336 Chapter 336: Caugh

    As the second Prince roamed through the place and looked at every item carefully, The Crown Prince just stood there as he casually checked things out.

    "How's it?" The Crown Prince asked.

    "It's amazing brother. It's such a cool place. I can't believe that I never saw it before. At Least I got to see it now," The Second Prince replied happily as he continued looking through the treasures.

    "Indeed. Now can we leave? You've already seen everything," The Crown Prince inquired as he turned towards the exit.

    "Ah... " The Second Prince struggled to answer as he had still not found the Heavenly Ruler.

    He was just thinking about what he should do when his eyes caught the glimpse of something that looked like the thing he was looking for.

    It was a Golden Ruler that was 30 centimeters long and 3 centimeters wide.

    The Second Prince couldn't help but smile. He hurriedly picked the Heavenly Ruler.

    "Yeah, Let's go, brother," He said as he turned back.

    The Crown Prince left the place and the Second Prince followed after him as he left the treasury as well.

    His hand was behind his back, in which he held the Heavenly Ruler, to hide it from the Crown Prince.

    "Why?" The Crown Prince asked out of nowhere.

    "What happened, brother?" The Second Prince let out in confusion. The Crown Prince turned back and glanced at the Second Prince and slowly stepped towards him.

    The Second Prince's heartbeats were getting faster and faster as he firmly gripped the Heavenly Ruler behind his back.

    The Crowd Prince moved his hand and before the Second Prince could react, he gave him a tight slap.

    A palm print appeared on Second Price's left cheek.

    "Why did you steal from your own house," The Crown Prince finished his question as he glared at the Second Prince.

    "I knew that you were spoiled and you made so many wrong decisions in life, but I never expected that you would stoop down to such a low level and steal from us as well?" The Crown Prince said with a disappointed look on his face.

    "I... I... " The Second Prince tried explaining, but he couldn't explain as he knew that Long Chen would be listening. If he said anything, he would die. He just closed his mouth and looked down.

    "Give me the thing you took!" The Crown Prince said sternly.

    The Second Prince hesitated for a moment before he brought his hand forward and gave the Heavenly Ruler to the Crown Prince.

    The Crown Prince took the Heavenly Ruler and threw it inside the treasury before closing the doors.

    He caught the hands of the Second Prince and pulled him along with himself.

    "Please brother, don't tell father. I won't do it again. Please!" The Second Prince pleaded but the first Prince acted as if he didn't hear a single word and didn't stop.

    "It's not in my hands today. You did something so big, that I must tell father," The Crown Prince said in an emotionless voice.

    The guards and the maids watched the Crown Prince pull the Second Prince like a criminal and they couldn't help but wonder as to what the Second Prince did this time.

    The maids continued talking after the Crown Prince and the Second Prince left.

    "I've never seen the Crown Prince this angry. The second Prince must have done something extremely bad. I feel bad for the Crown Prince for having to deal with a brother like that,"

    "I can't even imagine what it could be. He had done so many shameless things, still, I didn't see the Crown Prince so angry before," Another maid said.

    "I wonder if the Second Prince tried to assassinate the Crown Prince. That might have this effect," She further said.

    Everyone had different theories of their own on this matter, but not a single one of them had managed to guess correctly.

    The Crown Prince brought the Second Prince in front of the room of their father.

    This was the king's resting time which he spent inside his bedroom every day.

    The Crown Prince knocked on the door.

    "Father!" He called out.

    "Come in," The king replied from inside.

    "What are you two doing here at the same time? Did you guys need something? Also, you! Why haven't you gone to the brothel yet? Have you finally grown tired of destroying the reputation of the Royal family?" He asked as soon as he saw them before he started to scold the Second Prince.

    The Second Prince didn't even dare to look in the eyes of the king.

    "Sorry to disturb you Father, but this matter is really serious. I think that you should know about it," The Crown Prince said to the King.

    "Hmm? I'm intrigued. Tell me about it," The king said.

    "Little brother came to my room this morning and told me his wish to see the treasury from inside one time. He also promised me that he would stop going to the brothel if I fulfilled his request," The Crown Prince said. The King kept listening intently.

    "I took him inside the treasury and after we came out, I noticed that he had stolen the Heavenly Ruler from inside the treasury. He was hiding that from me as well," The Crown Prince explained.

    "Preposterous! He dared to steal as well!" The King roared loudly in anger.

    "You shameless son! Don't you have any shame left! You'd even steal from your family? Did you want to reward your whore at that brothel? Is that why you didn't feel the least bit of shame when you tried to steal!" The kind said furiously.

    "But father... "

    "Don't call me father, you Unfilial kid! I'm not your father from now on! I only have one son and that's not you!" The King said as he lost to his anger.

    "Take this boy and put him in the prison! He shall stay there for 5 years as his punishment," The king declared.

    The Crown Prince opened his mouth, but before he could speak, the king spoke.

    "Don't speak! We won't decrease his punishment. Now follow our order and lock him up!" The King said as he looked at the Crown Prince.

    "Yes Father," The Crown Prince said as he nodded his head.

    He held the hands of the Second Prince and left the room.

    "In a way, it might do you good. You'll learn from your mistakes and come out as a better person," The Crown Prince said softly as he walked with the Second Prince towards the prison.

    The Second Prince only had tears in his eyes. In just a single day, he had lost his status and respect. And he couldn't even give an explanation or he would lose his life as well.

    The Crown Prince took him to the underground Prison that was below the Royal Palace. Although there were no prisoners in this person, there were still a few guards placed there.

    The Guards saw the Crown Prince and Second Prince come towards them.

    They all got down to their knees. They all assumed that the princes were here for inspection.

    The Crown Prince nodded his head and told them to rise up.

    He walked up to one of the cells and opened the door.

    He sent the Second Prince inside and locked the door.

    All the guards had their mouth wide open as they struggled to understand what just happened.

    The Crown Prince locked the cell and looked at the guards who were standing there shocked.

    "Listen carefully! From today onwards, the Second Prince will be a prisoner here. You need to take care of his security and make sure that he doesn't come out until further orders," the Crown Prince said.

    "Yes, Your Highness!" The guards hurriedly replied. Although they found the whole situation to be weird, they still nodded their heads and decided to carry out the order up the letter.
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