327 Chapter 327: Complexities

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    Time kept passing slowly without him realizing.

    Long Chen just stayed there, but he didn't know that the seed of darkness had started to come into existence inside his martial space.

    As the Law Seed finished taking shape and appeared beside his Sapling of space in his martial space, his eyes opened as he came out of his dark world.

    Long Chen found himself back in the cave, but it wasn't as dark anymore. To him the cave looked as bright as it could. He also saw the broken pieces of Law orb in front of him.

    He realized that he had succeeded, but he just couldn't feel the happiness.

    "Since I'm not dead, it must not be 7 days yet. How many days has it been?" Long Chen asked as he looked to his right.

    "It has been 6 days. Why do you look so sad? Shouldn't you be happy?" Xun asked as she gazed at him. He couldn't understand why he looked so sad.

    "It's nothing. I'm fine," Long Chen replied to her as he stood up.

    He walked towards the exit and removed the stones from the entrance and he left the cave.

    It was early morning and the sun was shining brightly in the sky. The whole mountain range was covered in light and the warmth of the Sun.

    Long Chen just watched the light for an extended period of time before he used his Heavenly Demon wings and started flying towards the summit of the mountain.

    The top portion of the mountain was covered in snow. Long Chen landed in the snow and just laid there.

    "Are you alright? Tell me what's wrong," Xun again said.

    "I told you it's nothing. It was just so hot in the cave, I was starting to get uncomfortable. I feel much better here now," Long Chen smilingly said.

    "Oh. Anyways, which skill did you get from the Orb? Is it useful?" Xun inquired.

    "It is indeed useful and would have been quite wonderful if it didn't have limitations as well. I got to say, all the skills I have received from the orbs have been like that," He muttered with a wry smile on his face.

    "Indeed. But it's only because you don't have enough control over their law. When you master the laws perfectly, there won't be any limitations. So don't worry about that. it's still too soon for you," She comforted Long Chen.

    "You're indeed right. Even though the skill is not as strong as it could be, it's still going to be pretty useful in the fight that's to come," Long Chen muttered with a smile as he clenched his fist tightly.

    "Yup. That's more like it. Just keep trying your best," She said with a beautiful smile on her face before she disappeared.

    "I would," Long Chen muttered as he lay in the snow.

    He brought out the Spirit Blade manual once more and decided to comprehend it.

    Since he had already comprehended the Law orb, he didn't feel like he needed to hide anymore. He decided to practice his skill on the summit of the mountain amidst all the snow.

    Long Chen stood up after he finished reading it and started to imitate the postures described in it. He controlled his Qi to pass through alternate acupoints along his meridians. He followed every single step written down in the book carefully.

    He got to the last stage of the initial level of spirit blade training and all he needed was to bring the Qi, he was circulating, outside his body using his finger and form a needle.

    He changed the flow of Qi and subtly diverted some of it towards his hands, but instead of going to his finger, his Qi was absorbed by his body.

    He tried once more, but the same thing happened again.

    "This skill is tougher than I thought," Long Chen muttered with an upset look on his face.

    He was able to control the Qi, but his control wasn't as precise as needed.

    Generally, he would use a large amount of Qi whenever he used a skill, thus even when some of it was absorbed by his body, he would still be able to cast his skill successfully, but this time, he couldn't do that since he needed to use the smallest amount of Qi he could.

    He kept trying, but since the quantity of Qi that he was allowed to use was so small, it kept getting absorbed by his body before coming to his finger.

    Long Chen repeated the same process for hours and each time he noticed that he had improved slightly.

    Although he had improved, he still wasn't successful.

    He did the same thing for 2 days and 2 nights straight, before he was finally able to bring the small thread-like Qi to his wrist before it was absorbed. He needed to bring it to his finger. Although he wasn't successful, he could see hope.

    Although he still wanted to try, he felt like he needed to give rest to his body as well. He was getting quite tired since he had been trying it for days.

    He ultimately decided to go back. He walked back to the cave and closed the opening once more.

    He was already carrying a bed in his storage. He brought out the bed and slept on it comfortably.

    Long Chen slept for 18 hours straight before getting up.

    He again went to the summit of the mountain and began his practice.

    He only needed a little bit more to succeed, but that small bit was the toughest part. He spent 20 more days before he was finally able to make a small needle from his Qi while following the proper steps of the manual.

    This small achievement had taken so much time. He had 5 months of freedom and 1 month had already passed, but Long Chen didn't worry about that.

    All he wanted was to learn the Spirit Blade at the moment.

    "I passed the initial and most crucial part of mastering the skill. Now time to get to the final part and get some awesome weapon," Long Chen muttered as he moved to the next part.

    The next part of learning the skill involved making a sword from the Qi. But just making the Sword wasn't enough. The sword should be durable and powerful enough to slice a stone in half like butter.

    Since the summit of the mountain was covered in snow and no stones were visible, Long Chen walked back to his cave. There were too many stones nearby to practice.

    Long Chen started trying to form a sword and it was much easier than forming a needle and he had succeeded in his second try easily.

    The only problem was that although the thing he made looked like a sword, it wasn't like one. It wasn't able to slice off a stone, instead, it disappeared as soon as it came in contact with them.

    Long Chen decided to increase the power of his Qi sword by sending more Qi to it, but it still didn't solve the problem. The Qi sword was so unstable that it just blasted off the stone instead of being able to cut it.

    Again, the grinding began as Long Chen continued trying again and again. Fortunately, it didn't take much longer. In only 5 days, he succeeded in slicing the stone in half with just his Qi Sword.

    Long Chen was really starting to like this skill. Although it was one of the skills that took him the longest, he didn't mind it since Qi control was something much more useful.

    He knew that he would be able to use it in many more skills and increase their efficiency.

    Long Chen kept using the skill during the day while he cultivated during the night.

    After 4 more days, he had mastered the skill successfully. Now, he was able to make any weapon with his Qi whether it be a Sword, a knife, a needle, a blade, a bow, a hammer, or a scythe. He had succeeded in forming all these weapons at least once.

    Long Chen had a wide smile on his face as he mastered the skill entirely. It was quite tiring, but he was much more excited.

    He went to sleep and gave rest to his tired body since he needed to give his focus to another skill from the next day onwards.

    He hasn't even touched the second skill he got from the Skill Space since he couldn't read the language. That's why he left the skill for the last.

    Finally, he would learn the skill that he believed to be a skill developed by Saint King Xianwu.

    Long Chen had a relaxed sleep since he had succeeded. It was easily the best sleep he had in s while since he achieved his goal.

    The night passed and the Sun rose outside once more, but it was only darkness inside the cave when Long Chen woke up.
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