320 Chapter 320: Mission

    "I'm not opposing anyone. I'm just telling you the rules. When a Demon Ranker kills someone, he can't be blamed since it was the opponent who was weaker." Lang Jing replied.

    "My disciple is younger than Mu Zheng, so you can't say that he misused his strength. Also, he didn't kill Mu Zheng. Only his martial soul was destroyed. He'll recover," he elaborated.

    "Very well. I'll tell the sect master everything that happened here. We'll come to a decision," Grand Elder Chu said in a threatening manner as he picked up Mu Zheng and climbed on top of his Winged Lion and left.

    "Hahahaha," Lang Jing burst into laughter as soon as Grand Elder Chu left.

    "It was so amazing to see the defeated look on old man Chu's face. You did well, little guy! You did a great job by destroying the martial soul of her disciple. And you even got the demon ranking. Such a perfect timing of events. Even I wouldn't be able to save you if you didn't get the Demon Ranking," Lang Jing said with a pleased smile on his face.

    Long Chen didn't respond to his comment.

    "Yeah, Can I go?" He asked.

    "Where do you want to go? If I'm not wrong, you got a lot of contribution points and I gotta say, it was quite a surprise to find out that you had such great Alchemy. Though I must say, you shouldn't make pills like that for the test. I was quite surprised when I saw the vigor pill that you made," Lang Jing said as he glared at Long Chen.

    "You were the judge of Alchemy Hall?" Long Chen exclaimed in surprise.

    "Of course. I'm the best Alchemist of the sect. Who else could be the judge but me," Lang Jing said casually.

    "Anyways, give me your disciple badge," Lang Jing said.

    "Alright,"  Without a second thought, Long Chen threw his disciples badge to Lang Jing.

    Lang Jing gave him a different badge that was pitch black in color.

    "It's your new badge. This is the proof of you being a Demon Ranker. All your contribution points have been transferred to it," Lang Jing said.

    "Oh, Alright," Long Chen responded.

    "Anyways, I should probably tell you one thing just to make it clear. It doesn't matter if you know Alchemy, you can't heal the poison made by me. As you know, the healing pills won't work, so keep that in mind. You're still  500 years too young to be able to solve the problem," Lang Jing further said as he looked at Long Chen seriously.

    "That's why I won't restrict you. You can do your Alchemy practice or whatever, just keep my warning in mind. I'll free you myself after you do what I need. That's a much safer path for you," Lang Jing said as he turned back and walked towards his Winged Lion.

    The Winged Lion began flying as soon as Lang Jing got on top of it.

    "Hah, What the heck just happened here. I still can't understand what happened to him. His martial soul was destroyed? How? I didn't even do anything. Wait a minute, could it be because of his skill's backlash?" Long Chen muttered with a frown.

    "That must be it. His skill didn't work on me and it backlashed on him," Long Chen let out as if he had discovered the true reason.

    "Whatever, it has nothing to do with me now. I need to get a mission, and get the heck out of this place," Long Chen muttered as he began walking.

    He walked for 2 minutes and found Man Gu waiting ahead for him.

    "Oh, Master. You're done with Senior Mu Zheng?" He inquired.

    "Yeah. He needed some help. He got the help he deserved," Long Chen chuckled as he patted Man Gu's shoulders.

    He and Man Gu continued towards the Mission Hall.

    It didn't take them too long as they had already covered most of the distance. In just 20 minutes, they stood outside the Mission Hall.

    "That's as far as I can go, Master. Only the person selecting the mission is allowed inside. So only you can go," Man Gu said with a disappointed look on his face.

    "You'll see 5 tables inside the mission hall. There's a number in front of each of those tables. Go to no.3 table. There you can get level 3 missions," He further explained.

    "Alright. Stay here, I'll be right back," Long Chen told him.

    He entered the Mission Hall and followed the instructions given by Man Gu and went to the third table in the Hall.

    "Excuse me, Elder, I need to select a mission," Long Chen told the Elder that was sitting behind the table.

    The Elder was reading a document, but he put it down as he looked towards Long Chen.

    "You need a level 3 mission? Alright," The Elder nodded his head as he placed a big bundle of similar size papers in front of Long Chen.

    These are all the level 3 missions we have. You can choose any amongst them," The Elder casually said as he again continued reading the document in his hand.

    "So many?" Long Chen muttered in surprise as he saw more than 1000 papers in front of him. He was surprised that the sect had so many missions in level 3 since they weren't easy either.

    He went through the missions one after another.

    "Mission: Kill the disciples of Beast Hall," Long Chen read one of the missions out loud.

    Before he could skip to the second mission, the Elder sitting nearby spoke.

    "That mission is quite rewarding, but You will need to have your soul marked by the Protection Curses. If you ever get caught by the enemy sect during the mission, you'll die because of the curse. The skill will be canceled when you come back to the sect," The Elder explained further.

    "Cheh, I don't need a mission that needs me to curse my own soul," Long Chen skipped to the next mission.

    "Collect ten drops of Sky Realm Bright Flame Snake blood."

    "Hmm, Why only ten drops. If we can get ten drops, doesn't that mean we have defeated the Bright Flame Snake and we can get more drops?" He muttered.

    "The sect only needs ten drops. You can do whatever you want with the Bright Flame Snake after that," The Elder responded.

    "This looks like an interesting mission, though defeating a sky realm beast won't be easy," Long Chen muttered as he skipped to the next mission.

    "Kidnap the princess of the Maltia Empire," He was quite surprised as he read the mission.

    "Kidnap the princess? Why is that?" He asked.

    "You don't need to know that. You just need to kidnap her and bring her to the sect. The sect will handle everything else," The Elder replied.

    Long Chen skipped that mission as well and started reading the next one.

    "Steal the Heavenly Mountain Ruler of the king of the 1st Rank Kingdom of Dimentia," The mission said.

    "Hmm? Stealing? That's an interesting mission. I'll select this one," Long Chen said as he showed the mission paper to the elder.

    "Don't think that it's an easy mission. The King of Dimentia is a Sky Realm expert. Although the mission doesn't need you to fight him, it would be quite bad if you're caught," The Elder warned him.

    "That's fine. I think I'm confident in my skill," Long Chen said with a smile.

    "Sigh. Alright. If you're that confident, I won't stop you. Give me your disciple badge so that I can register this mission in your name,"  The Elder said.

    Long Chen brought his badge out of his pocket since he wasn't wearing it, He gave the black 4-star disciple badge to the Elder.
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