294 Chapter 294: Law of Gravity

    The old man made a strange motion with his hand.

    A small golden color lotus appeared in front of the old man.

    The lotus seemed like it contained a massive amount of energy. The old man didn't even move and simply stood behind the lotus.

    The chaotic slash of Long Chen's attack struck the lotus and something strange happened.

    The chaotic energy of the slash was sucked inside the lotus that changed color from golden to red.

    Long Chen's eyes opened wide as he saw one of his strongest attacks so easily stopped. Not only was his attack stopped, it was sucked inside the strange lotus.

    "Is that what you were so proud of?" The man said with a smile.

    "Y-you..." Long Chen was getting angry as he heard the mocking tone of the man.

    'The illusion wouldn't have worked on the last girl because she didn't have a soul or a brain for that matter, but it doesn't look like this man is like that.' Long Chen thought as he glanced at the old man.

    His eyes changed color and now it looked like a mist was surrounding his eyes.

    Long Chen began using his law of illusion.

    The old man began looking considered.

    He saw Long Chen running towards him despite his attack being destroyed. He made another hand gesture. The lotus that had absorbed the attack sent the attack back as it gained back its original color.

    Now the attack of Long Chen was coming to target him, but that wasn't real Long Chen, but an illusion of himself created using the law of illusion.

    Long Chen was standing on the side and slowly walking towards Long Chen.

    The chaotic attack was about to land on the illusion, but before it could, the old man saw Long Chen dodge the attack with the speed he had never seen before. Of Course, it wasn't real.

    Long Chen was just outside the 10 meters range of the old man, but as soon as his feet landed within the 10 meters, a frown appeared on the old man's face.

    The old man had set a formation around himself that had a diameter of 20 meters with him at the center.

    As Long Chen stepped inside, he sensed it.

    He looked towards the illusion of Long Chen that was in front of him as a smile appeared in front of him.

    "Interesting." He said with a smile.

    He tapped his feet on the ground as the gravity around him changed.

    "Ugh..." Long Chen was walking towards the old man, but suddenly the gravity changed and everything was a thousand times heavier.

    He fell down to his knees without even the slightest resistance.

    This attack looked like the same thing that the Grand Elder from the Thunder Giant Sect had used on Long Chen when he was in the Glorious Blossom sect, the only difference was that Long Chen was able to resist the attack the previous time, but this time, it was much more powerful.

    The Grand Elder of the Glorious Blossom Sect was much weaker compared to the man in front of him, also Long Chen's cultivation wasn't restricted by 70 percent at that time, but everything was against him now.

    His Illusion broke as he dropped to his knees and he lost focus.

    The old man finally saw Long Chen... the real one.

    "That was quite interesting, I must say. You can be pretty dangerous again against the ones that are ignorant, but it won't work on most of the experienced cultivators." The old man said as he gazed at Long Chen.

    "Chains of restriction!" The old man said.

    More than 20 chains that were made from stone came out of the ground and trapped Long Chen. The gravity wasn't lifted as well.

    "You lost!" The old man said as he sighed in disappointment.

    "I expected better, but I guess it's not that bad either. You lasted for 20 minutes. It's quite good compared to others." The old man said as he glanced at Long Chen.

    "You can leave." He said as he turned back and left from where he came.

    The chains and the gravity disappeared.

    'He wasn't a Corpse Puppet.' Long Chen thought as he stood up.

    Originally, he could have teleported when he was under the influence of gravity, but he didn't do it since he realized that it wasn't normal gravity.

    He had realized that the strength of this gravity was fierce because it was created using the Law of Gravity.

    A corpse puppet shouldn't have been able to use the Law of Gravity. And if this man wasn't a puppet, then the only thing possible was that he was a Grand Elder of the sect.

    He was already regretting exposing his law of Illusion, fortunately, the man didn't see him use the Law of Space.

    The one thing he realized after the battle was that he needed to increase his comprehension and Strengthen his law.

    Especially the Law of Illusion. Without the limitation of this skill, the law of Illusion would have been 10 times more powerful.

    Unfortunately, he can't teleport while keeping the illusion intact, since one of the limitations of the skill was that the focus should never be shifted from the target. When teleporting, he had to pass through space, thus it was impossible to watch his target in that short moment.

    Long Chen knew that it was impossible to defeat a peak Sky realm cultivator at the moment, but he was still quite annoyed. It was his second defeat after all.

    His heart was slowly getting filled with anger that was just waiting to explode.

    Long Chen stood up and left the room.

    After leaving the room, he left the Ranking Hall without wasting time.

    As he left the hall, he saw that there were hundreds of yellow-robed disciples out there.

    He also noticed quite a few 4-star disciples as well.

    One of the 4-star disciples stepped towards him.

    It was a boy who looked to be 18-19 years old.
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