332 Chapter 332: Power of Heart Devouring Insec

    "Ah, Girls. Would you mind leaving the place for a moment? The prince and I are friends. I need to talk to him in private," Long Chen ignored the Prince and told the girls.

    The girls thought for a while before they left the room.

    They didn't even wear their clothes before they left.

    Long Chen locked the door as soon as the girls left.

    "If you don't tell me who the ** you are, I swear that I'll chop off your hands and legs with my own hands!" the Prince stood up on the bed and said to Long Chen with the proud look on his face.

    "Can you at least wear some clothes before we talk? I have no interest in seeing your little thing more that I, unfortunately, have," Long Chen replied to him.

    "Hmph! You're no one to order me around. Say what you want to say. Let me just tell you in advance. If I don't like what you said, you'll lose your life," the Prince said.

    "Sigh, You're really keen on exposing yourself to men I guess," Long Chen let out with a wry smile on his face. He continued getting closer to the bed, the more he talked.

    "I'll tell you. I'm here to talk to you about something. Your future depends on it. You might even become King if you listen to me," Long Chen said in a soothing voice as he kept getting closer.

    The Prince was so engrossed in his words, he didn't realize how close Long Chen had come. Long Chen was only 1 meter away from him when he realized it.

    But it was already too late. Before he could create any distance between them, Long Chen caught him by his neck and smashed him on the bed. Since the mattress was soft, the Prince wasn't injured much. The same couldn't be said for the bed though. The bed was utterly broken.

    "W-who are you. You dare! You'll die if something happens to me," the Prince said after much struggle.

    "Sorry Prince, but this might be the only option I have. You'll have to bear with it for a little longer," Long Chen said with a smile on his face.

    He brought Cati out of his storage ring. Cati was his tamed beast that looked like a caterpillar. Its real name was much more frightening though. Cati was a Heart Devouring Insect that could live inside the heart of the person.

    As long as Cati managed to enter someone's heart, it would be nearly impossible to remove it. And at a single thought of their master, a Heart Devouring Insect would be able to kill their host.

    Long Chen held both the hands of the Prince while he placed Cati on his chest.

    In less than a minute, Cati entered the body of the Prince. After some more time, it was already inside the heart of the Second Prince.

    After being done, Long Chen released the Second Prince.

    "W-what the hell did you just put inside my body? Remove it this instant," the Second Prince let out loudly.

    "Calm down, Second Prince. Whatever it was, it isn't harmful to you as long as you listen to me. If you don't listen to me, then it would be harmful to you," Long Chen said with a smile.

    "The thing that entered your body is a Heart Devouring Insect. It's a rare beast, but I'm sure you'll be able to find out about it if you search in the books. Anyways, I'd explain in simple terms. The Heart Devouring Insect had entered your heart and now it won't come out until I order it to come out,"

    "Also, with just a single thought from me, my Heart Devouring Insect would be able to kill you. Wanna see a glimpse of it?" Long Chen asked with an amused smile on his face.

    Long Chen didn't even move, but the Second Prince felt extreme pain in his heart. He couldn't help but clench his chest tightly as he fell to his bed and cried in pain.

    "See? That was a small glimpse of what it would do. If you don't listen to me, then your death would be much more painful," Long Chen said to him

    "Why are you doing this to me? What do you need me to do?" The Prince asked. He was sweating excessively as he felt fear for his life.

    "I just need a little help from you. That's why I had to follow this path. Anyways, let me tell you more about me," Long Chen started talking.

    "I'm a thief and I wish to become the biggest thief known in the land. That's why I wish to steal your father's heavenly ruler that he keeps in his treasury. That's why I need your help. As long as I get the Heavenly Ruler, I'll free you," Long Chen added.

    "How can I help you with that? Only the Palm print of my father and my Elder Brother can open the treasury. I don't think I can help you with that," the Second Prince said.

    "Oh? So your brother's palm print can open it as well. I guess your father is not stupid enough to keep only his prints on the treasury. As a king, there's always the risk of battle with other Empires and death," Long Chen muttered softly.

    "Anyways, you can still do it. Just get your father or brother to open the treasury and steal the ruler for me," Long Chen said with a smile.

    "It's not that simple. Neither my brother nor my father like me that much. They would never open the treasury when I ask," the second Prince shook his head as he said.

    "That's for you to decide. It's your life that's in danger. Think of a way to get them to open it for you. I'm sure you'll be able to think of a way.  When you leave that place, go straight to your Palace and get to work," Long Chen said.

    "Also, don't even think about telling anyone. I can hear everything you say through the Heart Devouring Insect since I have a link established with it. As soon as I find anything even the least bit suspicious, I will kill you. You're smart enough to know what's better for you yourself after all," Long Chen continued.

    "I... Alright, I'll think of something. Just give me time," the Second Prince said.

    "You can have as much time as you want. As long as you get the Heavenly Ruler to me before 7 days. If you're unsuccessful, I don't think I need to explain what will happen," Long Chen said smilingly.

    Tears had already appeared in the Second Prince's eyes as he cursed himself for coming to this place today. If he hadn't come, he wouldn't have met this frightening existence.

    "I'll be leaving now. If someone asks, just tell them that I'm your friend. Also, I accidentally killed your guards that were standing outside. I took care of the bodies, but you should handle that as well," Long Chen said as he glanced at him.

    "Accidentally?" The Second Prince muttered with a crying face.

    "You'll handle the stuff right?" Long Chen asked.

    "Yeah, I'll do it. You can leave," The Second Prince said.

    "Good boy," Long Chen smiled as he unlocked the door and left the place.

    The Prince didn't feel like staying there either and he left as well.


    Long Chen walked through the city once again. He stopped a person and asked the direction of the Drunken Pavilion. Since he heard so many praises from the receptionist, he couldn't help but look forward to tasting their wines.

    After following a complicated set of instructions, he reached the Drunken Pavilion. He had to walk for another 30 minutes to get to the Drunken Pavilion from the Pleasure Hall.
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