317 Chapter 317: Glimpse of the dark future?

    "That is indeed concerning. The first thing just means that you have to complete the comprehension in less than 7 days, which should be possible for you, seeing your old records, but the real concern is the second one," Xun said with a thoughtful look on her face.

    "It is indeed true that Lang Jing can barge in here anytime he desires, so it's not practical to use it here. We should go outside the sect," she suggested.

    "That's easier said than done. Do you think Lang Jing will allow me to leave?" he asked with a frown.

    "He might allow you to go outside. I don't think that he's concerned about you running away. It seems like he's quite confident about his poison," Xun said.

    "I can give it a shot. I heard the sect gives contribution points for missions. That means there should be a mission hall. I can try getting a mission that allows me to go outside for some time. I might even be able to fool Lang Jing," he muttered with a thoughtful look on his face.

    "Exactly," Xun said.

    "I'll do it tomorrow though. I'm dead tired for the day. So much happened," he said as he yawned.

    He closed his eyes and fell asleep.

    "Sigh, he's so fast to fall asleep when he wants to," Xun muttered with a wry smile on her face as she disappeared.


    Back in the Blazing Sun Empire, Mingyu and Zhiqing were sitting in the same room. It had been a few days, but Ji Shan hadn't been able to convince his father to share the location of the Beast Hall.

    Without that information, they were having difficulties in deciding what to do. That had no idea where those people took Long Chen, all they had was faith that he was still alive.

    "How long are we going to wait like this? It's clear that the Emperor isn't going to tell us anything," Zhiqing said with a frown on her face.

    "He's our only hope. Let's not lose faith. The King's health is getting worse, so he might be a little stressed about his son. I think if we keep bothering him like this, he's definitely going to tell us," Mingyu said with a thoughtful look on her face.

    "If he still doesn't tell us within a week, I can just put a knife to his neck and force him to tell us. We should arrange for a teleportation Talisman for escaping before that," she continued.

    They kept discussing for around 2 hours before ultimately falling asleep.


    That night, Mingyu saw a dream, but it was unlike any dream she had seen before.

    She felt like she wasn't seeing a dream, but reality itself.

    She saw Long Chen standing at some distance. But he didn't look normal. He looked as if he was consumed by darkness entirely.

    There was another person standing in front of Long Chen, but that person was wearing a cloak so she couldn't see who it was.

    Both of them had a sword in their hands. While Long Chen had his King's sword, the person facing him had a black sword that was burning in black flames.

    None of them said anything as they faced each other.

    Mingyu also noticed another person at some distance.

    She recognized that person. It was a man whose face was half-covered by his mask.

    It was the same man that was able to kill peak Sky Realm cultivators with just a snap of his fingers. The same man that gave her the crystal that brought her to Long Chen.

    The man was simply watching both of them from far away. It didn't look like he was willing to interfere as he rested his back against the tree behind him.

    Long Chen raised his sword as he finally moved. The person facing him similarly made a movement, but before she could see the result, the scenery changed.

    She found herself inside a small room. She looked to the front and saw two people standing there. She saw that a different version of her and Long Chen were facing each other.

    Long Chen looked quite normal in this place. He wasn't scary like the Long Chen she saw just a moment ago. She didn't know if it was after the event from before, or before.

    She had tears in her eyes and it seemed like she was scolding Long Chen for something.

    Mingyu couldn't hear any of the words so she didn't understand why that version of her was scolding him, but it seemed like something was really wrong here.

    Long Chen seemed like he was trying to speak, but he wasn't able to say anything.

    The scene again changed as she found herself standing at a different place.

    She was standing in a place that was covered by the blood. It seemed like a city. She didn't know where the city was, but she found it somewhat familiar.

    The ground was covered in blood and she wasn't able to see anything but the blood. After some time, she saw a few people running, but a bright arc of light came from behind and sliced them apart.

    More blood fell on the already bloodied ground.

    After a few more seconds she saw a person come from the direction that the attack came from.

    Her mouth opened wide in disbelief as she saw the person. It was none other than Long Chen.

    There was no expression on his face. She couldn't see happiness, nor anger. All she saw was the thirst for slaughter.

    He didn't stop there and continued on his path of slaughter.

    This time she was able to hear the sounds, though all she heard were the pained screams.

    She looked in a different direction and she once again saw the half-masked man. This time he was sitting on top of a roof, watching the chaos.

    He didn't seem like he was enjoying it though. She could see his clenched fists that seemed as if they were raring to fight.

    The man suddenly looked towards Mingyu as he opened his lips to say something.

    She couldn't hear what he was saying, but from the movement of his lips, she felt like he was saying:

    "Watch, Seer of Destiny."


    "Huh!" Mingyu abruptly woke up as she breathed heavily.

    She was covered in sweat as if she had a really bad dream. Her heart was still beating as fast as it could.

    She looked around and breathed in relief when she found out that she was still in her bed. Zhiqing was still peacefully sleeping nearby.

    "Was that just a bad dream? Or a glimpse at what's to come? " she muttered with a frown on her face.


    Back in the Dark Soul Sect, Long Chen was having a pretty comfortable sleep.

    In his dream, he was at the Long Clan. He had already introduced Zhiqing and Mingyu to his mother. He even informed his mother that Xue and Mei were his women.

    Since that moment, there was an atmosphere of happiness in the whole clan. Everyone was happy for him.

    He also dreamt of the night where he spent the night with all 4 of his women on the same bed.

    Throughout the night, his smile never disappeared from his face.

    The night passed and the morning arrived as Long Chen woke up.

    "That was some great dream," he let out with a smile as he stretched his arms.

    He got off the bed and started getting ready. After getting ready, he left his room and found Man Gu in the hall.

    "Good morning Master!" Man Gu said.

    "Good morning," Long Chen greeted back.

    "I need your help for the day. I want to select a mission that requires me to go outside the sect. Can you take me to the place where I can get missions from?" Long Chen asked.
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