326 Chapter 326: Law Seed

    "Cheh, I pity you. You really have a stupid father. He has so much money, can't he let his son enjoy his life? Fortunately, my father is not like that. He lets me do whatever I want. I guess you can only truly enjoy your life once your old man dies," his friend said with a smile on his face.

    "He dies? Right! If that old man was dead, I would get the family money and I would be able to enjoy my life to the fullest. I can't wait for the old man to die myself," the boy said as he clenched his fist.

    After a few more words, he left that place.

    Long Chen felt like he was sent here by the orb to see something. He followed the boy since the boy looked most suspicious.

    Long Chen followed him and entered his house.

    The house looked quite decent, but it wasn't too big.

    He didn't see any servants in the house either.

    The boy entered his bedroom and closed the door. He didn't see, but Long Chen was inside his room as well.

    The boy laid on his bed and closed his eyes.

    Long Chen was getting quite bored as he didn't see the boy do anything but lay on the bed.

    After 2 hours, the boy stood up and left the room.

    He walked to the kitchen and picked a knife.

    "Sigh, He'll kill his own father for money? All because he wasn't allowed to go to a brothel? The world is indeed a stupid place," Long Chen muttered as he saw every action of the boy.

    He opened the door of his father's room and entered inside. His father was still sleeping peacefully.

    The boy stood near his father as he raised his knife high and stabbed it in the chest of his father. His father opened his mouth to scream in pain, but he closed his mouth and didn't let him scream.

    His father died as he watched the ruthless eyes of his son.

    Long Chen just watched everything. He didn't try to stop it since he knew that he couldn't do anything.

    The room had a window as well and Long Chen noticed someone looking inside from the window.

    He couldn't see who it was since the person left before he could clearly see.

    "You beat me for a few gold coins, didn't you? Now I'll spend your money on the whorehouse and you can just watch from hell," The boy said with a grin on his face.

    "You're a really stupid kid. Some people cry for parents, while you killed your own," Long Chen muttered as he turned back. He didn't want to watch it, but that's when he heard a heavy knocking on the door.

    The boy started getting worried as he heard the sound. He wanted to hide the dead body of his father, but before he could do anything, the door was broken and more than 20 people entered the house.

    They all saw the boy standing near the dead body of his father with a knife in his hand.

    "See father? I told you that he might kill his father! He was talking about that a few hours ago when I met him. I informed you and we told the Villagers, but we were too late," A person passed through the crowd and came to the front as he pointed towards the boy.

    It was none other than the second person whom Long Chen saw this boy talk to.

    "Sigh, Gotta say, I didn't expect that. A son that betrays his father and a friend that traps and then betrays his friend. Although I knew about it, the darkness inside people is frightening as well," Long Chen muttered.

    He appeared in a different place.

    He was back in the dark space, but there was a screen in front of him.

    On that screen, he saw 4 people running away. One looked to be a young man in his early 20s. The second one looked like a man in his early 30s who was wearing a beautiful golden armor. There was a boy who looked like he was 5 years old and a young woman who looked like she was 30-40 years old.

    They were running in a hurry and left the palace. As they came out, the woman called for her flying beast and the beast landed near her.

    Before they could even take a step forward, a man landed behind the beast. Long Chen was amazed as he saw the man.

    Despite not being there, he could feel his aura. The man looked like he was in his 40s, but Long Chen felt like he must be older to have that much strength.

    The man that looked like he was in his 30s attacked the man, but he was defeated instantly and thrown back.

    The young boy ran to him with the 5-year-old boy in his arms. Long Chen felt like that boy in his 20s was the kid's father.

    The boy in his 20s threw a strange crystal ahead and a Spatial portal opened at some distance. He told the kid to go there while he decided to bring the other man that was injured with him.

    Long Chen couldn't hear most of their conversation, he only heard a few key sentences. He heard the man that was in his 40s talk about killing both of them and his kid.

    "Sigh, That's what happens when you have no strength. You can't even save your family," Long Chen muttered in disappointment as he saw the man coming towards them.

    "What the **?" Long Chen exclaimed in surprise as he saw the sky getting clouded and the lightning in the sky. It was as if the weather had suddenly turned extreme.

    He noticed the eyes of the boy that was in his 20s change color. They turned fully white. Long Chen could feel a powerful aura that was like nothing he had seen before. It was the first time he felt an aura that was even more powerful than the aura of Tian Shen.

    In fact, it looked like he was watching a god awaken.

    He didn't know why, but he also found that aura somewhat familiar. He could feel his blood react to this aura. It was like his blood was boiling.

    He didn't even see what happened, as he found the 40-year-old man lying on the ground in the blink of an eye.

    The only one that was still standing was a 20-year-old boy that looked entirely different from his previous self. He looked much more powerful.

    Long Chen saw a few swords appear above the 40-year-old man out of nowhere. The sword stabbed his hand and legs.

    "That skill... that's so OP," Long Chen muttered as he saw the skill of the boy.

    He was somewhat glad that the man was defeated, but then something happened that made him even more stunned.

    He saw the 30-year-old man stand up. He stabbed the boy in his back.

    The boy's scary aura disappeared as he coughed out a mouthful of blood and fell to the ground.

    "What the heck? You were together! He was trying to save you!" Long Chen said in shock, but it didn't stop there.

    The man stepped towards the 5-year-old kid to kill him as well.

    The screen disappeared and Long Chen found himself back in his dark place.

    He couldn't help but wonder what he just saw. He also felt somewhat sad as he wondered what happened next.

    He just stayed in the darkness for longer as he processed everything he saw inside this place. He got to know so much about darkness and it's scariness.

    Previously he didn't consider darkness as powerful as Space, but now he felt like it was more lethal for the world.

    He couldn't help but wonder if the world would be better without darkness.
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