311 Chapter 311: Crafting

    Long Chen left the place and walked back to the main hall where Chu Miao was sitting.

    "So, what skill did you select?" She asked as she saw Long Chen come out.

    "None. There's no skill inside that I want at the moment," he said.

    "Are you sure? You can get some pretty decent skills with thousand contribution points," she responded.

    "I know, but I don't want one at the moment. I think I'll select one later if I feel the need for it. I'll see you later," he said as he turned back and left.

    "Strange. If he didn't want a skill then why did he come here? It can't be that he wanted to see me, right?" she let out jokingly.

    Long Chen had left the place and he was walking towards the Ranking hall now.

    After a few minutes of travel, he reached the Ranking hall and entered.

    He had already seen the strength ranking room and there was nothing there, but he still hadn't seen the room from where the opponents entered the strength room to fight the disciples.

    He entered the Strength Ranking Room again.

    A peak Gold Realm puppet entered from the door on the opposite side, but instead of focusing on the puppet, Long Chen entered the room where he came from.

    As he entered, he managed to see 2 more puppets there. One was the puppet of a peak Earth Realm cultivator and the other one was the puppet of a peak Sky Realm cultivator.

    The Peak Earth Realm puppet was the same one that Long Chen had faced last time. The peak Sky Realm puppet was a different one, though.

    That was within his expectations since he realized that a Grand Elder had come to test him instead of the puppet that was usually decided for the test.

    He searched through the room but he only found disappointment since the orb was not inside.

    He walked back to the battle room where the peak Gold Realm puppet was still waiting for him.

    Instead of fighting with the puppet, he pressed the button that was on the nearby wall.

    It was a button that was placed there for the disciples taking part in the trials. If they wanted to surrender, they could just press that button. Since Long Chen didn't want to waste any more time, he pressed it.

    The gold realm puppet walked back and the exit door opened for Long Chen.

    Long Chen left the room. There were still 4 rooms remaining in the Ranking hall. There was a good chance that the orb was inside one of these rooms.

    The rooms were Artificer Ranking Room, Alchemist Ranking Room, Physician Ranking Room, and the most mysterious one, the Demon Ranking Room.

    Next he stepped inside the Artificer Ranking Room.

    After entering, the first thing he noticed was the big furnace that was there. There were also a few tools there, including a giant hammer.

    A big chunk of metal was also there. There was also something written on the wall.

    "Make an artifact from the star metal in 30 minutes and place the artifact on top of the formation. The grade of the artifact will decide your ranking," He read the words on the wall.

    He looked around the room, but there was no law Orb here either.

    He searched for the button on the walls to leave this place, but this place was different from the strength ranking room. There was no option to surrender.

    Long Chen looked towards the door and then looked back at the star metal in front of him.

    'Since I can't leave, I might as well give it a try and get some contribution points,' he thought as he picked up the hammer.

    He decided to make a sword from the star metal. He warmed the star metal and began striking it with the hammer. He was beginning to sweat since the room got so hot, but he didn't stop striking.

    Thirty minutes passed and he made something. This 'something' didn't look like a sword at all though.

    "Hah, it's not as easy as I thought. I can say I did well for someone with no knowledge though," he muttered as he gazed at his creation with pride on his face.

    He placed the artifact he created over the formation and the formation started analyzing it.

    The words on the wall changed.

    "Artifact: Flat Plate. Quality is not up to the mark. No use found. The grade is mid mortal grade," he repeated the words on the wall.

    "No use found? Come-on man! There are so many uses for it. You can use it to cut someone's neck off by using it as a frisbee, you can eat food in it, you can use it as a paperweight or a table without legs. You should've asked me its uses," He said in an annoyed tone.

    He was quite hurt as his first creation as an Artificer was insulted like this.

    The door was opened and he turned back to leave, but he didn't forget to put the artifact he made back into his storage ring.

    He was done with searching 2 rooms and only three were left. The next room was something he specialized in. The Alchemy Room.

    He entered the room without wasting any time.

    He noticed a few things inside that room. There was a cauldron in the center of the room and a table at a corner. He could see a piece of paper on the table. There were a few ingredients lying near the cauldron.

    He picked up the paper and began reading it.

    "Answer the questions to the best of your knowledge,"

    "Question 1: Name the ingredients you see near the cauldron," he read the first question out loud.

    "That's easy," Long Chen said as he looked towards the ingredients.

    Since his knowledge was quite good, he didn't take much time writing down all the ingredients' names.

    "Question 2: write down the special characteristic of the Dark Mist Flora that makes it different from other similar herbs," he read the second question.
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