288 Chapter 288: New Badge

    " It's so sad. Elder Jing's last disciple, Senior Brother Mu, was the second strongest disciple in the sect and now his disciple will be the weakest." Some people sighed in disappointment.

    Although they all talked about Long Chen, they kept their voices low since they didn't want Elder Jing to hear them. They all knew about Elder Jing's anger after all.

    It was unclear if Lang Jing heard them or not, but Long Chen clearly heard them because of his special senses.

    He chose to ignore their chatter since they were all ignorant. But he did learn about Lang Jing's disciple from their mouths.

    Long Chen and Lang Jing continued on their journey. Although Lang Jing didn't introduce most of the buildings, he did introduce some.

    The buildings he introduced were the Skill Pavilion, the Artificers Hall, the Alchemy Pavilion, and the Martial Arena where disciples fought.

    The Skill Pavilion was a place that had various skills of the sect and the skills that were stolen from other sects or collected from the vault of the sects that they destroyed before.

    The Artificer Hall, on the other hand, was a place where the Artificers of the sect crafted various artifacts.

    The Alchemy Pavilion was also an important place of the sect. It was a place where the Alchemists of the Sect gathered and shared knowledge. They made spiritual pills as well.

    Lang Jing also showed him the ranking pavilion, but he didn't talk much about it. He just mentioned its name to him.

    Even without him telling, Long Chen realized that the place must be something that ranked disciples. Most probably based on strength.

    They further asked and finally got to a beautiful looking place.

    It was a beautiful courtyard. The place was so big. It had an area comparable to the Long Mansion on the dragon city of the Shui Kingdom.

    This place belongs to you now. There's a boy named Man Gu inside. He shall be your personal servant and guide that will teach you the things you don't know. Alright. I'll go now. Don't make trouble alright." Lang Jing said to Long Chen.

    "Oh right. What's your name?" He asked as he glanced back

    "I'm Long Chen." Long Chen replied to him.

    "Alright." The man responded as he brought something out of his storage ring.

    He closed his eyes as he sent his Qi to his palm. Long Chen didn't understand what he was trying to do.

    The man soon opened his eyes.

    "Take it. Your robe is already inside your place." Lang Jing said as he threw something at Long Chen.

    Long Chen caught it and looked at it.

    "A four-star badge." He muttered as he looked at the badge in his hand.

    It was a black circular badge that had 4 stars on it.

    "Keep that safe. Your name is crafted on the back of the badge. Even if you haven't accepted me as your master, This badge is proof that I have accepted you as my disciple."The man said with a smile on his face.

    He looked towards the sky and called out the name of his flying beast.

    A Winged Lion came flying and landed in front of Lang Jing

    Lang Jing climbed on top of the Winged Lion and flew away.

    Long Chen looked at him flying away. He felt somewhat perplexed. This man, just what was he planning? He wondered.

    He shook his head as he threw things thought to the back of his head. The main thing, for now, was healing his poison and he knew how to do it.

    Although he didn't know how Lang Jing made the special poison, he thought that the Thousand Poison Healing Pill should be enough to heal him.

    The only problem was that he didn't have the ingredients. All his ingredients were used up when he was trying to make the Hundred Poison Healing Pill for Ji Shan.

    Now he needed to find the ingredients without letting Lang Jing know.

    He looked at the gate of his place and walked towards it. He decided that he could subtly ask the servants about where he could find the pills.

    He stood at the door and pushed it open slightly. The door was locked. He knocked on it.

    After about a minute or so, the door was opened towards the inside.

    Long Chen finally saw the person on the other side.

    It was a man. The man looked to be in his early 20s and looked quite handsome, to say the least.

    "Are you my new Master?" He asked straight away as he gazed at Long Chen innocently.

    Long Chen didn't respond and simply showed him the badge that was given to him by Lang Jing.

    "Oh, you are. Welcome, Master. I'm Man Gu. I shall be taking care of you from now on. Please forgive me if I make any mistake in the future." The man said as he bowed down in from of Long Chen

    " I'm Long Chen. Nice to meet you." Long Chen said as he entered inside. He closed the door behind him and walked up to a chair as he sat down.

    "So Man Gu, Are you close to La... I mean Master? " Long Chen asked.

    " I'm not, unfortunately. I wish I was though. I only met him once when he selected me to serve, master. He didn't tell me anything else. All he said was that I must take care of you and not let you go anything stupid." Man Gu replied to Long Chen.

    " Man Gu, can you tell me where we are right now?" Long Chen asked.

    "This... We are in the Demon Valley, master." Man Gu replied.

    " I know that. What I meant was that 'In which Empire or Kingdom are we'?" Long Chen asked him again.

    " We're not in any Kingdom or Empire Master. The nearest Empire is about a thousand miles away from the best valley." He replied.

    " Which Empire would that be?" Long Chen asked further.
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