335 Chapter 335: Trapped in Darkness?

    "Different? I... I do feel something. I feel like I'm filled with energy. I feel like I'm filled with strength. And my brain, it's much sharper than before as well. The concepts that I wasn't able to understand before, they're all clear in my head now. I feel so great,"  Mu Zheng replied with clear excitement on his face.

    He has been feeling strange since the moment he woke up, but only when his master asked him the question, did he realize how different he was compared to before. He couldn't help but wonder as to what actually happened.

    "Yeah, but that shouldn't be all. I'll teach you everything about how you can use what you have been given. From now on, I'll train you and make you stronger. I won't involve myself in your fight, but I do expect you to take your revenge yourself. Don't disappoint me again," She said.

    "I won't master! He was just lucky last time. I'll kill him with my own hands," Mu Zheng clenched his teeth as he said.

    "You need to keep that determination and work hard. Don't forget the shame of defeat. Let's go. Your training will start right now," The Sect Master stood up and walked towards the door.

    Mu Zheng followed her and left the hall after her. Grand Elder Chu also followed them outside.


    Back in the Dementia Kingdom, Long Chen had finished his conversation with the disciples of Beast Hall that he coincidentally met and he had left the Fragrance Pavilion.

    Long Chen walked back to his hotel through the heavily guarded streets of the city.

    "You're back. Did you try the wine?" The girl at the reception asked as soon as Long Chen entered the place.

    "Yeah, the wine was nice. Also, it helped me as well since it was my first time there. Thanks for the suggestion," Long Chen said smilingly.

    "I'm glad you liked the place," The form responded.

    Long Chen left and walked back to his room.

    He couldn't help but be pleased with everything that happened. The day went great. He got a pawn to help him in stealing the Heavenly Ruler and he gained a free increase in cultivation through the wine.

    He also got some information about the Beast Hall and the fact that they were preparing to send a team to the North Moon Empire.

    He lay in his bed as he started thinking. He was also tired as he hadn't slept in a long time. He laid in bed but he didn't realize as he fell asleep.

    As Long Chen slept, he dreamt of something weird.

    He found himself trapped in a dark place. There was nothing but darkness and the Demonic Qi everywhere. That wasn't the weird part though.

    The weird part was that he could feel that he didn't want to get out of that place. He could also feel an urge to get out of that place.

    It was such a conflicting feeling that he himself didn't understand what he actually wanted. The dream felt so surreal.

    Just like that, the dream continued until Long Chen ultimately woke up.

    It was already midnight as he woke up.

    "Such a weird dream," Long Chen muttered. He could feel that his heart was still beating faster.

    He walked to his balcony and looked outside. The moon was high in the sky, but the Moon looked red tonight, giving off a weird feeling once more.

    Long Chen had seen nights with a red Moon before as well, but he hadn't felt like this before.

    "Might be because of the dream," He muttered as he glanced at the moon.

    He looked down and noticed that the guards were still patrolling around the palace.

    "Should I go inside the palace to see myself?" He let out as he looked towards the palace.

    "There's no need I guess. That kid should be able to handle it. He's a Prince after all. And no matter how useless, he's still a part of their family. He should be able to get them to open the safe," Long Chen muttered as he walked back inside.

    He sat on the ground in a meditative position as he began his cultivation.


    The next morning arrived. Another day began like normal.

    The Second Prince was walking back and forth inside his room with a worried expression on his face.

    "I know that I said that I will talk to him to open the treasury for me, why am I getting worried so much then? He's my real brother. He also never scolded me. He should open the treasury most probably," He thought.

    "I'm just worried that he might discuss this with father. I don't want him to get suspicious," He muttered as he paced back and forth.

    "Whatever! I can't stop here! My life depends on it. It's just a measly ruler after all!" He let out as he made a decision and stepped out of his room.

    The Second Prince walked towards the Room of the Crown Prince and knocked on the door.

    "Brother? Are you inside?" He called out as he knocked on the door of the Crown Prince.

    "Yeah, come on inside," Came a voice from inside.

    The Second Prince opened the door and entered the room.

    He noticed that the Crown Prince was sitting on a chair in front of a table. He seemed to be writing something.

    "What do you need?" The Crown Prince asked without shifting his focus from whatever he was writing.

    "Ah, Brother. The thing is that I was lying on my bed and I suddenly realized that I've never been inside the treasury before. I couldn't help but wonder about it. I really wish to enter the treasury once. Can you please open it for me and let me enter?" The Second Prince asked.

    "I'm sorry, I won't be able to open it for you. You should go ask father's permission first," The Crown Prince said.

    "But, father would never agree. Please brother. Please do it for me this once. I'll just take a quick look inside," The second Prince insisted.

    "My answer won't change. Although I can open it, father is the real owner of that place. I won't open it for even a second without his permission," The Crown Prince didn't take a step back on his stance.

    "We'll have a quick look. Father won't even find out Just do it for me this once. You're the only one who still loves me after my mother died. Please brother," Tears appeared in the eyes of the Second Prince as he said.

    "Really? I told you so many times to stop going to the brothel, have you ever listened?" The Crown Prince inquired.

    "I will listen from now on. I'll never go to the brothel again. Can't you see that I haven't gone today either?" The Second Prince said.

    "Hmm? Do you really mean that?" The Crown Prince asked.

    "Yes, Brother. I promise that I won't go there," The Second Prince replied.

    "Alright. I'll let you have a look in that case. But you can't break the promise. You won't go to the brothel ever again," The Crown Prince stopped writing as he stood up.

    The Second Prince repeatedly nodded his head.

    "Alright. Come with me," The Crown Prince walked towards the door and left the room. The Second Prince followed after him.

    Soon, they arrived in front of a silver door.

    There was a small circular formation at the center of the door.

    The Crown Prince placed his hands on the formation which started shining.

    Soon, the door opened and the Crown Prince entered inside. The second Prince also entered.

    He couldn't help but be shocked as soon as he entered.

    "This is our treasury," The Crown Prince said with a smile.

    There were treasures everywhere. There were weapons, gold, artifacts, Armor and so many more things.

    "Amazing," The Second Prince exclaimed in shock as he started walking through the place and looked at each treasure. He was actually trying to find only one specific thing. The Heavenly Ruler.
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