322 Chapter 322: Best Skill

    This time as well, no skill sphere came near him, but after the experience of the previous time, he was certain that it wasn't because of him being unworthy.

    It was on him to select a sphere amongst the thousands of them to take with him.

    He observed each sphere carefully, but there was no hint about what skill they contained. They all felt similar except the color they had.

    "I don't know why, but I feel the urge to choose that blood-red one," Long Chen muttered to himself as his eyes fell on one of the spheres.

    It was similar to all the others, but its color was much more intimidating and reminded him of blood.

    He pointed his finger towards the blood-red sphere and excitedly, it came flying to him.

    "Good, Let's hope that the skill is a good one," Long Chen muttered as he touched the blood-red sphere of light.

    As soon as he touched the sphere, he was sent out of the Skill Space.

    His eyes opened and he found a skill book in his hand.

    The book had an old cover that was somewhat worn out. It was clear to see how old this small booklet must be.

    The book had an interesting name as well.

    "Spiritual Blade!" Long Chen read the name of the book out loud.

    "Sounds like a nice skill," Long Chen said with a smile.

    He stood up and left the room. Chu Miao was still waiting outside for him.

    "You were much faster this time. Anyways, which skill did you get?" She asked as she glanced at Long Chen.

    "I got Spiritual Blade. Is that a good skill? How much is it worth?" Long Chen inquired.

    "Spiritual Blade?" Chu Miao exclaimed in shock.

    "Why are you acting so shocked? Is that too expensive?" Long Chen asked with a pleased look on his face.

    "Is it expensive? It is damn expensive!!! You need 1 million contribution points to get that skill and even if you somehow manage to get that much point, you still need to get through a test to get to that skill! It's the skill made by the Sect's first ancestor after all. I can't even begin to describe how lucky you are to get that skill!" She said. She still wasn't over her surprise.

    "That sounds nice," Long Chen let out.

    " It's too bad that you can't share that book with anyone. Since the book chose you, as soon as someone else sees the content inside, or touch it, the skill book will burn to ashes," She sighed as she further explained.

    "I don't understand. What's so special about the skill? I read a little description, and from what I got, you can only make a blade from your Qi and fight with it. It shouldn't be so special?" Long Chen asked in curiosity.

    "It's not that simple. You can't only make a blade. You can make any weapon from your Qi. The weapon will stay in existence until your Qi is depleted or you cancel the skill. It's such a useful skill when you lose your weapon during a fight," She said.

    "That's not the most special thing about it. The real advantage of skill is the strength of the weapon that is made from your Qi! The weapon won't be as weak! It would be equivalent to a graded weapon only one realm lower than your actual cultivation!"

    "If you're an Earth Realm cultivator, the weapon you can form will be equivalent to a Gold Grade weapon. Similarly, if you're a Sky Realm cultivator, the Qi weapon will be equivalent to an Earth Grade Weapon! I'm really jealous that you got the skill," Chu Miao further explained.

    "Interesting. That does sound like an awesome ability. It can come really handy when we don't have a weapon," Long Chen let out with a thoughtful look on his face.

    "Hah, You're quite lucky nowadays. First, you got triple ranked. Then you got demon ranked and now you got one of the best skills of the sect. Sigh, Your achievements make me jealous," She said jokingly.

    "You're jealous of me? You wouldn't be when you know everything about me," Long Chen let out with a wry smile on his face.

    He was more like a prisoner in the sect after all. He had a deadly poison in his body and now there was a possibility that he had somehow offended the sect master. His tamed beast was missing as well. He couldn't understand what was there to be jealous about. He didn't tell her though.

    "Oh right, I heard that Mu Zheng was collecting contribution points so that he could get this skill one day. Don't let him find out that you have this skill. He might get annoyed and come looking for a fight," She further added.

    "Mu Zheng? I don't think that I need to worry about him anymore. Still, thanks for the warning. I'll take my leave now," He said.

    Long Chen turned back and left the skill hall.

    He had finished everything that he needed to do. He spent all his contribution points as well. Now the only thing left was talking to Lang Jing.

    If he wanted to go out, he needed Lang Jing's pills that suppressed the poison for 7 days.

    "The mission has the maximum duration of 6 months, So I should be able to get 26 pills," He muttered as he left.

    He walked towards his courtyard as he brought out the transmission Talisman that was given to him by Lang Jing. He sent him a message and told him that he needed to meet him.

    He also received a message from Lang Jing that he would send his Winged Lion to Long Chen's courtyard. The Winged Lion will bring him to his place.

    Long Chen got to his courtyard and began waiting for the Winged Lion to get there.

    After 10 or so minutes, the Winged Lion landed in front of Xu Chen's courtyard.

    Long Chen climbed on top of the Winged Lion and the Winged Lion began flying in the sky. The Winged Lion flew so fast. Long Chen could feel the fast wind brushing against his skin.

    His long hair was also affected by the wind.

    Long Chen was able to see at the distance and saw how big the sect actually was. What he saw was just a small part of it.

    He was just starting to enjoy the view when the Winged Lion landed in the ground.

    It stopped before a normal-looking courtyard.

    "This is where he lives?" Long Chen let out with a surprised look on his face.

    He had assumed that Lang Jing must be living in a palace-like place, but this was completely out of his expectations. It was just a normal-looking courtyard that looked similar to the one Long Chen was staying inside.

    "Was he not given a better place, or is he just that down to earth?" He wondered as he got off the Winged Lion.

    He started walking towards the courtyard and knocked on the door after getting there.

    "The door is open. You can come inside," A voice came from inside.

    Long Chen pushed the door open and it was actually unlocked. He entered the place and saw Lang Jing sitting there, reading a book.

    "You don't have a servant?" Long Chen asked in curiosity.

    "Why would I need a servant?" Lang Jing replied casually.

    "To open the doors or take care of things?" Long Chen let out.

    "There's no need for someone to do that. Anyways, what did you want to talk about?" Lang Jing inquired.

    "I want to leave the sect!" Long Chen said in a straightforward manner.

    "Hahahaha," Lang Jing didn't respond and just started laughing out loud as he looked at Long Chen as if he was looking at an idiot.
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