296 Chapter 296: You leave me no choice

    Long Chen stepped inside his courtyard and entered the bedroom as he closed the door.

    He turned back, only to find Xun sitting on the bed.

    "Now you understand the importance of a law, don't you?" She said with a smile.

    "Yeah. I need to gain stronger control over my laws and remove the limitations. The law of Illusion is versatile and would be really helpful without the limitations and the Law of Space is a supreme law." Long Chen said.

    "The possibilities are endless. I have barely managed to scratch the surface at the moment. I can't fall behind and waste the opportunity that I have." He further said in a voice filled with determination.

    He walked to a corner and sat in a meditative position as he began meditating to calm his mind.

    After his mind had calmed down, he sent his consciousness inside his martial space. As his consciousness entered the martial space, he noticed that his martial soul was just like before. Nothing had changed as it kept standing there.

    His Red Core was still lightening his martial space while his World Seed floated at the center of the Martial Space.

    He also saw his heard demon. His heart demon looked the same as him. The only thing that differentiated them was that the heart demon had two horns on his head.

    The heart demon seemed like it was sleeping at the moment.

    There were two more things that attracted his attention.

    The Law of Space sapling and the Law of Illusion seed.

    Since his comprehension about the law of illusion hadn't reached a proper threshold, his Illusion law seed hadn't evolved into a sapling of knowledge. It was the same as before, unlike the law of space seed that had evolved.

    Long Chen started observing his Illusory looking law seed through his consciousness. He could feel that the seed itself had many mysteries inside the illusion. He kept looking at the Illusory looking seed for hours as he stayed in his meditative position.


    In another corner of the sect, there was a Black-Robed Elder sitting on a chair.

    The Black Robed Elder was a woman who looked like she was in her 70s. She was reading a book in peace.

    Suddenly, there was a knock on the door.

    "Come in." The Elder said.

    The door opened and someone entered in a hurry.

    It was a kid who looked like he was 14-15 years old. The Little Kid had a cultivation at the peak of the Gold Core Realm.

    "Master!" The little boy said as he breathed heavily. It seemed like he had been running for quite a long time.

    "Little Zi, what happened? Why are you in such a hurry?" The woman said with a concerned look on her face.

    "S-senior brother Tiyu! He is in the Medicine Hall! Someone cut off his hand!" The boy said with teary eyes.

    "What!" The woman stood up in a shock as her eyes opened wide.

    She hurriedly ran outside and called out for her Winged Lion.

    A majestic looking Winged Lion came flying and landed in front of her. She hurriedly climbed on top of the Winged Lion with the boy she called little Zi.

    The Winged Lion started flying towards the Medicine Hall.

    It took them around 5 minutes before the Winged Lion landed in front of the Medicine Hall.

    She hurriedly got off the Winged Lion and entered the Medicine Hall with little Zi.

    As she entered, she was led to a certain room.

    She entered the room and saw her precious disciple lying on a bed. He was groaning in pain as the physician wrapped the wound.

    The first thing she noticed was that he was missing his right hand.

    "Tiyu! Who dared to do this to you?" Elder Biyu said in a shrill tone.

    "It... it was done by that new kid, Master! The trash that Elder Jing took as his disciple! He attacked me for no reason, Master! You must kill him and take revenge for me!" The boy clenched his teeth as he said with tears in his eyes. He looked quite pitiful at the moment.

    'No matter whose disciple it was! He will be punished! He cut your hand, it's only fair that I cut off both his hands and legs!" She said as anger clouded her face.

    "Take care of little Tiyu, Elder Mu." She said as she looked towards the physician treating the boy.

    She turned back and left.

    She climbed on top of her Winged Lion as it began flying.

    She knew where Lang Jing's previous disciple lived, thus she was sure that the new one must be living there as well.

    She wanted to punish him as soon as she could, but as the Winged Lion was flying, it suddenly stopped.

    There was another Winged Lion at the front. A man was sitting on top of that Winged Lion.

    The man didn't look much old, but he had a scar on his forehead.

    "Where do you think you're going, Elder Biyu?" The man said with a smile on his face.

    "Get out of my way! You have nothing to do with where I decide to go!" She said straight away.

    "True. I don't care wherever you go, as long as it's not towards the courtyard of my disciple. You understand what I'm saying, right?" The man said as a smirk appeared on his face.

    The woman realized that the man knew about her purpose. She had no reason to hide it anymore.

    "Your disciple cut off the hand of my disciple! He deserves to be punished! I don't care what you think, but today, I'll cut off his hand." She said as she glared at Lang Jing.

    "Are you sure about that? A kid who is not even 17 years old cut off the arm of a 20-year-old kid, and now a 300-year-old woman is going to punish him? You'll involve yourself in a kids fight? Don't you have any shame, Elder Biyu?" He said with a smirk.

    "I don't care what you say! Today, I will cut off the arms of your disciple, no matter what!" She said as she looked at him.

    "You leave me no choice, Old woman." Lang Jing said as his smile disappeared. He got off the Winged Lion and floated in the air.

    "Let me see how you cut off his arms." He said as his whole aura changed.

    His killing intent was so high, that even the people that were far from him were able to sense it.

    Most of the disciples were shivering as they felt the powerful aura.
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