323 Chapter 323: Kill Him

    After quite some time, Lang Jing stopped laughing.

    "Do you think you're at a picnic here? You can leave when you feel like it?" He asked with an amused smile on his face.

    "I'm not asking about leaving forever. I just want to go outside on a mission and get some outdoor experience. I'm tired of cultivating inside. It's a 6-month long mission, So I'll be back before that," Long Chen said.

    " Don't worry, I won't run away before completing your task. I don't want to die from your poison after all!" He further said.

    Lang Jing fell in deep thought as he observed Long Chen.

    "What is the level of the mission that you chose?" He asked after some time.

    "A level 3 mission," Long Chen replied.

    "A level 3? Yeah, that shouldn't be life-threatening to you. Also, the thing I need you for, won't happen in 6 months, so I can allow you to leave I guess," He responded.

    "Alright. You can leave. But I won't give you 6 months. I want you back in 5 months. Also, you need to take a heavenly oath before you leave!" He further said.

    "Heavenly Oath?" Long Chen asked with a frown.

    Lang Jing brought out a weird disk-like object from his storage ring. There were various strange patterns on it.

    "This is an artifact I found from an old ruin. I don't know what it's grade is, but I do know its use. When you hold it in your hand and take an oath, that oath becomes binding. If you break your oath, you will die brutally in an instant," Lang Jing said with a grin on his face.

    "What oath do you need me to take?" Long Chen asked with a frown.

    "Not much. I just want you to take a few simple oaths. Firstly, you won't disclose our Sect's location to anyone. Secondly, you won't contact or meet anyone you know when you're outside. Also, you won't tell anyone about you or me!" Lang Jing said.

    "Alright," Long Chen agreed.

    Lang Jing gave the disk-like artifact to Long Chen who held it in his hand firmly.

    "I, Long Chen, Take an oath that during the time I'm outside the sect, I won't meet or talk to anyone that I know! I won't disclose the location of the Dark Soul Sect and I won't talk about you or myself!" Long Chen said as he gazed at Lang Jing.

    The Small Artifact began shining and returned to normal after a brief moment.

    "That's better. Now give that back to me," Lang Jing said with a pleased smile.

    Long Chen gave the disk back to Lang Jing.

    Lang Jing brought out a few pills from his storage ring and gave them to Long Chen.

    "Here are the 22 pills. These should last 5 months for you. You must come back before that or you'll die. I'm sure you know that already though. Take this map as well. It's the map of this region," Lang Jing said with an amused smile on his face.

    "You can leave now if that was all you wanted to talk about. My Winged Lion will take you to the exit of the sect. You will need to handle your journey ahead," He further said.

    "Yeah, I'm done," Long Chen turned back and left the place.

    He climbed on the Winged Lion that brought him to the main gate of the sect.

    Long Chen came down from the Winged Lion and walked outside the sect.

    The guards saw him and generally, they would have asked if he had the permission to leave, but they noticed the Winged Lion and something even more intimidating. The black 4-star disciple's badge made them not even dare to come near him.

    Long Chen walked for quite a Long distance and when he was sure that no one was following him, He called out for his Sun Destroying Condor.

    A beautiful white condor-like beast came out from his storage ring.

    The Condor began flying excitedly as soon as it saw Long Chen.

    "Hey, little guy. Looks like you're doing quite good. I'm glad to see you as well. Anyways, we need to leave this place," Long Chen said with a smile.

    The Sun Destroying Condor landed near Long Chen. Long Chen noticed that there were a few strange blue patterns on the Sun Destroying Condor since its evolution, but he noticed no other change.

    Long Chen walked forward and climbed on top of the white Sun Destroying Condor and ordered it to fly.

    The Sun Destroying Condor rose high in the sky and kept going higher. This was the Sun Destroying Condor's ability. It could fly at a higher altitude for a longer duration of time. Its speed wasn't much weaker as well.

    Long Chen had already seen the map along the way and he had an idea as to where the Kingdom of Dimentia was. He also found out that there was a mountain range between him and the Kingdom of Dimentia.

    Long Chen had decided that he would stop in that mountain range and look for a cave or something where he would comprehend the Law of Darkness.

    He hoped that he would be able to comprehend the law in 7 days and then learn the 2 skills he received in the Dark Soul Sect.

    Only after learning those 2 skills, will he leave for the Kingdom of Dimentia. He wasn't worried about the mission much.

    Long Chen was quite confident in his stealth abilities and he was sure that he would be able to steal from under the King's nose even if he only had a few days.

    The Sun Destroying Condor kept flying at it's the best speed while Long Chen sat on top of it and started his cultivation since he didn't want to waste his time.


    While Long Chen was flying away from the sect, The Sect Master of the Dark Soul Sect was looking at her personal disciple that was lying in front of her like an idiot.

    "His Martial Soul is gone, but I might be able to help it recover. We need to use our Sect's oldest ancestral treasure to help his Martial Soul recover though," The Sect Master said as she looked at Mu Zheng.

    "You want to use the Heavenly Origin Lotus on him? You can't. That's our Sect's oldest treasure and our strongest weapon. It might have many miraculous uses but it's a one-time use item. If you use it on him for a small thing like healing his martial soul, it would be a big waste!" Grand Elder Chu insisted.

    "A treasure is not more important than my disciple. Also, what other use does it have? As a destructive weapon? We don't need that! We have so many strong cultivators and even more treasures. We won't be destroyed if we use the Heavenly Origin Lotus!" The Sect Master said.

    "It's just sitting in the treasury for so long. At Least now we have a use for it," She further said.

    "This... Are you sure about it?" Grand Elder Chu said with an uncertain look on his face.

    "Yeah. Don't worry Grand Elder. Our sect won't come to harm because of me using this thing. Our Sect might only benefit. Mu Zheng's talent will only increase after he heals his soul using the Heavenly Origin Lotus. That can be a good thing for the future of our sect," The Sect Master said.

    "If you say so. Anyways, What about that kid Long Chen? What do you want to do about him?" Grand Elder Chu asked.

    "I want to kill him. I wasn't to destroy his soul and watch him burn!" The Sect Master responded as she clenched her fists tightly.

    Grand Elder Chu just silently looked at her.
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