293 Chapter 293: Peak Sky Realm?

    "What the ** is wrong with this order? A peak Earth Realm after a peak gold core realm? How can they rank disciples since most wouldn't be able to defeat the girl?" He thought out loud.

    The girl didn't give him the time to think through. She straight away attacked Long Chen.

    The girl didn't have a sword or any other weapon. She only attacked using her hands.

    Even though she used her hand, she was still able to oppose Long Chen's sword.

    He didn't understand what was happening. At one instant, the girl even caught the sharp blade of his sword with her bare hands.

    "There's something wrong. Her hands should be comparable to an artifact. Just what did those guys do to her?" He thought with a frown.

    While the form was holding his sword's blade with one hand, she punched towards Long Chen with the other.

    Long Chen also punched out.

    Since his heart demon had finished its evolution, Long Chen realized that his strength had increased as well.

    Previously, his physical strength was comparable to a peak gold realm cultivator if he didn't use any cultivation. With his cultivation, and his Demon Monarch Physique, he was able to face even the peak Earth Realm cultivators Now he couldn't use his cultivation to its fullest.

    Still, the good thing, for now, was that his strength should be comparable to a 5th or 6th stage Earth Realm cultivator.

    Also, He felt like his physical strength that he received because of the Demon Monarch Physique wasn't restricted.

    Only his cultivation and his bloodline strength were restricted.

    Long Chen and the girl both punched at each other.

    Their fists collided with each other, but the result was something he didn't expect.

    He was tossed back like a broken kite. His sword was left in the hands of the girl.

    "That girl is not a peak Earth Realm Cultivator! She's a Peak Earth Realm Body Cultivator!" Long Chen muttered as he stood up.

    He could feel the pain in his hand that had exchanged blows with the girl. Fortunately, the girl wasn't strong enough to break his bones.

    The girl threw away the sword that was in her hand.

    'I thought I could fight a peak Earth Realm cultivator without using a law, but that doesn't seem possible.' He thought as he sighed.

    He began using his law of space as he teleported near his sword that was lying on the ground and picked it up.

    The woman ran towards him and punched towards him, but Long Chen disappeared before her punch could land. He appeared right beside her as he stabbed the sword in her chest.

    He still didn't ease up as he pulled his sword out and swung it.

    Her head was separated from her body and fell down to the ground. Her body soon followed and fell to the ground.

    "Much easier when one is the master of space." Long Chen muttered as he gazed at the body of the woman.

    He turned back and began looking towards the door as he waited for the next opponent.

    The door opened once more as the next person entered.

    This time it was an old man. The man had a white beard and white hair. His face was full of wrinkles.

    "Are you serious right now?" He let out as he saw the cultivation of the man.

    It was a man who was at the peak of the Sky Realm. Also, the man seemed like he was breathing. His eyes weren't blank like the eyes of others as he glanced at him.

    "You are my opponent this time? A kid? It doesn't matter. Till now, no one has been able to defeat me. We'll see how far you can go." The old man said with a grin.

    Long Chen was surprised to see the man speak. Although the man seemed like living, Long Chen still had a weird feeling. It was like this man was a puppet as well. Though a better quality corpse puppet.

    He had no basis for his assumption, but that's the only thing that made sense. There was no way that a peak Sky Realm Cultivator would be signed to test disciples.

    Long Chen wasn't even sure if the Grand Elders would have such high cultivation. Only sect masters should be that strong.

    "Who are you? Tell me your name, boy. I don't like to beat unknown people?" The old man asked.

    "I'm Long Chen. And what made you think that you can beat me? Your superficial cultivation? If I'm not wrong, you're the complete opposite of that girl." Long Chen responded as he pointed towards the girl.

    "Although the girl had a strong Physique, she didn't have a brain or skills. You, on the other hand, have a brain and most probably skills as well, but I can see that your body is the weakest. It's even weaker than her who was a peak Earth Realm cultivator." Long Chen further said.

    He observed the man as he waited for his response.

    "Good observation, kid. Not bad. But even if I have a weak physique, do you think that you can face my skills? Body Cultivators are nothing against Qi Cultivators. I'll show you that! Too bad that I can't kill." The old man said.

    He pointed his hand towards Long Chen as a small ball of fire appeared in front of him and moved towards Long Chen with a lightning-fast speed.

    Long Chen reacted fast as he swung his sword. The small ball of fire was cut in two halves and the wind pressure from Long Chen's attack diverted both of them in the opposite direction. Not a single spark of fire managed to touch him.

    "My turn!" Long Chen said as he grinned.

    He got into a familiar sword stance.

    "Seven Forms of Saint Sword: Fifth form- Chaos!" Long Chen let out loud as he swung his sword.

    A blinding arc of light left his sword and advanced towards the old man.

    The old man was surprised as he felt the strength of that attack.

    He made a strange motion with his hand.
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