297 Chapter 297: Ill kill you

    Most of the disciples were shivering as they felt the powerful aura of Lang Jing.

    "Lang Jing! You dare oppose me for a trash disciple? Have you forgotten that I'm older than you?" Elder Biyu said as she got off her Winged Lion as well.

    "We are in the Dark Soul Sect! Respect is not earned because of age, but because of strength. If you have the strength to go past me, I'll respect you and let you do anything you want, but if you can't even defeat me, then what respect are you talking about?" Lang Jing said in a heavy tone.

    "You insolent man!" She roared loudly as a staff appeared in her hand.

    "Infernal Phoenix!" She said as she used her special skill.

    More than 10 phoenixes, entirely made from fire, appeared near her as that started flying around her.

    A frown appeared on Lang Jing's face. It was a well-known attack of Elder Biyu. Although he hadn't fought Elder Biyu before, he had heard of her powerful strength.

    "Go, my children!" The woman let out.

    All the blazing Phoenixes came flying towards Lang Jing.

    "Wall of Ice!" Lang Jing said as an ice wall appeared between him and the blazing phoenixes. The phoenixes struck the barrier, but none of them was able to break his barrier.

    The phoenixes were destroyed and the only thing that remained was the powerful Barrier of Ice.

    That ice wall disappeared after some time and revealed the face of Elder Lang Jing who was still standing on his original spot.

    The only thing that was different was that he had a sword in his hand now.

    "That was it? Elder Biyu's powerful attack was just that? I gotta say, I expected better. I'm a bit disappointed." Lang Jing said in a disappointed tone.

    "You!!!" She roared in anger, but before she could do anything, Lang Jing finally moved.

    Elder Biyu had only blinked her eyes, but in that short moment, she found Lang Jing standing right before her as his sword was resting on her neck.

    "H-how..." She stuttered as she couldn't believe her eyes.

    Just how was Lang Jing so fast?

    "What do you say, should I slice your neck off your body?" Lang Jing said with a smirk on his face as he slightly pressed the blade of his sword on her neck.

    " The Sect Master would kill you if you dare kill an Elder!" Elder Biyu said as she looked in his eyes.

    Although she looked brave, the sweat on her face was making it clear that she was worried for her life.

    "Are you giving me the threat of the Sect Master? Even she can't do injustice and go against the rules. You, despite being an Elder, dared to target my young disciple. I think I have all the right in the world to kill you right now." Lang Jing said as he glared in her eyes. He didn't look intimidated by the threat in the least.

    The old woman felt like he was serious and she might die. At the moment, all the thoughts of revenge in her mind had been replaced by the thoughts of self-preservation.

    "L-lang Jing... Let me go. I promise I won't target your disciple. I won't involve myself in the fights of the young ones." She replied in a hurry.

    Her heartbeat was getting faster and faster.

    "I hope you won't forget your words, or I wouldn't mind decreasing the numbers of Black-Robed Elders in the sect by one." He said as he finally smiled and retracted his killing intent.

    He removed his sword from her neck and turned back. He climbed on top of his Winged Lion and left.

    The old woman called Elder Biyu was left standing there in silence.

    She touched her neck and felt a little pain. There was a small wound on her neck that was bleeding, but not much.

    She realized that it was kind of a warning from Lang Jing.

    The woman turned back and left on her Winged Lion.

    She realized that she couldn't harm Long Chen. Not in the open, at least.


    A Winged Lion landed in front of Long Chen's courtyard and a man got off the Winged Lion.

    "This boy...I told him to not do one thing, and he just had to do it just the next day." He muttered with an annoyed look on his face as he walked towards the courtyard.

    Although he wanted to break the door open, he simply knocked on the door.

    Man Gu opened the door.

    He was stunned to see Lang Jing standing outside. He hurriedly stepped aside as he allowed him to enter.

    "Where's Long Chen?" Lang Jing asked Man Gu.

    "Master is in his room. He told me to not disturb him, so he might be cultivating." Man Gu replied as he pointed towards the door.

    He didn't dare lie to a Black-Robed Elder, also he had no reason to. Long Chen was his disciple.

    Lang Jing stepped towards the door and knocked on it heavily.

    Long Chen who was still lost in his comprehension didn't ever hear the sound of the door knocking.

    Lang Jing kept knocking, but the door didn't open.

    Ultimately, he got annoyed as he got ready to break the door open, but Man Gu stopped him.

    "There's a spare key, Master." Man Gu said. He didn't wish Lang Jing to get angry at Long Chen.

    "Bring it to me!" Lang Jing said as he stopped his fist that was about to break the door open.

    Man Gu came to him with a key and unlocked the door.

    Lang Jing entered the room and closed the door behind him. He didn't want Man Gu to see anything that happened.

    As he entered the room, he was stunned to see Long Chen, who was sitting in a meditative position.

    He had his eyes closed, but Lang Jing had a strange feeling as he watched Long Chen.

    He felt like Long Chen was looking different. There was an illusory force around him that was surrounding him.
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