305 Chapter 305: Looking for Orion

    "Even the 1st rank couldn't get into the Demon Ranking? Was there someone who did manage to get ranked?" Long Chen inquired.

    "There have been a few people who managed to get their demon ranking. All of them are the Elders or the Black Robed Elders now. In fact, I heard that your master was the 1st ranked in the Demon Rankings at a time,"

    "After their generation, no one had managed to get on the Demon Rankings. No one except one person," She said in a heavy tone.

    "Who?" Long Chen asked.

    "Senior Mu Chan," She replied.

    Long Chen felt like he had heard that name before.

    He suddenly realized that he had heard a few people talking about the name when he was walking with Lang Jing.

    "My Master's previous disciple?" He asked. No matter how much he hated it, in front of others, he had to call Lang Jing his master.

    "Yeah. Senior Mu Chan was the only person in the Demon ranking in our generation. But those bastards of the Beast Hall killed him," She said.

    From her expressions, it was clear that she hated the Beast Hall a lot.

    "Let's stop talking about the stuff of the past, guys. Have the spirit drink that I prepared for you. Get energized." Dai Hu said in order to diffuse the sad atmosphere.

    " Yup," Chu Miao picked up the glass and started gulping down the drink.

    Long Chen picked one up as well and drank it.

    "By the way, Is there a place here that takes care of beasts or where the sect keeps them?" Long Chen asked in a casual manner.

    "There is indeed one such place. We keep the wild beasts there to train the young disciples. There are quite a lot of Earth Realm beasts as well. Do you need a beast?" Chu Miao informed him.

    "Are we allowed to go there?" Long Chen asked her.

    "Well, we should be able to get the entry. Do you want to go inside?" She asked back.

    "I'm quite interested in the beasts of the sect. I would love to see it once," Long Chen said to her.

    "Sure. Come with me," She said as she stood up. They had both finished their drink by now.

    "Have fun on your date, guys," Dai Hu joked as he stood up as well.

    "Hah, That was a bad joke you know?" Chu Miao smilingly replied to Dai Hu.

    "Anyways, thanks for the drink," She said as she held Long Chen's hand and left.

    At this point, even Long Chen was surprised. Was this girl thinking of him as a child? Every time holding onto his hand like he would get lost.

    "Can you free my hand?" Long Chen told her.

    "Hahaha, are you getting shy?" She couldn't help but laugh as she heard Long Chen.

    Long Chen was getting quite annoyed at her teasing.

    "Geez, you're such a baby. Alright, I'll free you," She said as she freed his hand.

    'Let's see how you like being teased,' He thought as he moved closer to her and wrapped his arms around her waist as if they were a couple.

    Chu Miao was stunned as she felt a hand around her slim waist.

    "W-what are you doing?" She asked as he glared at him.

    "Why? Are you getting shy? You're such a baby," Long Chen repeated her words, but didn't free her.

    "Interesting. You're quite daring." She couldn't help but laugh as she heard Long Chen's words.

    "Sure, If you want to walk like that, then let's see how long you can maintain that courage of yours," She said with an amused smile on her face.

    Thus the situation turned out in such a manner. All the disciples were stunned as they saw the 2nd Rank Chu Miao and the 3rd rank Long Chen walking like a couple with arms around each other's back.

    "What the hell? Am I dreaming?" Tiyu was coming out of the Alchemy Hall and noticed Long Chen and Chu Miao. His eyes were opened in surprise as he watched them stuck close to each other.

    "Senior Brother, Are you seeing what I'm seeing?" Tiyu looked to his right and asked.

    There was another man standing near him watching Long Chen.

    "I see that as well. Quite interesting I must say," The man replied.

    From that day, another rumor was added to the list of rumors about the Demon of the Sect.

    It was said that he was a charmer who could charm girls with just one touch. He had managed to charm the Sect's top beauty Chu Miao and they were like phoenix and dragon now.

    Long Chen didn't know about these rumors and he wouldn't have cared either. He was in the Dark Sect now. A place where he could do anything without being punished. He could let all his desires out so that his Heart Demon wouldn't involve himself in his matters.

    After walking for around 15 minutes, they managed to get to a huge building. If one were to guess, it would be twenty times the size of the Skill Hall of the Dark Soul Sect.

    There were a few 3-star disciples standing outside the building. They were guarding this place.

    Long Chen and Chu Miao stepped towards the guards.

    "Uh, Senior Miao." The guards greeted her.

    She only replied with a simple nod.

    "Where is Han Hu?" She asked.

    "Senior Han isn't here yet." The guards replied.

    "Alright then. I'll be going inside with Long Chen. You can inform Han Hu when he comes back," She said.

    "Uh, Senior Miao. Can you at least wait till Senior Han comes back? He told us to not let anyone enter without his permission," The guards said in an apologetic tone.

    "Hah, Do you think that your Senior Han would have the courage to defy me? Let alone me, do you think he could even oppose the Demon of the Sect, Long Chen? Let us enter before he cuts your legs off as well," Chu Miao said.

    It seemed like she was about to get angry, but what scared the guards the most was the Demon of the Sect. They had heard a lot of rumors about him. As soon as they heard about him from Chu Miao, they took a step back in fear.

    "We're only going inside for sightseeing. We can't steal anything after all. Inform Han Hu when he's here," She said.

    She tried to grab the hands of Long Chen to pull her with her, but Long Chen reacted fast and caught her hand instead.

    He walked in the lead with her hand in his hand. He entered the hall.
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