310 Chapter 310: Ghos

    Long Chen stepped towards the bedroom despite his unwillingness to watch someone else do the deed.

    His eyes were already shining in a misty white light as he was getting ready to use his Illusion law on the couple.

    As soon as he got to the entrance of the room and got a view of the couple, he used his law of Illusion to make himself invisible in their eyes.

    He stepped closer to the couple. The guy was simply lying on the bed like a king while the girl was doing all the work.

    He stepped closer to them.

    "That's it baby, faster!" The guy said he closed his eyes in pleasure. Long Chen struck the back of the girl's neck with his hand and made her lose consciousness.

    The girl fell on top of the healthy boy.

    "What happened? Why did you stop, babe?" As he didn't see the girl move, the guy opened his eyes and asked.

    "You fell asleep? Seriously?" He said in annoyance when he didn't get a reply.

    He moved the girl to the side as he stood up. Long Chen attacked the man as well and made him lose consciousness.

    'Sorry for disturbing your love life,' Long Chen thought as he looked at the unconscious girl and the boy.

    His eyes returned to their original color as he released his Illusion. He turned back and started looking around the room.

    Unfortunately, he couldn't find the orb there either.

    He left the courtyard and moved to a different courtyard.

    Just like this, he searched through all of the courtyards within the thousand meters of range. He found many strange things, but the Orb he wanted wasn't one of them unfortunately.

    It was 4 am in the morning and the sky was beginning to brighten.

    He walked back to his courtyard as he entered his bedroom and fell asleep.

    While Long Chen was sleeping soundly, the sect was talking about the strange things that were happening last night.

    The guys who were sleeping didn't feel anything strange, but the people who were awake all said that they felt like someone attacked them before they lost consciousness.

    The strangest thing was that there was no one in the room when most of them were attacked. Also, nothing was missing from their courtyard.

    Most of them were saying that it was done by some ghosts. They all thought that it was a ghost of a person that was killed by the demon Long Chen since the strange things only happened in the courtyards that were closer to his.

    Long Chen slept for a nice 8 hours and woke up when it was afternoon.

    He got out of his bedroom and found Man Gu sitting in the hall.

    "Good Morning, Master," he greeted Long Chen.

    "Good morning," Long Chen greeted back.

    "Master, did you feel something strange last night as well?" he asked.

    "What do you mean something strange?" Long Chen inquired with a confused look.

    "I heard a lot of people say that a ghost attacked them last night. I even heard people say that it was a ghost of a person you killed," Man Gu explained in full seriousness.

    "A ghost of a person I killed? Don't worry. Whoever the ghost was, I'm sure that he won't attack me," Long Chen stood with an amused smile on his face.

    "Anyways, I'll be going out. Take care of the place for me," Long Chen said before he left his courtyard.

    He began walking towards his next target that was the Skill hall.

    A lot of people were standing together as they talked about the incident of last night, but they hurriedly dispersed when they saw Long Chen coming.

    "Idiots," Long Chen muttered as he ignored them.

    It didn't take him long to reach the Skill hall.

    He entered the Skill hall and again found Chu Miao sitting there.

    "It's your duty again?" he said as he walked towards Chu Miao.

    Chu Miao put down the book that was in her hand when she saw Long Chen.

    "What're you doing here?" Chu Miao asked in surprise.

    "What do you think? Of course I came here to see you," Long Chen said with a smile on his face.

    "Hah, if you're going to say that you've been charmed by me, then keep that to yourself. Tell me what you really came here for," she asked with an interested look on her face.

    "I came here to look for a skill," he didn't argue and got straight to the point.

    "Hah, I knew that you would come for a skill. The skill you got was the most useless skill after all. Anyways, do you even have contribution points remaining?" she asked.

    "Of course I have. I got 3000 points for getting the 3rd rank. I've only spent 2000 here last time," he said.

    He had hidden the fact that he had spent 1000 contribution points on purchasing herbs and that he had nothing at the moment.

    "Alright. Come with me," Chu Miao took Long Chen to the plane that housed thousands of skills.

    "Take your time in choosing one and bring it to me," she said as she left Long Chen there and walked back to her place.

    She wasn't worried that Long Chen would take more skills since the place had many restrictions and without the permission of the guardian, no book could be taken out. She had already explained this to Long Chen.

    Long Chen himself didn't care for the skills as he was here for something else entirely. He wanted to find the Law Orb.

    He began roaming around the large place in hopes of finding the Law Orb.

    The place was divided into various sections, thus it took Long Chen much more time than he had thought.

    After 4 hours of hard work, he managed to go through the whole place, but he didn't find the Orb.

    "That must be in the Ranking Hall," he thought with a frown on his face.
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