the time comes. Now, come with me." Lang Jing said.

    He turned back and stepped out the door.

    Long Chen followed him.

    'I want to kill him as well. I want to kill him right here and right now, but I can't lose to my impulse. I will kill him soon. First, I need to find Orion and cure my poison." He thought. He wasn't sure if he was talking to himself, or talking to his heart demon.

    As Long Chen stepped out, he noticed that this place was indeed a prison. There were hundreds of such rooms like the one he was in. There was quite a lot of noise there as well.

    It felt like he wasn't the only one who wanted to escape by breaking the door, unfortunately, the doors were too strong.

    "Long Chen, I need to tell you something. I was about to tell you when he came inside. I'll tell you after he leaves, but it's not good news." Xun floated right beside him as she said.

    Long Chen looked towards her and nodded his head.

    "Since this place is going to be your home from now on, let me tell you a little about it so that you don't die too soon." Lang Jing continued talking to Long Chen

    "I've already told you that we are in the Dark Soul Sect. It's a sect placed in the secret location, we like to call Demon Valley." He said

    "It's impossible to leave here without an Earth Realm flying beast. But even then, it's impossible as the whole sect is covered with an Earth Grade Barrier that not only is it impossible to enter, but it's impossible to leave as well. Unless it's with the permission of the Sect Master. " Lang Jing further explained.

    "The Sect follows the rule of strength. As long as you have the strength, you can do anything. I feel like this place is perfect for you. Here, you can open up and let your primitive nature out. " He said with a grin as he looked backward.

    "I noticed it when I saw you kill the red robes. You didn't kill them because you had to. I could see that you were enjoying it. You were enjoying the slaughter and the bloodbath." Lang Jing said with a grin on his face.

    " I don't think you know about it yet, but I feel like that's what you're made for. To kill! " Lang Jing let out as he glanced at Long Chen.

    Long Chen heard his words in full seriousness, but didn't know what to think about it. His last statement made him seriously think about it.

    Was a bloodbath something he really wanted? He never felt like it personally, but not that he thought about it, there was always a feeling of satisfaction every time he killed.

    A satisfaction like never before. Was that feeling of satisfaction really because he enjoyed the slaughter? Or was it something else? He wondered.

    They left the long corridor of that prison and stepped out in the open.

    Long Chen was finally able to breathe the fresh air and surprisingly, he realized that the Qi in the air was denser than it was in the Beast Hall.

    "Nice, isn't it? That's why the Sect was established here. The Demon Valley has one of the densest Qi Concentration in the land." Lang Jing said.

    "By the way, I should probably mention that although I said that the strong can do anything here, there are still some things you shouldn't do. Like never kill a disciple of any Elder, At Least not in the open."

    "  It's fine as long as there are no proofs. If you kill one, then their master might come looking for trouble. I might save you in most cases, but even I can't protect you always. As you already know, you can't face a black-robed elder. " Lang Jing said.

    " What if I kill one of your disciples? " Long Chen said with a mocking grin on his face.

    " You can't kill him." The man said as he shook his head.

    " Why not? Is he at strong as you?"Long Chen asked.

    " Nope, he was weaker than me. Though he was one of the most talented disciples of the Sect. But he was killed by an Elder of the Beast Sect." He replied.
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