312 Chapter 312: Tes

    'Dark Mist Flora? Isn't that what Lang Jing talked about?'

    He remembered the conversation he had with Lang Jing last time when he had come to save Long Chen from the poison.

    "Looks like that dude did me a favor with this question," he muttered with a smile.

    "The Dark Mist Flora makes the poison more active and dangerous when a poison healing pill is used,"  he wrote down his answer.

    "Question 3: Which amongst these is not an ingredient of Nine Soul Strengthening pill?"

    There were 7 ingredients written below the question.

    "Such an easy question. Of Course you can't use the Green Efiona when making the Nine Soul Strengthening Pill," he muttered with an amused smile on his face.

    Since he couldn't use the poison healing pill to cure himself, he didn't feel like there was a need to hide the fact that he could use Alchemy.

    At least he would be able to buy more materials through the contribution points he would receive.

    One after another, he kept answering the questions and soon he was done with all 20 of them.

    After finishing the paper, he placed it over the formation on the table. The formation started shining and the paper disappeared.

    After the paper disappeared, a few words appeared on the wall, similar to what was written on the wall of the Artificer ranking room.

    He had to make a pill from the materials available. He would get points based on the usefulness of the pill and the grade of it.

    "There are so many combinations that are possible with the ingredients. Which pill should I make?" He wondered as he went through the various recipes in his mind.

    "Oh right, that would be perfect. I'll make a Vigor Strengthening pill. It's a low-level spirit grade pill, so it should be possible for me to make it, although it would not be easy since I only used Mortal Grade recipes till now,"

    He stepped towards the cauldron and started the fire.

    He left the cauldron on the fire while he started preparing the ingredients.

    After half an hour, he was done with the pill. He picked up the pill and placed it on the formation. It disappeared as well.

    'Hopefully the person who checks it will be male,' Long Chen thought.

    The door of the room was unlocked and he left the room.

    The Orb wasn't in the Alchemy Room either. Next was the Physician Room. Physical Ranking was the same for him as the Artificer ranking since he knew nothing about it as well.

    In just a few hours, he had tried three of the 5 ranking rooms. He entered the 4th one as well.

    The Physician Room was entirely different from the other three rooms since it was all empty. There was nothing inside it.

    He was about to go back to the door and try to leave when characters appeared on the wall.

    "Answer the questions related to medical knowledge. The questions will change every thirty seconds and you can only answer a question before the next question appears. Speak the answer out loud for it to be registered."

    "Alright, it seems like it's going to be fun," Long Chen said with a smile.

    "Question One: How will you treat a patient who suffered Qi Deviation?"

    "Simple. Just leave him to recover on his own. I'm sure he'll heal in a month or so,"  Long Chen replied with a smile.

    "Question 2: what causes Heart Luctio Disease?"

    "Such a childish question. Of course his bad luck caused that disease," Long Chen replied.

    "Question 3: how will you treat baldness caused by a lack of Yin Yang energy?"

    "Easy. Give him a hair transplant!" Long Chen answered.

    "Question 4: what will you do if you find a person going through devil cultivation backlash?"

    "I'll kill him if he's an enemy, and I'll take him to a physician if he's a friend," Long Chen answered without taking long to think.

    "Question 5: which meridian of a human is the most vulnerable?"

    "I know that. The weakest meridian is the most vulnerable," Long Chen answered.

    "Question 6: what is the major difference between the physicality of humans and beasts?"

    "I never knew the questions would be so similar. The answer is simple. The human physique is weak as hell without cultivation while the Beast physique is strong even if they don't cultivate."

    Just like that, Long Chen answered questions one after another hoping to get the answers right.

    After the 20th question, no question appeared on the wall. The door was unlocked and he was allowed to leave.

    "I think it went well. But the orb wasn't there either. The only place left is the Demon Ranking Room, but I can't enter before I get ranked in at least 2 rankings."

    "I'm already on the Strength ranking. I should be able to get on the Alchemy Rankings as well when the result comes out tomorrow," he muttered as he gazed at the last door.

    "Tomorrow," He muttered as he turned back and left the Ranking hall.

    He walked back to his courtyard and locked himself in the room.

    He sat down in a meditative position as he began cultivating so as to utilize the time to its best.

    He wanted to learn the new skill he got as well, but he left that for later since he wanted to get an orb first. Depending on the law he gets, the learning of the movement skill might become easier for him. That's why he didn't try learning anything new yet.

    The day passed and the next day arrived. Long Chen opened his eyes as he stood up. He was feeling quite energetic after a full night of cultivation.

    He left his room.

    "Oh, Man Gu? Are the new rankings out yet?" Long Chen asked.

    "What new rankings Master?" Man Gu asked in curiosity.

    "Oh, nothing. Just come with me and you'll see," Long Chen said.

    He left the courtyard and walked towards the Ranking Hall. He was quite excited to see his rankings this time since his entry in the Demon Ranking Room depended on it.
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