315 Chapter 315: Real Demon

    "It's something I must do," he said as he raised his King's Sword high in the sky.

    "Good. It looks like you have potential. Finish the job and let out your true nature. A demon should never be caged within the boundaries created by the righteous. Make your own rules and slaughter the ones that oppose your rules,"  the man said with a grin on his face as he saw Long Chen raising the sword.

    "A demon should release his wild nature," Long Chen repeated his words as he gripped the sword firmly.

    His eyes started shining with a starry black light and he finally swung his sword.

    Just as his sword was about to strike the girl, he disappeared.

    Long Chen appeared right behind the man, but his sword didn't stop. In just a short instant, before the man could even react, the sword sliced his head off.

    "You think you can tell a demon what to do? I'm not your servant! I'll kill when I want to! I'll kill who I want to!" Long Chen said in a heavy tone as he saw the headless body fall to the ground.

    The girl stood shocked in her original position. A relieved expression appeared on her face as she saw the man fall down to the ground.

    "Thank you big brother!" she excitedly ran towards Long Chen, but just as she reached near him, he swung his King's Sword once again.

    Another headless body fell to the ground.

    "Just because I didn't kill you before doesn't mean that I am soft-hearted. I just didn't want to follow someone else's orders, but you just had to run to me, didn't you? No normal mortal girl would run to a person who had murdered someone in front of her," Long Chen muttered softly.

    "Hmm?" Long Chen frowned as he heard some sounds behind him.

    As he turned back, he saw some words written on the wall.

    "The test is over, you can leave."

    "This was it? I thought the Demon Ranking test would be something more complicated. Well, even if the test is over, I can't leave. The test or the rank was never my target," he muttered as he started looking around the room.

    He searched from top to bottom, but he didn't find the law orb anywhere in the room.

    "It's not here either? Seriously!" he exclaimed with an annoyed look on his face.

    He wanted to curse out loud since all this effort had gone to waste. All he wanted was the law orb. The ranking and contribution points were only secondary.

    He turned back with disappointment on his face and left the large hall and again entered the dark tunnel that was connected to the exit.

    "Wait a minute? The test is over, so why is this place still so dark? My eyes still can't see anything here. Also, I checked every place, but not this dark tunnel," he let out as a thought appeared in his mind.

    "I can't leave this place without searching it thoroughly," he muttered as he got down to his knees as he started searching the ground.

    Although the tunnel wasn't too wide, it was still wide enough that it took Long Chen 5 minutes to cover 1 meter of the tunnel.

    The darkness wasn't making it easier and he had to search with only his hands which took even longer.

    "Oh right! I have someone who can help me with that!" He abruptly thought. He gave a call to someone inside his storage ring.

    A Beast came out of the Beast Region inside his storage ring.

    "Tell me kid! Why did you call this heavenly king here? Have you fallen in love? Do you need me to act as a wingman? I must warn you that there's a good chance that the girl you like might fall for me. I can't control my dashing charm after all," Dami said as soon as he got out of the ring.

    "Hmm? Why is it so dark here? Despite this Lord having night vision, I can't see anything," The Snake Monarch Dami said.

    "Forget about that, there's something I need your help for!" Long Chen said.

    "Don't worry, I already promised you that I'll be your wingman. Don't forget my warning though," Dami said before Long Chen could further speak.

    "That's not what I need, you idiot! If there ever comes a time when I need you as a wingman, I would much rather just jump off a cliff!" Long Chen said in an annoyed tone.

    He quite likes the nonsense of the Snake Monarch on a few occasions, but he felt like this was not the time.

    "I can smell some jealousy. You don't need to be jealous of this Lord. This Lord won't take your girl. This King is not a person like that! I am very righteous," The Snake Monarch said.

    "Can you stop wasting time and listen to me? We are in a tunnel-like cave at the moment. I need you to get large and search the floor of this tunnel. Since we can't see anything here, I can only depend on your big body to sweep through the floor. I am looking for an orb that's the size of my head," Long Chen explained.

    "Is that something important? It won't be crushed under this Lord's body right?" The Snake Monarch asked.

    "Yea, Don't worry about that. I don't think you can break that orb even if you use all your strength," Long Chen replied.

    "That's an object like that in this world? This Lord will believe you if you say so," The Snake Monarch responded.

    "Alright! Move to the back. Let this Lord handle it from here on," Dami said as he started getting bigger. His size kept increasing.

    His width was half the width of the whole tunnel. The Snake Monarch started slithering ahead in a zigzag motion, but in such a way that no floor area was left unchecked.

    Long Chen waited behind and hoped that Dami would find the law orb for him.

    After around half an hour, The Snake Monarch came back.

    "Did you find anything?" Long Chen asked.

    "This King didn't find anything. There was nothing on the floor," The Snake Monarch said.

    "I guess I really was wrong. It's not here after all," Long Chen muttered in disappointment.

    He sent Dami back into the beast region and started walking towards the exit. Since it was dark, he walked closer to the wall and kept his hand touching the wall so he could navigate properly.

    Since the test was already over, there was no danger in walking closer to the walls.
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