290 Chapter 290: Bloodline Trial

    "I don't understand. Can you tell me about my trial in simpler terms?" Long Chen asked.

    "Master's servant can't be defeated by anyone, and you were. That isn't good for the reputation of his successor. Thus the trial is for you to gain back what you lost." Xun replied.

    "Your trial is for you to kill. It is to Lang Jing with your own hand. It's to kill the man that toyed with you." She further said.

    "Ah... that's easier said than done. You know how strong he is, right? Though don't worry. I was already planning to kill him even before you said it. Just let me cure my poison first." Long Chen said with a slight smile on his face.

    "Well, it's not going to be that simple," Xun said with a serious look on her face.

    "What do you mean?" Long Chen asked. He was starting to have a bad feeling.

    Xun walked closer to him as she gazed into his eyes.

    "You felt some restriction when you were trying to break the door, right?" She asked.

    "Yeah. I felt like I wasn't able to use my full strength. Maybe there was something in the room that was influencing me." Long Chen replied.

    "There was nothing in that room that was affecting you. Try using your full cultivation here." She said.

    Long Chen couldn't help but frown as he heard her words.

    He stood up as he tried utilizing his cultivation, but he still felt like there was some restriction. Something was stopping him from using his full power.

    "I can't use my full strength. Is this because of the poison? That bastard harmed my cultivation as well?" Long Chen exclaimed with anger on his face.

    "It's not because of the poison either." Xun further said.

    "What do you mean? What is it about then?" Long Chen asked as he looked at her.

    "It's the bloodline temple that is preventing you from using your full cultivating. In fact, you can only use around 30 percent of your strength right now." Xun told him.

    "What the **? I'm supposed to kill that freaking monster and I can't even use my full cultivation?" Long Chen exclaimed with shock on his face.

    "Yeah. It's your challenge. Last time you were defeated and almost died. It was mostly because you were weaker than him. Your cultivation was way weaker. Thus, your trial is to kill him with an even weaker cultivation." Xun told him.

    "Your cultivation is still the same and you can even increase your cultivation by cultivating, but you can't use more than 30 percent of your cultivation." She further explained.

    "Is that even possible? How can I kill him without my full strength? Even with the law of illusion, it's impossible. That man's senses are too sharp. The only possible way to kill him is by using pure strength."

    "Let alone overpowering him, I can't even overpower the me of 2 days ago!" He said with an annoyed look on his face.

    "It's tough, but it's not impossible. Think of the possibilities. You can increase your comprehension and master the two laws that you already possess to an even greater level. If you do that, there's a possibility that you can overcome this impossible-looking feat." Xun replied to Long Chen after thinking for a while.

    "The other possibility is for us to find that Law Orb that's in this place. We don't know what law it contains. If this is one of the Special Law Orbs, then it will be really helpful." She further said.

    "So you're saying that I have to increase my comprehension. This trial sounds awfully similar to the last trial. The only difference is that I can't use my cultivation and I'm in the enemy base." Long Chen responded.

    "Fortunately, there's no time scare like last time. It's good that it's not like that. It was quite bad last time with the time difference scare. I might have died in the real world if I had taken longer to learn that law." Long Chen let out with a wry smile on his hand as he looked at Xun.

    "Although I can't delay. I have to kill Lang Jing and leave. I still have to kill that backstabber Meng after all. But I didn't make a mistake because of that as well. This sect is not that simple. " Long Chen muttered softly.

    "Lang Jing is only an Elder, but he has a mid sky realm cultivation. Then there are Great Elders as well. I don't even want to think about the Sect Master who is even above that." Long Chen said as he laid back on his bed.

    "Hey Xun, I remember that you once said that the ring will guide me to the Law Orb if there's one nearby. Is that true? If I go around the sect, will that help us in finding the Orb?" Long Chen asked.

    "It will, but for that, you would have to be quite close to it. Though I advise you against going around doing that. As that would only waste time in most cases." Xun said.

    "You don't have to worry too much about it. You're his successor after all. The orb will find its way to you. You just focus on the things that you can do. Like increasing your comprehension and learning better skills."

    "Although we are in enemy territory, it's still quite a good opportunity for you to get stronger. If I'm not wrong, this sect should be stronger than even the top sects of the North Moon Empire. Also, I think since it's an evil sect, it must possess quite strong skills. You can take advantage of this opportunity." She said with a smile.

    "True. I can use the sect for myself. Since they dared to kidnap me, it's only fair if they pay for my stay. But first, I need to get the herbs. And for that, it's time that I make a name for myself in the Sect." Long Chen let out with a smirk.
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