292 Chapter 292: Ranking Battle

    Long Chen entered the Ranking Hall under the watchful eyes of everyone present.

    There was one person amongst the crowd that was more shocked than others.

    He left in a hurry in an effort to

    "The new 4-star disciple is going to get ranked. I must tell, Master." That guy left in a hurry while ignoring everything else.

    Quite a lot of people left as well. In fact, this small thing was about to become the biggest spectacle for the sect.


    Long Chen entered the place. The first thing he saw was 5 doors in front of him.

    There was no person or Elder there. That place was completely empty.

    Long Chen was slightly surprised. Man Gu hadn't told him that this place was automated.

    He stepped closer to the doors and war and to read what the small sign on the door said.

    The first door had 'Strength'. The second door had 'Alchemy'. The third day had 'Artificer'. The fourth door had a 'Physician'. The fifth door had the word 'Demon' on it.

    All the doors looked the same except the 5th door. It was slightly bigger compared to the others.

    There were no locks on the doors.

    Long Chen tried pushing the door open, but despite there being no lock, the door didn't open.

    Long Chen was wondering why it was when he noticed a small circular shaped opening in the door.

    He looked towards his badge and finally noticed that they both had the same size.

    'I got it. Since they don't have anyone guard this place, they use the disciples identity badge for them to get tested. That's how they upgrade the rankings as well if I'm not wrong.

    Long Chen took the badge out of his chest and placed it inside that small opening.


    With a light sound, the door opened towards the inside.

    Long Chen entered the room of 'Strength' since he didn't want Black Robed Elder Lang Jing to know that he knew Alchemy. At Least not before he cured himself of his poison.

    As Long Chen entered the room, the door closed behind him.

    The darkroom brightened and Long Chen finally saw the room clearly.

    The wall of the room looked similar to the walls of the prison.

    "They must have made it so that the room could survive the intense fighting." He muttered.

    There was another door in front of him.

    That door opened without making him wait for long and a man came out from there. He held a heavy sword in his hand.

    "This guy..." Long Chen was stunned.

    The man in front of him looked like a proper human, but the man had no breath.

    His skin was quite pale as well.

    Despite the man not having any breathing, Long Chen was able to see his cultivation.

    The man had a cultivation of the peak Gold Core Realm.

    "Are they using some special corpse warriors?" He wondered as he looked at the man.

    "No matter what. I'll kill him." Long Chen let out as he looked inside his storage ring, but he suddenly realized that he didn't have the King's sword.

    "What the **!" He cursed as he remembered that the sword was in Lang Jing's hand.

    "Looks like I'll have to use the little guy." He muttered with a wry smile on his face as he brought out his Mountain Destroyer from his storage ring.

    "Let's see how the restrictions are affecting me." He muttered with a smile.

    He ran towards the man as he slashed with his Mountain Destroyer. He noticed that his speed was much slower than it had been before.

    Although it was slow, it was still faster than the average speed of a 1st Stage Earth Realm Cultivator.

    Long Chen slashed with his sword and it did manage to cut off his left arm, but the man didn't let out any noise. There was no blood that came out either.

    The man only swung his big heavy sword that he held in his right hand.

    The sword was so big, that it was twice the size of his Mountain Destroyer. Especially in length.

    Long Chen jumped back as he dodged the heavy sword.

    Even though he moved back, since the sword was so long, it did manage to graze through his skin.

    "This bloody restriction!" Long Chen said in an annoyed tone.

    The thing he hated the most was the loss of his speed.

    He again ran towards the dead man.

    The man again swung his heavy sword towards Long Chen, but Long Chen got down to his knees and slid forward. The heavy sword passed from above his head while Long Chen closed the gap between him and the man.

    He slashed with his sword and cut off the right leg of the man.

    The man lost his balance as he fell to the ground. The sword was released from his hand.

    Long Chen stood up as he stepped towards him. He gazed at the heavy sword that was twice his size.

    He placed his hand on the hilt of the sword as he picked up the impossibly heavy-looking sword with much ease.

    "Not a bad sword." He muttered.

    He held the sword in his single hand as he raised it high in the sky and slashed down.

    The neck of the man was sliced off. Still, there was no blood.

    "As I expected. It must be a corpse puppet they use for the ranking." Long Chen muttered.

    He was still in thought when the door again opened and another person entered.

    The person was a woman this time.

    Although she looked different compared to the previous man as her skin was not pale, she wasn't even breathing.

    What shocked him the most was the cultivation of that girl.

    The girl had the cultivation of the peak Earth Realm.

    "What the ** is wrong with this order? A peak Earth Realm after a peak gold core realm? How can they rank disciples since most wouldn't be able to defeat the girl?" He thought out loud.
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