291 Chapter 291: Mingyus Reaction

    "True. I can use the sect for myself. Since they dared to kidnap me, it's only fair if they pay for my stay. But first, I need to get the herbs. And for that, it's time that I make a name for myself in the Sect." Long Chen let out with a smirk.

    "It's quite unfortunate that I don't have my complete strength. It would have helped me in the strength ranking. I don't know how that works, but apparently, the contribution points depend on the rank." Long Chen talked to himself.


    Far, far away from Long Chen, three of his closest companions were standing together.

    Ji Shan had just told Mingyu and Zhiqing about Long Chen's death.

    The reactions of both the girls differed quite a lot.

    While Zhiqing started crying as the sadness embraced her heart, Zhiqing was only worried. There was no tear in her eyes, but there was an extremely worried look on her face.

    Ji Shan couldn't understand why they both reacted so differently. He felt like Zhiqing's reaction was much normal compared to Mingyu.

    He somehow felt like Mingyu didn't care for Long Chen as much as Zhiqing cared for him. At that point in time, he lost quite a lot of respect for Mingyu in his heart.

    He felt bad for Long Chen who had a wife that didn't even cry over his death.

    Not only did Mingyu not cry, she instead tried to stop Zhiqing as well.

    "Don't cry. He's alive. I'm not sure about his condition, though, that's why we must save him!" Mingyu said.

    "This..." Ji Shan gazed at Mingyu as he sighed.

    'She's in denial. I guess I was wrong. She did care for him. It's just that she can't believe that he's dead.' Ji Shan thought as he gazed at her.

    "Sister in law, As much as I hate to say this, it's the truth. All I saw were the dead bodies there." Ji Shan said as he remembered the horrendous scene he thought.

    "They weren't Long Chen's bodies. He's still alive. I think that he must have been caught by those people. They took him with them to their base." She said with worry clear on her face.

    "We need to save him at all costs." She declared.

    "Why do you think that they took him? We killed their people, why would they keep him alive?" Ji Shan pointed out the hole in that theory.

    "I can't explain much, but It's his destiny. He can't die. You don't have to believe me. You don't have to help me either. I'll find them on my own." Mingyu said with a determination filled voice.

    "I... Even if I believe you. But how can we find those people?" Ji Shan somehow believed her words. Even he himself didn't know why though.

    "I have a theory. Those people... It was clear that they were way stronger than the Beast Hall branch. And the way they slaughtered everyone, it's clear that they came here just to kill. What does that mean?" Mingyu asked as she looked at Ji Shan.

    "It means that they hated the Beast Hall There must be some enmity between them and the Beast Hall, but why would the Beast Hall offend someone as strong as them? Just from the assault squad, it was clear that the enemy was way stronger than the Beast Hall." Ji Shan said.

    "The ones that sent those people should be as strong as the Main Beast Hall if I'm not wrong." He further said.

    "That's right. Even after knowing the backing of this Beast Hall branch, they dared to attack. It means they are as strong as the Main Beast Hall. I think the Main Hall must be the one that offended them, but since they couldn't attack that, they destroyed their branch." Mingyu explained what she thought.

    "To find the enemy, we must go to the Main Beast Hall first." She further said.

    "That makes sense, but the Main Beast Hall location is not known. Only a few people know its exact location."Ji Shan said with a concerned look on his face.

    "Your father was a disciple of the Main Beast Hall, right? He should know about it." Mingyu said.

    "That's true, but I doubt that my old man will tell me. Apparently, the Main Beast Hall doesn't allow their disciples to disclose their location." Ji Shan said.

    "This time he should. The Branch of Beast Hall being destroyed is an important matter. We can act as the messengers and give the information to the Main Beast Hall. That way, your father might tell us." She said.

    "Alright. We'll go with that plan. I hope that brother Chen is still alive." Ji Shan said.

    He brought out his Soul Devouring Wolf and the Dark Horse from his Beast Bag.

    " We should begin our travel for my Empire. Unfortunately, we don't have a flying beast. You girls can use the Dark Horse." He said.

    Mingyu and Zhiqing climbed on top of the Dark Horse while Ji Shan climbed on top of the Soul Devouring Wolf as they began their journey. The journey to find Long Chen.

    The Soul Devouring Wolf took the lead while the Dark Horse followed the lead.


    Back at the Dark Soul Sect, Long Chen had left his courtyard with Man Gu. He wanted the contribution points so that he could get the herbs to make the Thousand Poison Healing Pill.

    Long chen was wearing a clean Yellow Robe. He had also placed his 4-star disciple badge on his chest.

    Man Gu led Long Chen to the ranking hall.

    Quite a few disciples saw Long Chen asking the way. A few of them had even seen him in the morning.

    Those who had seen him before saw the 4-star badge on his chest now. They realized that it was true that Elder Jing had taken that boy as his disciple.

    The ones who hadn't seen Long Chen in the morning were shocked to see a new 4-star disciple. They wondered which Elder he belonged to.

    Long Chen stood in front of the Ranking Hall with Man Gu.

    He slowly stepped forward and entered the place.

    A lot of people saw him enter.
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