328 Chapter 328: Forcing the Emperor

    Another day arrived and Long Chen started his journey to learn the Nine Steps of Xianwu.

    Since he couldn't read it, he called Xun for help.

    Xun appeared near him and started reading the book. Since she couldn't touch physical things, Long Chen did all the page-turning.

    "First step to cover the town, second step to cover the city, third step to cover the kingdom, 4th step to cover the Empire,5th step to cover the Earth, 6th step to cover the Sky and 7th step to cover the heavens!" Xun read the description of the skill.

    "Hah, Is that really what it says? I gotta say, the description of this skill is, even more, intimidating than the Spirit Blade," Long Chen let out with an interesting look on his face.

    "Since you can read the book, how about you teach me this skill. Guide me through the process. You're so experienced after all. It might be faster that way," Long Chen said as he looked at Xun with a pleased look on his face.

    "I can give it a try. Though it's not going to be as easy as learning the Spirit Blade," Xun said.

    "That was considered easy?" Long Chen muttered with a wry smile on his face.

    "You can't think of this skill as just one skill. It would be better to think of each step as a different and improved skill. I got to say, whoever made this skill was really talented to make it. It's said to be a movement skill, but it's touching the boundaries of space laws itself. Despite being so close to the space law, this skill doesn't utilize it even a little. Although you know space law, I would consider you quite lucky if you manage to learn the first step in less than a month," Xun replied to Long Chen.

    "I'll try my best. Leaving one month aside for the mission, I still have 3 months to train the skill. If I try my best, I don't believe that I won't be able to learn the 2nd step in this time," Long Chen let out with a determined voice.

    He began his practice under Xun's guidance. Although Xun didn't have experience in guiding, she was very knowledgeable and she was able to convey her meaning to Long Chen without any miscommunication.

    Their practice continued as days kept passing slowly.

    Soon, 2 more months had passed and Long Chen had just managed to learn the first step of the Nine Steps of Xianwu. The speed was way worse than he had expected.

    He realized that Xun wasn't lying when she talked about the difficulty of the skill.

    The skill worked like teleportation, but it was much different than the teleportation he learned through the space law.

    This skill looked like it used the law of space, but it was something different. It didn't use space law. It worked by increasing the reaction of the body for a brief moment, but the increase was so much more that it felt like time had stopped.

    The user would select a location where he wanted to appear and he would be there in an instant. The best thing was that the person could change his direction as well, in between his skill, if he noticed danger at his destination.

    At most, a person could appear anywhere within a 5km range in just a single step, but the skill would end as soon as the person got to his selected destination, or stopped in between.

    The worst thing was that this skill depleted more than half of Long Chen's Qi reserves at the first try. A person wouldn't be able to use this skill twice unless he recovered his Qi.

    'It would have been so good if this skill could be used to attack the opponents, but it can't be used for that. I can't believe someone like Saint King Xianwu made a skill that is so awesome, but it can only be used for running," Long Chen muttered.

    "Despite the problems, it's still a pretty good skill. So stop complaining," Xun said with a smile on her face.

    "In two months, I had only learned the first step. I don't think I'll be able to learn the second step in time. I'm getting bored as well. Let's go to the Kingdom of Dementia first. We might as well complete the mission first and get that done with," Long Chen suggested.

    "Alright, If you want that, then let's do that first. I've gotten bored in this desolate mountain as well," Xun responded.

    "Hah, That's like my girl," Long Chen chuckled as he brought his Sun Destroying Condor out of the Beast Region.

    "Cheh, Who the hell is your girl. I'm your master!" Xun said, but she didn't wait to hear his reply as she disappeared.

    Long Chen just smiled at her reaction as he climbed on his Sun Destroying Condor.

    The Sun Destroying Condor started flying towards the Kingdom of Dementia.


    Back in the Blazing Sun Empire, Mingyu, Zhiqing and Ji Shan were standing in front of the Emperor of the Blazing Sun Empire.

    They had come once more to request the Emperor.

    Although Ji Shan didn't know about it, Mingyu had already prepared for a transmission talisman for herself and Zhiqing.

    She has decided that if the Emperor still didn't tell them the location of the Beast Sect, she would just put her sword in his neck and force him to tell her.

    After finding out the location, she would escape with Zhiqing using the transmission talisman.

    "Father, I'm requesting you once more. Please tell us the location of the Beast Hall. We wouldn't create trouble there, I promise!" Ji Shan said in a pleading voice.

    "I'm sorry Little Shan, But I can't tell you. My hands are tied by the rules of Beast Hall," The Emperor responded to Ji Shan.

    Mingyu saw that their try had failed once more. She was just about to bring her sword out of her storage ring, but she stopped when she heard the Emperor start talking once more.

    "Although I can't tell you about the location of Beast Hall, I do have some information that might help you out," He said.

    "What information, Father?"Ji Shan inquired with curiosity on his face.

    "Some people from the main Beast Hall will be coming here in a few months. You can get to know them and get the information you need from them," The Emperor said with a smile on his face.

    "The people from the main beast hall are coming here? Are they coming to investigate the destruction of their branch?" Ji Shan asked in shock.

    "Maybe, or maybe not. I was just told that they would be passing through here. They'd stay in the Beast Hall branch that's situated in the North Moon Empire, but since I was a part of the Main Beast Hall as well, they told me about it," The Emperor answered Ji Shan.

    "I'd also be throwing a banquet for them. You'd get the opportunity to talk to them and get to know them. You can get all your answers from them," He further added.

    "That... What do you think about it?" Ji Shan looked towards Mingyu and asked.

    Mingyu was still considering if she should wait for a few more months or put the sword at the Emperor's neck.

    There was a risk in the second option after all. If she went with the second option, and Ji Shan's father still didn't answer them, that would be quite bad as that would end all the doors for her and she wouldn't be able to get any information and she wouldn't be allowed to meet the entourage that was coming from the Main Beast Hall either.

    Ultimately, she nodded her head in affirmation. She decided to wait for a few more months.

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