295 Chapter 295: Cutting the hand

    "Yo, you must be the disciple of Elder Jing. You're nothing special I guess. I wonder where someone like Elder Jing would have picked you. So what happened inside? Were you defeated by the Gold Core Realm puppet?" The boy said.

    Long Chen could see the 4-star badge on the person's chest, but he didn't care at the moment.

    He, who was already angry, was getting even angrier at the condescending tone of the person he didn't even know.

    He ignored the boy as he turned to leave.

    "Hey, trash! Did you not hear me? Answer me!" The boy said as he placed his hand on Long Chen's shoulders.

    At that moment, Long Chen lost his control as he caught the boy's hand and tossed him out like a ball.

    The man crashed 50 meters away from Long Chen.

    "Touch me once more and you'll lose that hand of yours. They defeated me doesn't mean the others get the right to jump in front of me!"  Long Chen said in a heavy tone.

    "Man Gu, let's go." He said as he turned back to leave.

    The man Long Chen had tossed, stood up. He looked around and he could see the mocking gaze of others.

    Especially the other 4 star disciples. He felt like they were silently making fun of him from being manhandled by a kid.

    The man brought out his sword from his storage ring as he ran towards Long Chen like a mad man.

    Long Chen was already using his divine sense to keep an eye on the man since he had learned to never leave his back open for assault.

    He had hoped for the man to not attack him, but now that he did, Long Chen also decided to play his game.

    The man got near Long Chen as he thrust his sword towards Long Chen's shoulders. Although he was angry, he didn't want to kill Long Chen since Long Chen was a disciple of a Black-Robed Elder as well. He just wanted to punish him a little.

    The sword was about to strike Long Chen, but at that moment, he skillfully moved his feet as he dodged to the side.

    He didn't stop with that. His feet skillfully danced as he turned around.

    His sword appeared in his hand, as Long Chen swung it towards his target.

    The Mountain Destroyer sliced through the hands of the boy. His sword and his hand, both fell to the ground, but not before his scream escaped his mouth.

    He screamed like a dying pig as he fell down to the ground and cried in pain.

    The only sound that could be heard in that place, was the sound of that boy screaming in agony.

    The others were completely silent as they watched everything with their mouths wide open. The scene was enough to send a chill down their spines.

    "My... my master will kill you!" He roared as he clenched his teeth.

    "You attacked me first. Also, if your Master still wants to act tough, tell them to go talk to Elder Lang Jing first. Also, if you don't want your second hand to be cut off as well, you better stay silent. Your dog-like barking is annoying me even more!" Long Chen said as he glared at the boy.

    The boy hurriedly shut his mouth as he clenched his teeth so that the sound didn't escape his mouth.

    'This boy!!! He's simply crazy!' He thought.

    Long Chen left with Man Gu.

    He already knew that the results of the Ranking would be updated the next day and he would get the contribution points tomorrow as well. Thus, there was no need to stay here.

    Long Chen left, but the others stayed there in shock.

    "That boy... He's so similar to senior brother Mu Zheng. He's not to be offended by the ones with no Strength. Only the top 5 in the strength rankings can teach him a lesson!" One of the 4-star disciples thought out loud.

    The others heard his words and simply nodded their heads.

    A few people stepped forward to help the boy as they took him to the Medicine Hall.


    There was a beautiful Palace inside the Dark Soul Sect. It was constructed at the place with the densest Qi inside the Demon Valley.

    There was a throne on the hall that looked a little intimidating because it was covered in blood.

    A woman was sitting on the throne as she looked at the man standing in front of him.

    The man had white hair and a white beard. His face was filled with wrinkles and he looked quite old.

    "Grand Elder Chu, You tested the boy that was brought back by Lang Jing. What do you think about him?" The woman asked. Although her expressions were serious, there was some charm in her voice.

    "I did face the boy and I must say that he did surprise me. He had quite a few unorthodox skills, and surprisingly, he even knew a Law. It should be a law related to illusions if I'm not wrong." Grand Elder Chu replied in full seriousness.

    "I can quite honestly say, that if I hadn't had hundreds of years of experience, and if I had the same cultivation as him, there was no chance that I would have won." He further said as he remembered Long Chen's performance.

    "What do you think Lang Jing is planning? He brought an unknown person here and took him as his disciple." She muttered.

    "I have a feeling that he's planning something. His activities have been quite suspicious on occasions. He has been acting quite different and mysterious since his father was killed by you in that battle." Grand Elder Chu said.

    "Sigh... We can't even kill him. Since quite a few Grand Elders like that guy. Also, there's no proof that he's doing something wrong." He further said.

    "Keep an eye on Lang Jing and send someone to look out for that boy. I'll kill them both myself if I found out that they were involved in activities that were against our sect." She said with a determination filled voice.
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