300 Chapter 300: Meeting at Beast Hall

    "That's not all father. After we entered the Beast Hall as temporary disciples..." Ji Shan got onto the main part. The thing he actually wanted to talk about.

    "The Beast Hall branch was destroyed by the mysterious men? Black Robed and Red Robed? Sky Realm cultivators?" Emperor Ji Mu frowned as he heard about it.

    He somewhat realized who the enemy was. He couldn't believe that they attacked a branch so far away though.

    "The assailants were from the Dark Soul Sect if I'm not wrong." He let out with a serious look on his face.

    "Dark Soul Sect? Why have I never heard of them before?" Ji Shan exclaimed in surprise.

    "You're not at that level yet. The Dark Soul Sect is one of the Evil Sects. Since the Beast Sect is a righteous Sect, there had been quite a few skirmishes between the both. Although I can't be 100 percent sure if it was them, I do know that their Elders are classified based on their color of robes."

    "A Red Robed Elder is a peak Earth Realm cultivator while Black Robed Elders are the ones who are in the Sky Realm. From your description, it's most likely them. Unfortunately, I don't know where the Main Dark Soul Sect is established."  Emperor Ji Mu explained.

    "Father, Please allow us to go to the Beast Hall with the information. We should inform them." Ji Shan said.

    "I can't let you go. It'll be against the rules if I tell you their location. Also, you don't need to go inform them personally. They must have gotten the information by now already." Emperor Ji Mu shook his head as he said.

    "Please let us go, father. How can they know about the destruction of the branch?" Ji Shan couldn't understand.

    "The Dark Soul Sect is such a giant existence, why do you think they would destroy a branch of the Beast Hall? Most probably, it's to provoke them. They must have informed the main Beast Hall themselves of what they did." Emperor Ji Mu said.

    "Still, father. We should inform them from our side as well. I'm sure they'll understand if I go there. We can also take back my friend with their help." Ji Shan tried to persuade his father, but it didn't seem to be working.

    "I understand that you care for your friend, but I'm sure that he'll be dead by now. The Dark Soul Sect doesn't have any kind people who are afraid to kill. They kill at any opportunity they get. It's just a false hope that you're keeping alive. Give up, Son," He said.

    "But father..."

    "No, but, My decision is final. I'm not sending you to the Beast Hall. It's not something you need to involve yourself in. You can leave."

    Ji Shan tried speaking, but the Emperor stopped him as he ordered him to leave.

    " Your Majesty, Someone I care about has been taken by them. I request you to please tell me the location of Beast Hall. Only those people will know the location of those men."

    " I understand that you care for your son, that's why we'll be the only one going. I promise you that Prince Shan will stay behind. We won't get him involved," Mingyu requested as she saw that the situation wasn't going the way Ji Shan had expected.

    "I understand your emotion, little girl. But I'm bound by the rules of the Beast Hall. I can't inform anyone about its location. Leave now. It's time for me to sleep." Emperor Ji Mu replied to Mingyu. He closed his eyes.

    Ji Shan and Mingyu tried talking again, but the Emperor pretended to be asleep and didn't reply.

    Ultimately, they couldn't do anything. They left the hall. They had to change the plan, but even that needed time.

    Ji Shan arranged for Mingyu and Zhiqing to sleep in a room that was near his room.


    Far away from the Blazing Sun Empire, there was a beautiful mountain. The mountain was shrouded with beautiful snow.

    There was a beautiful sect on this mountain that was known as the Beast Hall. It was most famous for its fierce Beast Tamers.

    The Beast Hall was one of the strongest forces of this continent and its members were all said to be strong since they had so many powerful tamed beasts that did the fighting for them.

    Inside a large hall, around 20 people were sitting around a rectangular table.

    Surprisingly, there was no one inside the hall that had the cultivation weaker than the Sky Realm.

    The person sitting on the main chair was the Hall Master, while the others were the Elders.

    The Hall Master looked to be in his early 50s. He had a black beard and long silver hair.

    "Hall Master, we can't stay silent anymore! Those guys dared to destroy the branch of our Beast Hall and sent the head of the branch leader on our doors. They're clearly provoking us!" One of the Elders said.

    "It's true. I was thinking that they would retaliate against us for destroying their branch and for killing their 4-star disciple, but I didn't expect them to be so cowardly and attack our branch." Another Elder sighed.

    "There's no doubt about it. That evil sect needs to be destroyed." Another Elder chimed in.

    "I agree as well. We must take action!"

    Slowly all the Elders gave their opinions and mostly just repeated the thing about attacking them.

    The Hall Master sighed as he glanced at all of them.

    "Does anyone here know the location of the Dark Soul Sect?" Hall Master asked as he sighed.

    The Elders shook their heads as they started looking down.

    "We were lucky last time that we managed to locate their branch and we destroyed it, but their Headquarters? That still remains a mystery. How can we attack them when we don't even know their location?" The Hall Master spoke heavily.

    "We could have found out their location if Elder Ju hadn't killed that 4-star disciple." One of the elders said in annoyance as he looked towards a bald Elder.
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