304 Chapter 304: Mu Zheng

    Long Chen followed the girl since it was a good opportunity to get some information. He still didn't know how far he was from the North Moon Empire after all.

    As Long Chen walked with the girl, he realized that the girl was quite talkative. She talked non stop throughout the way. And the topics she talked about weren't that interesting either.

    She talked about various skills that he could have gotten for those 2000 points instead. In a way, it seemed like she was trying to make him regret his decision of not listening to her advice.

    He kept his silence as he waited for the right opportunity to ask his questions.

    They stopped before a small building. It was still inside the sect, but quite far away from the core. It was constructed in an empty place.

    "You must be wondering why it's so far? Well, the logic is simple. A few elders didn't want such a place to open in crowded places. They thought that it would affect the atmosphere of the sect. Your master was one of those guys. In fact, they didn't even want to give permission for it,"

    "But a few elders voiced their support. Finally the person got permission, but with certain limitations." Chu Miao informed him.

    The place was made of wood with big glass windows and looked like a nice little restaurant.

    Judging from outside, it seemed like it could only house 100 people at most.

    Long Chen entered the place after her and it was quite different than what he had expected.

    There were 50 circular wooden tables inside the place. Each of these tables had 3 chairs around them.

    There were two counters. One was for a drink and the other one was for the food.

    "Senior Sister Miao, You're here. I haven't seen you in such a long time. Who's this boy?"

    A boy with a 4-star badge came up to them and asked.

    "Oh? You might not have seen him, but I'm definitely sure that you've heard of him. It's the rising star of our sect at the moment," Chu Miao gave a slight hint.

    "Rising Star? Brother, are you Long Chen? The 3rd ranked in the strength ranking?" The boy asked in surprise.

    "Yeah," Long Chen said as he nodded his head.

    "Amazing. Since it's your first day here, you can have anything. It's free for you guys." The boy said with a smile.

    "As expected of Dai Hu. You do know how to run your business and establish relationships." Chu Miao said with a grin on her face.

    "Anyways, I was hoping to give him a treat but since you're making it free for us, that works as well. He had a rough day today." She let out as she placed her hands on Long Chen's shoulders.

    "I'll get you guys some spirit restoring drink. Your mood will be refreshed and you'll gain energy. Take any seat you like." Dai Hu said before he left.

    Chu Miao and Long Chen sat on a seat that was near the window. They were both facing each other while the transparent window was on the right, allowing them to see the view outside.

    "Only 3 star and 4-star disciples can come here. Dai Hu is the owner of this place," Chu Miao informed him.

    "Do you know about the North Moon Empire?" Long Chen suddenly asked as he got to the main topic.

    "Yeah. I have heard a little about it. There's a Beast Hall Branch there, right? I heard my master talk about it with another Elder. They talked about it when they were discussing which branch of the Beast Hall to attack." She replied.

    "Why did you ask?" She inquired as she stared at Long Chen.

    "I have an enemy that stays in the North Moon Empire. I was just wondering how far the Empire was." Long Chen asked.

    "I'm not sure about the exact distance. I only heard him mention that it would take them 3 days to get there." She replied.

    "3 days should be based on the sheet of their Winged Lions. A peak Earth Grade beast that is known for its strength and speed. I guess I have a general idea of how far it is." Long Chen muttered to himself.

    Dai Hu came back with a tray that had 3 huge glasses filled to the brim.

    He placed the tray on the table and himself sat down on one of the chairs near them.

    "You know, you didn't have to personally bring them. You've employed a few 3-star disciples, haven't you? That could have done this," Chu Miao said with an amused smile on her face as she looked towards Dai Hu.

    "It's fine. I have special guests after all. Rank 2 and Rank 3 at once. The only one left is Mu Zheng, and the trio would be complete." Dai Hu chuckled as he said.

    "Hah, I don't think that guy is going to come here. He's such a party pooper. I don't think he even knows how to face fun," Chu Miao started laughing as she replied.

    "Who's Mu Zheng?" Long Chen asked.

    Dai Hu acted somewhat surprised as he heard the question.

    "Brother, Are you pulling my leg? There's no way that you don't know who Mu Zheng is?" He let out with a look of disbelief on his face.

    "I don't think he's lying. He didn't recognize me either, even after I told him my name. This guy here doesn't seem like he cares to know the outside world." She replied with a smile.

    "Anyways, Let me tell you. Mu Zheng is the personal disciple of the Sect Master. He's a 4-star disciple that's the first in the Strength Ranking. Not only that, but he's also 1st ranked in the Artificer rankings." She explained.

    "Someone at the top of 2 rankings? Did he enter the Demon Rankings then?" Long Chen asked.

    "Well... Senior Zheng did attempt the Demon Ranking, but I think he failed. He didn't get a Demon Ranking." Dai Hu explained this time. He was starting to believe that Long Chen actually didn't know Mu Zheng.
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