316 Chapter 316: Finding Law Orb

    Long Chen stepped towards the exit using the support of the wall. It was much faster and much easier to go towards the exit this way.

    He had traveled more than half the distance already and he was continuing ahead when he felt something strange.

    The wall had mostly been rough till now. But it was quite smooth for a small instant before it became rough again.

    He stepped back and moved his hand backward, and he was right. A small portion of the wall was indeed smooth.

    He used his hand to feel the wall and just a small portion of it had a different texture. It was like a small circle of 2-3 centimeter diameter that was different.

    "There's definitely something odd here. If I'm not wrong, it should be the law orb that's embedded into the wall," Long Chen muttered as a smile appeared on his face.

    He closed his fist as he started the movement of his Qi towards his fist and punched the wall. He intentionally avoided the orb since the orb was like an unbreakable object and it would only hurt his hand.

    Long Chen kept hitting the wall around the orb. In a way, it felt like he was breaking the wall around the orb so that he could take it out with less trouble.

    After around 30 or so punches, he felt like it was enough as he heard the sound of a crystal-like object falling to the ground. He touched the wall and the orb wasn't there.

    He began searching in the ground and looking for the small orb-like thing.

    "Found you! I'll see you later, go back to the ring for now," Long Chen said with a smile as he placed the orb in his storage ring.

    As soon as the orb entered the storage ring, the impossible darkness in the tunnel disappeared along with it and he was finally able to see.

    "What the heck? So that orb was the thing that was causing this darkness? Is that related to its law?" he muttered with a thoughtful look on his face.

    "Xun! Is there a law of darkness?" he asked softly.

    "Yeah. I think that the orb you got is for the Law of Darkness. It's a special law. It's really amazing that you managed to get it. It's also considered a supreme grade special law!" Xun said as she appeared beside him.

    "Are you serious? The law of darkness is a supreme grade? I don't get it. It's just darkness, how can it be on the same level as the law of space? Shouldn't space be much more powerful than it, since space and time are the major forces in the universe" he asked in surprise.

    "The darkness is not as simple as you think. The darkness has always been in existence. Even before the universe came to existence and began, there was darkness. Space itself contains darkness. So in a way, it's one of the oldest laws." Xun said in full seriousness.

    " The darkness isn't only because of the lack of light, it's much more than that. The darkness of the heart, the darkness of the humans, and the darkness of the world. How can something that relates to them be so simple?" Xun said with a frown on her face.

    "Interesting. I never knew it could be so important. I hope I get a good skill from it when I form my law seed of darkness," Long Chen said with a thoughtful look as he continued walking towards the exit.

    He came out of the Ranking room and left the Ranking Hall.

    As Long Chen exited the hall, he was surprised to see that half the sect was standing outside the hall.

    "He's out," someone whispered amongst the crowd.

    "He was inside for the longest, do you think he succeeded?"

    "I see no wounds on his body. He doesn't look happy either. Maybe he failed?"

    "It would be good if he failed. I want Senior Brother Mu Zheng to be the first person in this generation to get a Demon Ranking!"

    "Yes, Senior brother Zheng is way better than that demon. I want him to succeed before anyone else,"

    "I don't want this demon to get anything good. He's too ruthless. I still remember the day he sliced off the arm of senior Tiyu.

    Many men amongst the crowd kept whispering amongst themselves and Long Chen was able to hear all of their words.

    He walked towards the crowd and the crowd moved aside, giving him a path to leave.

    Long Chen didn't leave though. He stopped midway as he turned to look towards the group of people that were talking about him just now.

    "You people, there! Can you answer a question of mine?" Long Chen asked as he gazed at the boys.

    "Ah, Of course, Senior," The men replied as they respectfully bowed their heads.

    "It's nothing complicated. I was just wondering something. Do you think your Senior Brother would be able to save you if I slaughtered you all?" Long Chen said with an innocent smile on his face.

    Although he was smiling innocently, his innocent smile sent shivers down the spines of the group.

    "S-senior? W-what are you talking about?" They pretended to be ignorant, though inside they were shivering.

    "I felt like I heard some of you say that I shouldn't succeed in anything, and I also felt like I heard you talk about some Senior Zheng. So I was just curious if he would save you when I slaughter you all?" Long Chen said with a smile as he brought out his sword.

    he softly walked towards the men. The men couldn't even run as they were so scared that their legs stopped working. They feel down to their knees.

    "Please forgive us, Senior! We made a mistake!" the men said as they began pleading with shaking hands.

    The crowd had already moved aside from them.

    Long Chen stopped before the men as he looked at their pitiful condition.

    He didn't even feel like swinging his sword at these insects.

    Long Chen didn't say anything else and simply turned back. He left.

    As the crowd watched Long Chen leave, they finally breathed in relief. The only ones that were still sweating were the ones that Long Chen had talked to.

    "He heard us!" one of them said as he tried to calm his fast-beating heart.

    "He didn't kill us, maybe he's not that bad after all," another person said.

    "You guys don't get it! He has seen our faces and he will kill us later on. He just didn't do it here since there are so many people," someone said as tears appeared in his eyes.

    "Let's hide somewhere. Leave the sect on a mission! We must do something to save our lives," he continued as he looked at his friends.

    While people were still misunderstanding his intentions, Long Chen had entered his courtyard.

    "Master, you're back! How did it go?" Man Gu asked with an excited look on his face.

    "It went quite well. You can go see tomorrow since I'll be busy. Anyways, I'm going in for closed-door cultivation. Don't disturb me, no matter what happens. Alright?" Long Chen told Man Gu as he entered his room and closed the door.

    He fell down on his bed as he relaxed his body.

    "Xun, tell me something," he asked softly.

    "What do you want to know?" she appeared near him.

    "How can I learn the law of darkness here?" he asked.

    "What do you mean? Just do what you did with other Law Orbs," Xun replied.

    "That's not what I mean! I meant, how can I do that here? As we all know, my comprehension can take a lot of time, and I'm poisoned. If I don't take the pill each week, I'll die from the poison."Long Chen replied.
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