287 Chapter 287: Rank

    "My disciple was weaker than me. Although he was one of the most talented disciples of the Sect, he was killed by someone by an Elder of the Beast Sect." Lang Jing replied.

    Long Chen looked at the man, as he heard his words, but he didn't see any emotion on his face.

    He wasn't sure if the man had a heart of stone or if he had recovered from the pain of losing a disciple.

    'I'll send you to your disciple quite soon.' Long Chen thought.

    "That might be one of the reasons why I joined up on the Beast Hall branch extermination. I would've liked to take the fight to the main beast hall, but the Sect Master thinks that it's not the right time." He muttered.

    " Oh, right. There was one thing I wanted to ask. What's your cultivation realm? Why can't I see it? " The man asked as if he remembered something.

    " You don't need to worry about my Cultivation." Long Chen replied.

    " It's fine as well." The man didn't mind his rude tone.

    "You will stay in the courtyard of my previous disciple. There are already servants there in case you need something. Stay inside and don't create trouble if you could. Pretty soon, it shall be the time to get to work." The man said.

    "Since I'm here, Can I cultivate and learn the skills of the sect?" Long Chen asked in curiosity. He wanted to see how much freedom he had.

    'You can do anything you want as long as it's nothing life-threatening like something that could annoy other black-robed elders." Lang Jing replied casually.

    'Isn't he afraid that I could become stronger and kill him?' Long Chen looked somewhat confused as he thought.

    "I think I can guess what you're thinking. I'm not afraid that you'll grow stronger. No matter how much you cultivate in this short duration, you won't be able to get stronger than me."

    "  Also, there's a poison inside you that will keep you in check even if this miracle happened somehow." The man said with a smirk on his face.

    Although the man had a Winged Lion, he decided to walk with Long Chen just to show others.

    He didn't want others to offend Long Chen and get killed. So he was acting as a deterrent so that the other disciples wouldn't bother him.

    Long Chen followed the man through a long stoned path that led him from the prison to the core of the sect.

    There were many beautiful buildings that he saw on both sides. The buildings were massive as well as beautiful and luxurious. It looked like most of them were made of pure gold.

    He didn't know what most of these were. But he didn't ask Lang Jing nor for Lang Jing explained of his own volition.

    They walked further and the buildings only kept getting better and better. Long Chen could feel like he was getting to the important places of the sect. He was finally able to see some people as well.

    The man and the women both were wearing yellow robes over their clothes. They all had a badge stuck to their chests.

    The yellow-robed people had a wide variety of ages. Some were as young as 13-14 while others looked like they were in their late 20s.

    "Let me tell you the hierarchy of the sect. The Yellow Robed guys you're seeing are the disciples of the sect." Lang Jing further said as he started explaining.

    " We don't have an outer sect or inner sect system here. We follow the star system. You can judge a disciple's rank by seeing the stars in the badges on their chests." He said.

    "In simpler terms, the one-star yellow-robed disciples are equivalent to Outer Sect disciples of your normal sects. 2-star disciples shall be equivalent to Inner Sect disciples and the 3-star disciples are equivalent to core disciples. " He continued.

    Long Chen heard everything he said, just so that he didn't miss any important detail that might lead him to Orion.

    " There's a rank higher than those as well. A 4-star disciple." Lang Jing said.

    "A 4 star is given to the personal disciples of the black-robed elders. They are considered to be the top of sect disciples since the elders won't choose a trash to be their disciple."

    " Next in the hierarchy are elders. We have a classification for elders. One is Red Robed Elders. They are the ones who are still in the Earth Realm. You should know, you killed quite a few yourself. " Lang Jing chuckled as he said.

    "The Elders who are in the sky realm are the Black Robed Elders. Only the black-robed elders in the sect have the power to give 4-star disciple badge to their disciples. The disciples of  Red Robed Elders don't have the privilege."

    " The one higher in the hierarchy are the Grand Elders of the sect. They can be recognized by their Grey Robes. You'll really see them outside of their places, but when they come out, you should be respectful."

    " And finally, the peak of the hierarchy. The Sect Master of the Sect. The sect master wears a White Robe. Our Sect Master is quite an eccentric woman I must say. Her mood can flip in an instant, so better stay away from her. No one knows who she'll kill if she gets annoyed." Lang Jing said as he finished the explanation about the powers of the sect.

    As Long Chen and Lang Jing were walking together, quite a lot of people saw them.

    "Hey, That's Black-Robed Elder Jing. Who's that boy with him?"

    "They look close. I've never seen Elder Jing smiling since Senior Brother Mu Chan was killed by that dog elder of the Beast Hall."

    " Has he selected a new personal disciple? That must be it."

    "I haven't seen that boy before. It's possible that Elder Jing found a disciple outside and now he's showing him our sect."

    " Doesn't that mean that now there will be another 4-star disciple? There were only 23 four-star disciples in the sect. Not that number might increase by one."

    " He doesn't look that talented. He's so young as well. He might be the weakest."
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