308 Chapter 308: Cured?

    "This Lord was looking for something. I don't know what it is, but my blood is telling me that there is something important in this place that I need! I don't know what that is. I was just randomly looking in hopes of finding whatever that is," The Snake Monarch said.

    Long Chen could feel that the Dameon was not lying this time.

    "Do you know where the thing you're looking for might be?" Long Chen asked.

    "This Lord only knows that it's somewhere in this Valley. Despite being the almighty God King, this Lord can't pinpoint the exact location. It might be the heavens trying to oppose me since they're jealous of this Lord's beauty," The Snake Monarch said.

    "Alright, You can go back now. Oh right, did you meet the others in the beast region?"

    "They? Yeah, I met them. From the moment they saw this Lord's charm, they came running to me to make me their boss. Since I wasn't in the mood, I made little fluffy the boss. I'm happy being the dark hand in the shadows that controls everything from behind," he replied.

    "Little fluffy? Are you talking about Little Snow? That must be it, she's the eldest of the family after all. Alright, behave properly," Long Chen said as he sent the Snake Monarch back.

    Long Chen stood up and placed the bed inside his storage ring as he made space in the room for his cauldron.

    He brought out the cauldron that had the marking of the sun on one side and the moon on the other side.

    'I only have the recipe for the Hundred Poison Healing Pill, but if I'm not wrong, this cauldron has some magical effects which can make it a Thousand Poison Healing Pill. Hopefully, this works today as well,' Long Chen thought to himself as he started the fire.

    He began the process of pill making as he started placing the properly batched herbs and other materials inside the cauldron.

    He kept his full focus on the cauldron and the flame temperature as he kept adjusting the temperature as per the requirements.

    After a lot of effort, he finally finished. He was able to smell the fresh scent of the pill.

    He opened the lid of the cauldron and saw 5 black pills inside.

    He picked up one of the pills as he observed it carefully.

    "It is a Thousand Poison Healing Pill indeed," Long Chen said with an accomplished look on his face.

    He swallowed the pill instantly, while he kept the other 4 pills and the cauldron in his storage ring for later use.

    He brought out the bed from his storage ring and placed that in its original position.

    He could feel no difference in his body, but he was sure that the pill must be working.

    He waited for 15 minutes, but instead of things getting better, it started to get worse.

    He could feel the poison getting more active instead. His whole body was hurting. He felt as if a thousand swords were stabbing every inch of his body.

    He fell down to his knees and he could feel his head going round and round.

    He realized that he had screwed up. The Thousand Poison Healing Pill couldn't heal this special poison.

    Seeing no other choice, he brought out the special transmission talisman of Lang Jing and sent him a message before he fell down to the ground. He lost his consciousness.

    It didn't even take Lang Jing 5 minutes for him to appear in front of Long Chen's courtyard. He broke down the door of Long Chen's room and he entered in a hurry.

    He could see Long Chen lying on the ground. Long Chen had a fever and he was sweating.

    "This idiot! Did he try to use some poison healing pills? That will only make the poison act up," he muttered to himself.

    He hurriedly brought out a pill from his storage ring and placed it inside Long Chen's mouth.

    All he could do now was wait. He placed Long Chen back on the bed while he left the room.

    He sat on the sofa in the hall and brought out a book from his storage ring.

    "Sigh, this boy will never let me rest in peace," He muttered as he opened the book and started reading it.

    5 hours had passed and it was already night when Long Chen opened his eyes.

    He found himself lying on the bed and the pain was all gone.

    "Did he get my message and came to save me?" Long Chen muttered as he got off the bed and left the room.

    As he left the room, he found Lang Jing sitting on a sofa reading a book.

    "You look better," Lang Jing said without looking back at him.

    "Thank you for saving me," Long Chen said.

    "Where did you get the healing pill from?" Lang Jing asked straight away.

    "What healing pill?" Long Chen acted ignorant.

    "Don't try to act innocent. One of the ingredients in my poison is Dark Mist Flora. Because of that ingredient, poison healing pills only make the poison more potent. Only the specific antidote can cure the poison," Lang Jing said.

    "Now I'll repeat the question. Where did you get the poison healing pill?" He asked again.

    "Since the Poison Healing Pill doesn't work, I might as well tell you. I found the pill," Long Chen said.

    Although he wasn't afraid of telling Lang Jing that he was an Alchemist and that he made the pill himself, he was worried about the question that would follow.

    This was because Lang Jing couldn't see his storage ring and Long Chen had no cauldron when he was brought here.

    He wouldn't be able to answer when Lang Jing would ask about the cauldron. That's why he decided to not talk about Alchemy.

    "You found it, right? You're quite lucky aren't you?" Lang Jing said with an amused smile on his face.

    "Next time you 'find' the pill, don't consume it. I would just let you die the next time," Lang Jing warned Long Chen.

    "Also, you don't need to worry. I sent Man Gu on an errand. So he didn't hear our little chat," Lang Jing said before he left.
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