321 Chapter 321: Failed to see Mount Tai

    The Elder subconsciously took the badge without much care, but as soon as he saw the color of the badge, his mouth opened wide in shock.

    "Y-you are a Demon Ranker?" He exclaimed in shock.

    The nearby Elders and disciples heard the loud tone of the Elder and started looking towards them.

    They were all shocked. As Long Chen wasn't wearing his badge, they didn't realize it before.

    Although everyone knew about Long Chen by now, most of the people haven't seen him.

    No one expected the boy that just came here to be the one that shocked the whole sect.

    "Ah, I'm sorry for not recognizing you. You must be the rising star of our sect. Long Chen, right?" The Elder stood up with a fawning look on his face.

    "Yeah," Long Chen casually replied.

    "Great great! I'll immediately issue the mission to you. You're a Demon Ranker, Of course, you can handle a level 3 mission with ease. I was being stupid to doubt you," The Elder said with a smile as he sat down.

    He immediately prepared everything and assigned the mission to Long Chen.

    "The mission has been issued to you. I should explain the rules of the mission. You have 6 months to finish the mission. You must come back after 6 months whether you're successful or not," The Elder started explaining.

    "You'll get the mentioned rewards and contribution points if you're successful within the time limit. If you failed, you must pay contribution points as compensation to the sect," He further said.

    "Alright. Is there anything else I should keep in mind?"Long Chen asked.

    "Yeah. Although you're going quite far away from the Beast Hall and you won't be marked with a protection curse, but you must never get caught by anyone. Under any condition, the sect's location can't be disclosed. Alright?" The Mission Elder said.

    "You don't need to mention that. I don't intend on getting caught and becoming a prisoner," Long Chen muttered.

    'Again,' He added another word to his statement, but he didn't say it out loud.

    Long Chen turned back and left the place.

    As soon as he left, quite a lot of people began talking about him.

    "So that was the demon of the sect. Gotta say he looked quite intimidating. I could feel his scary aura till here,"

    "He's the first person in our generation to get the Demon Ranking. He even left his senior brother, Mu Zheng behind. Of course, he won't be simple,"

    "I'm not sure if he is stronger than Senior Mu Zheng. Just look at the Strength Ranking. The Demon Ranking just tested him on something different. Senior Mu Zheng is still stronger,"

    "Shhh, Don't let him hear you. You know that the demon has an open license to kill now. Don't offend him in any way. Though I agree. I think only Senior Mu Zheng has the strength to talk to him as an equal,"

    Their discussions continued, but none of them had any idea that Long Chen had just had a clash with their Senior Mu Zheng a few minutes ago.


    Long Chen left the Mission Hall and met up with Man Gu.

    "Did you get a mission, Master?" Man Gu asked.

    "Yeah. I chose a Level 3 mission. I'll be going to Dimentia. But before that, I'll go to the Alchemy Hall. I need to get herbs with the contribution points that I have now," Long Chen said with a smile.

    "Ah, Sure," Man Gu nodded his head.

    They started walking towards the Alchemy Hall and soon got there.

    This time, Long Chen wore his Black 4 star badge since the badge was beneficial when purchasing things from the sect. He would be able to get a 50 percent discount on anything.

    As soon as he entered, he noticed that Tiyu was also there. It looked like he was purchasing something as well.

    His back was facing Long Chen so he didn't see him coming. Long Chen silently walked near him.

    "Oh, Hey. We meet again," Long Chen said with a smile as he placed his hands on the shoulders of the man.

    "Who the hell..." Tiyu looked back, but as soon as he saw the face of the person standing behind him, his face lost all its color.

    He hurriedly got down to his knees.

    "Please forgive me Senior for offending you previously. I couldn't recognize Mount Tai and offended you. Please forgive me. Don't kill me!" Tiyu said as he begged.

    Long Chen could see tears in his eyes.

    As Tiyu saw Long Chen not responding, his fear only increased.

    He began kowtowing to Long Chen as he smashed his forehead on the ground near Long Chen.

    "Please forgive me!" He repeated every time his head struck the ground.

    Long Chen was quite amazed at how far this man was willing to go. The ground was also covered in his blood.

    "You can stop that. I won't kill you," Long Chen said to him.

    "Really? Thank you, Senior. I'll never forget your grace," Tiyu immediately stood up and ran outside. He even forgot his herbs in that place, he didn't care about them at the moment anyway.

    Long Chen shifted his focus back to the 4-star disciple that was handling the place.

    Long Chen was quite amused as he saw the fear in that person's eyes as well.

    "Don't worry. I don't bite," Long Chen jokingly said.

    "Anyways, I need some herbs," Long Chen wrote down a list of herbs. He added a huge quantity of all the herbs that he could get.

    He gave the list to the man behind the counter.

    "How much will it cost?" Long Chen asked.

    The man looked at the list and told the price after calculating the discount.

    "Hmm? Only that much? Alright. Double everything that I wrote," Long Chen said.

    He spent all the contribution points he had in that place and kept only 1000 contribution points with him.

    After much effort, the Alchemy Hall staff brought out the herbs that were written in there.

    "Here you go,"  Long Chen transferred the contribution points and placed all the herbs in his storage ring.

    He left the place since he was finished.

    "Now I just need to go to one more place. I saved 1000 contribution points. I need to go to the Skill Hall," Long Chen muttered.

    He sent Man Gu back since their courtyard was nearby and entered the Skill Hall alone.

    "Oh? Mr. Demon Ranker? Congrats on getting the rank. I must say, I was quite shocked when I first found out about it. Anyways, are you here to use that 50 percent discount by getting a skill?" Chu Miao asked Long Chen as soon as she saw him.

    "I'm here to use the Skill Space," Long Chen answered her.

    "Oh? Despite the failure of last time, you want to try it again? Alright. I'm sure you know what you're doing. Anyways, since you're a Demon Ranker, you can use the Skill Space by paying only 1000 contribution points. Transfer the contribution points to me," She said.

    "Alright. Long Chen replied as he transferred his remaining points to her.

    "Nice. Come with me," Chu Miao said. She took Long Chen to the first floor of the skill hall.

    Since Long Chen had done this before, he didn't need any explanation. He entered the room that had the Skill Space formation.

    "Hopefully, I'll be able to choose a nice skill this time as well. Can't fall behind," Long Chen muttered as he placed his hands on top of the formation.

    The formation started shining brightly, and Long Chen's consciousness was brought to the Skill Space.

    There were thousands of colorful spheres of light floating in space. Long Chen knew that each of these spheres had a skill. While some had weak skills, some had frightening ones.
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