338 Chapter 338: Exposing

    Half an hour later, the Crown Prince arrived there.

    He straight away walked up to the cell of the Second Prince without wasting any time.

    "I was told that you wanted to talk to me urgently? What is it about?" The Crown Prince asked as he glanced at the excited looking Second Prince.

    "Ah, Yes Brother I want to tell you everything today. Everything will be clear after that!" The Second Prince declared.

    "Hmm?" The Crown Prince couldn't help but frown as he looked at the Second Prince

    The second Prince began explaining without wasting any more time.

    "I did it because of that damned Ins...Aaaaaa" He was talking when midway he started screaming loudly as he felt a heart-wrenching pain.

    He fell down to the ground while clenching his chest as he continued screaming.

    The Crown Prince just watched him scream, frowning.

    "Is that why you called me here? To act in order to gain my pity? I'd tell you one last time. It won't work on me. I'm not getting you out of the prison without father's orders," The Crown Prince said as he turned back and left the place.

    The Second Prince was left behind, lying on the ground. The pain had stopped by now and he was lying on the ground, covered in sweat. His heart was beating like a drum, as loud as it could and his breathing was heavy.

    'He, He wasn't lying. He can indeed hear me. That bastard was testing me! He wanted me to talk so that he could punish me! Such a cruel person,' The Second Prince thought.

    In reality, he had completely misunderstood the situation. The truth was that Long Chen could not hear him. But he still didn't let him go without any backup plan. He had told Cati to harm him if he tried to spill the secret to anyone.

    The first time was to act as a warning, and if he still didn't understand, then he was to be killed.

    After some effort, the Second Prince managed to stand up, though his legs were still shaking. He walked to a corner and sat there in silence.


    The Crown Prince was walking back through the long hallway in the palace.

    'That idiot! He never learns. Did he think that I was stupid?' The Crown Prince thought.

    'Did he really think that I wouldn't understand that he wished to steal something when he asked me to open the treasury for him? He's a really big idiot who thinks that everyone is an idiot. Well then, now that he's out of my path, I can indeed live my life without worry,' The Crown Prince smiled as he walked to his room.

    He opened the door and entered his room before locking the door again.

    He walked to his bedroom and found a woman waiting in bed for him. The woman had long black hair and she looked like she was in her 30s. She was wearing the Maid's uniform as she lay on the Crown Prince's bed.

    Most of her fair thighs were exposed for the prince to look at.

    "How did you enter my room?" The Crown Prince asked with a grin on his face.

    "Hah, Are you really going to ask that? If I can enter your father's room, how difficult can your room be?" The woman replied seductively as she stretched her arms.

    "I remember. Wasn't that the day you failed so badly?" The Crown Prince chuckled.

    "Hah, Are you mocking me? If it weren't for that unknown formation around your father's bed, that man would have been long dead. The formation not only protected him but also informed everyone of my presence. I had no choice but to escape," The woman said smiling.

    "Hah, Indeed. All you could do was escape. If only you had managed to finish the job, father would be long dead and I would have been the king. That old man is so old, yet he won't die! I'm getting so tired!" The Crown Prince let out in an annoyed tone as he walked and sat near the girl.

    "Hah, That man is indeed troublesome. I can't kill him in his room and he won't leave his room without the guards. This whole thing is getting problematic," The Woman let out with a thoughtful look as she sat up.

    "Can you even do it? I'm starting to lose faith in you?" The Crown Prince inquired.

    "I can kill him, but I would need to think of a plan. I would definitely kill him, no matter what," The woman asserted.

    "Hahahaha, I wish you would. As long as that man is dead, I would be the king. I won't have to worry about him going crazy with old age changing his mind about me. I don't want him making that trash brother of mine the king," The Crown Prince replied.

    "Then I can become a king and I can make you my queen," The Crown Prince said smiling as he glared at the bountiful breasts of a woman.

    "Hah, I don't think that you have what it takes to make me yours. It's a hundred years too early for you," The woman chuckled as she said.

    "Though I don't think you need to worry about him changing his mind anymore though. I heard that your brother is already in prison now," The woman said as she stood up and walked up to the mirror.

    The Crown Prince's laughter echoed in the room.

    "Hah, Yeah. That idiot tried stealing from our treasury. He thought that he wouldn't get caught. Such a stupid brother of mine,"  He said as he tried to control his laughter.

    "That is strange though. Is he really so stupid as to steal from his own house for a whore?" The woman said with an amused smile on her face.

    "Hahaha, Yeah. Of course, he's as stupid. He's the biggest trash I've ever seen in my life. Such an idiot," The Crown Prince let out as he lay down on the bed.

    "If that's what you think. It has nothing to do with me though. All I need is to kill the King and complete the mission. I'll come to you when I've come up with a plan," the woman said before leaving the place.

    "Idiot. Just wait till you kill the king. I would get my guards to capture you. No one would believe you even if you try to blame me for it. And after you're in prison, you would have no choice but to become my woman," The Crown Prince muttered as a creepy grin appeared on his face.

    He closed his eyes and began dreaming about his coronation ceremony.


    Time kept passing slowly, and before long, 5 more days had passed.

    It was the 7th day. The day when Long Chen was supposed to meet the Second Prince to get the Heavenly Ruler from him.

    Long Chen stood up and walked to the shower. After having a nice shower, he got dressed and left the room.

    He stepped down the stairs.

    "Good morning. Are you going out? I haven't seen you in such a long time?" The receptionist asked as Long Chen got near her.

    "Yeah, I was cultivating. I got tired so I decided to have a walk outside and probably get some of that tasty wine once again. I'll see you later," Long Chen replied to her.

    "Oh, Have fun," The receptionist wished Long Chen luck.

    Long Chen left the hotel and walked towards the Pleasure Inn.

    As he already remembered the path, he got there much faster this time.

    Long Chen entered the place and noticed that the place was more crowded today. There were many men inside the place, being entertained by the girls.

    Long Chen walked to one of the girls and asked.

    "Has the Second Prince come here today?" Long Chen asked.
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