303 Chapter 303: Nine Steps of Xianwu

    "Oh, Congrats on being the second rank. Sorry for not recognizing you. I didn't check the strength rankings." Long Chen said.

    "Didn't you check the rankings to see your rank?" She asked in surprise.

    " Nope. Someone told me my rank," He replied.

    "You're quite a strange guy. Others would be so excited to see their rank. Anyways, what skill do you need? An Elemental Skill, Martial Skill, or a Cultivation Skill? We have different sections for them all," She asked.

    "I wish to enter the Skill Space instead," Long Chen informed her.

    "You want to enter the Skill Space? Are you sure? Although the chances of getting a good skill are there, the chances of getting a bad skill are far more. You might spend 2000 points to enter the Skill Hall and come out with a mortal grade skill worth 10 points. You should think carefully," The girl told Long Chen.

    "It's alright. It's only 2000 points." Long Chen smilingly said.

    Although he wanted a skill, having a chance to get a great skill was far better than having a decent skill.

    "Alright. Just don't come crying when you get a trash skill,"

    "Come with me," She said as she started walking toward the stairs.

    Long Chen followed her to the second floor.

    She stopped in front of a room with a metallic door.

    "Transfer 2000 points." She told him.

    Long Chen listened to her and transferred his remaining contribution points.

    She opened the door and took Long Chen inside.

    The room was quite small. It was only 3 meters by 5 meters in size.

    There was a small wooden table at the center of the room. There was a chair in front of the table.

    A small circular formation had been drawn on top of the wooden table.

    "Sit on that chair and place your hand on top of that formation. You'll be taken to the Skill Space.

    "I'll leave since it only works when one person is inside. Give me a call when you're done." She said as she left the room and closed the door.

    Long Chen walked up to the table and sat down on the chair. He placed his hand on the formation in front of him.

    As his hand rested on the formation, the formation started shining brightly.

    Out of nowhere, Long Chen's consciousness was sucked into a mysterious space. He found himself floating in an empty space.

    There were thousands of colorful orbs floating in space.

    'Those Orbs must be the skills. So I have to wait for one to choose me?' Long Chen thought.

    He was hoping to get a powerful skill.

    He waited at that place, but no orb came to him.

    "What the heck? Why's no orb coming to me? Not even the so-called trash skills want me?" Long Chen let out as he looked around. It was as if they were all ignoring his existence.

    "Do these skills not consider me worthy of them, or they don't consider themselves worthy of me? I'm the successor of a deity. I can't fail like this!" Long Chen said with determination.

    He looked around as he tried to find a good skill.

    It was quite difficult to judge a skill since none of them had any aura. They were all of similar size and shape. The only thing different was their color.

    "That one," Long Chen let out as he pointed towards a red color orb of light.

    Before he could start moving towards the Orb, the Orb that he pointed at excitedly came towards him.

    It was like that orb of light was happy at being chosen.

    "What the **?" Long Chen exclaimed in surprise as he saw the red orb of light circling around him.

    "It's good that you didn't make me chase you, at least," Long Chen said with a smile as he touched the orb.

    As soon as the Orb was touched, the whole space disappeared.

    Long Chen found himself back inside the small room.

    There was nothing different, the only change was that there was now a small booklet between the formation and his hand.

    He picked up the book and turned it, but there was no name on the book.

    He opened it, and noticed a small name, but he couldn't read the name since it was written in some ancient language.

    "Xun, Can you translate the name?" He called Xun softly.

    Xun appeared beside him as she gazed at the book and read the name.

    "Interesting. It says the skill's name is 'Nine Steps of Xianwu'," She informed him.

    "Nine steps of Xianwu? It sounds like a movement skill. Wait a minute... Xianwu? Could it be the Saint King Xianwu?" He let out with a surprised look on his face.

    "Seems like it. He should have known the ancient language so it's quite possible that he wrote the skill. Though I'm not a hundred percent sure." Xun replied.

    "Looks like I indeed profited from this opportunity." Long Chen said as he stood up.

    He walked towards the exit and left.

    Chu Miao was still standing outside waiting for him.

    "Which skill did you get?" She asked.

    'This one,' Long Chen showed her, but he kept the book in his hand.

    "This trash book? You indeed wasted the opportunity. This skill isn't even worth 5 contribution points since it's written in pure gibberish. No one can read it. I pity you, boy," She said with a wry smile on her face.

    "It's alright. I don't regret anything." Long Chen said with a smile on his face.

    Although he could have gotten this skill for 5 contribution points, that wasn't for certain. There was no guarantee that he would have found it, let alone get it.

    It was all for the best in his opinion.

    "You're just saying that. I can understand your disappointment. How about I take you on a treat? There's a small restaurant in the sect that is run by the disciples," She said as she placed her hand on Long Chen's shoulders to comfort him.

    "Um... Aren't you busy? You're responsible for the skill hall, aren't you?" Long Chen asked with a wry smile on his face.

    "Not anymore. My master's other disciple will be taking over now. My time is over. Come with me. Let's cheer you up." She said with a smile as he caught his hand and pulled him with her.
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