318 Chapter 318: Clash with Mu Zheng

    "Oh, That's easy. You just need to go to the Mission Hall and you can select a mission. Master can follow me, I know the direction," Man Gu said.

    Long Chen left his courtyard with Man Gu.

    "The missions are classified according to the danger levels of the mission. There are 5 levels of difficulty. The 5th level is reserved for black-robed elders."

    "Since Master is in the top 3 in the Strength Ranking, I think you should be able to get a level 4 mission with ease," Man Gu said with a smile.

    "Oh right, Master! The Demon Ranking! Your result is coming today. Should we go there first?" Man Gu said.

    "Yea, we might as well go there and see the results before I get my mission," Long Chen nodded his head as he accepted Man Gu's suggestion.

    They stopped before the Ranking Hall and strangely, no one was there unlike the other days.

    "Looks like I didn't get ranked, that's why there is no one here," Long Chen said with a wry smile on his face.

    He still walked towards the Ranking Wall and glanced at the Demon Ranking that was previously empty.

    "Hmm? I succeeded?" Long Chen exclaimed in surprise as he saw his name on the list.

    There was only one name on the list, and that belonged to him. There were no ranks or points in front of his name.

    "Why isn't anyone here then? Shouldn't it be big news that I got into the Demon Rankings?" Long Chen exclaimed as he looked at Man Gu.

    "Maybe everyone already saw the rankings and they ran away. I think it's possible that they're afraid of meeting you since you are a Demon Ranker," Man Gu replied.

    "Why would they be afraid of me now? They weren't that afraid before?" Long Chen asked with a perplexed look on his face.

    "It might be because of the privilege that you now have. You're a Demon Ranker. So your position is the highest in the sect. You're even higher than the Red Robed Elders at the moment,"  Man Gu exclaimed.

    "Oh? Interesting. Do I get any other privileges?" Long Chen asked.

    "Of Course. You can now kill anyone in the sect. You can even kill a 4-star disciple without worrying about the retaliation from their Master, as long as you have a valid reason. You must have the strength to kill them though. That's a privilege given to you now," Man Gu said.

    "Nice. I guess that's why no one is here. Anything else?" Long Chen further asked.

    "Yup. You can get all materials from the sect at a 50% discount. You can also get skills from the Skill Hall by giving half the contribution points that were previously needed for the skill," Man Gu explained.

    "Also, you get 50000 contribution points for getting on the Demon Rankings. There's one more advantage. Now you can even select level 5 missions that are only reserved for the black-robed elders, but I would advise against that," Man Gu said in a concerned tone.

    "Why is that? I guess that must be quite difficult since they are usually reserved for black-robed elders," Long Chen let out with a thoughtful look on his face.

    "They're really dangerous and can get you killed. Senior Mu Chan chose a Level 5 mission when he left the sect. He was killed by an Elder of the Beast Hall. I don't know what that mission was, but since it got the Elders of Beast Hall involved, I can only imagine how dangerous it was," Man Gu exclaimed in a worried tone.

    "Hah, don't worry about it. It's not like I lack contribution points. I'll choose a simple mission. Probably a level 3 since I don't want it to get dangerous, but I can't choose something too low risk either, since that would not help me in convincing him," Long Chen said as he smiled slightly.

    "Let's go, I need to select a mission,"  he said.

    "Oh, right," Man Gu scratched his head as he realized that he had to escort Long Chen as well.

    He led Long Chen towards the Mission Hall.

    They saw a few people along the way, but most of them turned back straight away and went in the opposite direction as soon as they noticed Long Chen.

    They were only halfway there when Long Chen noticed a disciple. The disciple noticed him as well, but unlike others, he didn't run away. He simply walked towards Long Chen quite casually.

    The man looked to be 23-24 years old. He had long sky blue hair that came down to his waist. His hair was tied.

    The man was wearing quite clean clothes that made him look like a scholar and not like a disciple of the Dark Soul Sect.

    Long Chen noticed the 4-star badge on the chest of the man. The 4-star badge was of a different color compared to the normal 4-star badges.

    Through that badge, Long Chen got a little bit of an idea about who that person might be.

    After a short time, the man reached Long Chen and stopped in front of him.

    "You must be Long Chen. I've heard a lot about you," the man said in a carefree tone as he observed Long Chen top to bottom.

    Long Chen did the same thing as he observed the man from top to bottom.

    "You must be Mu Zheng. I've heard a lot about you as well," Long Chen said with a smile.

    "Oh? Is that how you talk to a senior?" the man smiled as he said.

    "Do you need anything from me?" Long Chen didn't reply to his question and asked straightforwardly.

    "You've got quite the attitude, don't you?" Mu Zheng said, though his tone wasn't the same as before. Long Chen could hear the annoyance in his voice.

    "Can you get straight to the point? I have more important things to do," Long Chen said as he looked at Mu Zheng.

    "Hmm, I won't lower myself to your level. I'm here to ask you something. I heard that you got into the Demon Ranking," Mu Zheng said.

    "Yeah, what about it?" Long Chen inquired.

    Mu Zheng didn't answer him and looked at Man Gu.

    "Leave us alone for a second," he told Man Gu.

    Man Gu didn't immediately listen to him and just gazed at Long Chen. Long Chen nodded his head and Man Gu moved away from them.

    "Now that he's gone. Tell me what you need," Long Chen said.

    "Tell me how you passed the test of the demon ranking!" Mu Zheng asked.

    "Hmm? Aren't you the disciple of Sect Master? Can't you ask her?" Long Chen asked in curiosity.

    "I went to my Master when I failed the first time, but she didn't tell me anything. The Elders don't tell the way either," Mu Zheng said.

    "I can't think of anything that I did wrong the first time. I passed the dark tunnel by killing every obstruction. I even killed the girl without taking much time. I still didn't get a ranking. Tell me what you did differently?" Mu Zheng asked.

    "I'm sorry, but I don't think that I can tell you. As far as I know, talking about that is not allowed. And even if that was allowed, I wouldn't tell you. Your Master wants you to succeed through your own efforts. I won't tell you the easy way out," Long Chen said.

    "What easy way out! Are you calling me a coward!" Mu Zheng roared in anger as he brought out his sword and pointed it at Long Chen.

    "You know that I have the license to kill, don't you? Still, you dare to point your weapon at me?" Long Chen said with an amused smile on his face.
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