298 Chapter 298: Poison

    Lang Jing felt like Long Chen was looking somewhat different. There was like an illusory force around him, that was surrounding him.

    "Is he about to have a breakthrough?" He muttered as he gazed at Long Chen.

    "Geez, this kid is strange." He said as he looked at Long Chen.

    He turned back and left the room since he didn't want to disturb Long Chen's cultivation and he didn't want to wait for days either.

    "When he completes his cultivation, tell him to contact me. Give him this talisman, he can use it to call him when there is a need. Also, Keep an eye out on the surroundings. No harm should come to him." Lang Jing said as he left the courtyard.

    "Sigh, I couldn't even finish my tea. I had to leave in such a hurry, after finding out about what he did, to save his ass. After all that, I didn't even get to scold him." He sighed as he climbed on top of his Winged Lion and left.


    Long Chen was still lost inside his martial space and he had no idea that Lang Jing had come to look for him and even left.

    As he started at the Illusion Law Seed, he was finally starting to find out the complexities behind the Law Seed.

    As he kept looking at it, he felt like he was living through an illusion. Nothing was real. Even the world he thought to be real wasn't real.

    It was nothing but an illusion of reality, just like the Illusory seed in front of him.

    The restrictions on his illusion, the limitations, it was all an illusion that he himself wasn't able to break through. He had a feeling that as long as he mastered the illusion, the Illusory lock on his Illusion Skill would unlock.


    Days kept passing slowly. Days that Long Chen spent in his comprehension in order to understand the mysteries behind his law.

    While Long Chen was inside his courtyard, the sect outside was in complete chaos as the new Ranking List had just come out.

    The unknown boy that had just entered the sect was now at the 3rd rank in the strength ranking.

    The first person on the ranking was someone called Mu Zheng who had 2167 points.

    The second person on the strength ranking was Chu Miao with 2150 Points.

    And finally, the third person on the rankings was the new kid that appeared out of nowhere. It was Long Chen with 2149  points. He was just a single point short of taking second place in the strength ranking.

    Su Zhen, the girl who previously held the third place was now at 4th. Everyone below her slid down one spot as well. There were no other changes except that.

    Quite a few disciples that saw the rankings were surprised. They hurriedly left to inform the others about the change in rankings.

    None of them had expected Elder Lang Jing's disciple to take such a high rank at such a young age.


    Back in a courtyard, a man was sitting on the ground. He looked like he had just finished his cultivation when someone came to inform him about the new rankings.

    "Interesting... After Mu Chan, Elder Jing found another freak. Not bad at all." The man said with a smile.

    He was Mu Zhen, the first rank in the Strength Ranking.

    In another place, a girl had gotten the information as well.

    "He's just one point below me? Didn't you say that he was 16? How can he be as strong as me?" The girl let out with surprise on her face.

    The girl looked to be in her early 20s.

    There was another girl who got the information, but she wasn't too happy.

    She has just dropped down a ranking. It was the same as her being defeated by an unknown person who had just entered the sect. She had already started hating Long Chen.

    Long Chen didn't know any of this and even if he knew, he wouldn't have cared for it since he had other important concerns at the moment.


    It was the 7th day of Long Chen inside the sect and he finally opened his eyes.

    Although he wasn't able to comprehend the law of Illusion to its fullest, he did feel like his understanding of the law was better than before.

    Long Chen stood up and stretched his arms. It felt good to finally move the body after so long.

    He walked towards the door of his room when he suddenly felt some pain in his body.

    It felt like thousands of poisonous ants were biting onto his body.

    "Ughh... what is happening..." He fell down to his knees as he groaned in pain.

    He was trying to understand what was happening when he suddenly remembered that he had a position in his body.

    He was supposed to take a suppressant pill to keep the poison sleeping for another week.

    He was already given the pill by Lang Jing. Because of comprehension, he had completely forgotten that it was soon about to be the 7th day since he was brought here by him.

    He took out the pill that was given to him by the Black Robed Elder Lang Jing and swallowed the pill.

    His pain was increasing constantly, but after a few minutes, the pain stopped as the poison stopped acting up.

    "That man... he wasn't lying. He did put a strange poison in me. These effects, I haven't heard of any poison feeling like this." Long Chen weakly said as he stood up.

    He gave up on the idea of going out and walked back to his bed.

    He fell onto his bed and fell asleep.


    Far away from the Dark Soul Sect, there was an Empire.

    The Empire was known as the Blazing Sun Empire. It was the neighbor of the North Moon Empire.

    Another thing, that was important, was that Ji Shan was the Second Prince of the Empire.

    At the moment, Ji Shan, Mingyu and Zhiqing... they were just outside the Blazing Sun Empire.
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