339 Chapter 339: Infiltrating the Palace

    The girls looked at him weirdly as if they were looking at an idiot as they heard his question.

    "I remember you, aren't you the friend of the 2nd Prince that came to meet him last month?" A woman walked closer to him and held his hand as she pulled him towards a room.

    She took Long Chen inside the room and closed the door.

    "To be the Second Prince's friend, you must not be a simple person. Let me service you for the day," The girl said as she walked closer to him.

    Before Long Chen could even react, she took her top off and exposed her bare breast before him.

    "That's not what I'm here for. I'm here to meet the Second Prince. We had decided to meet here today," Long Chen said as he sat on the bed.

    He didn't act flustered at the sight of breasts and acted casual as if there was nothing that affected him. He looked straight at her as he talked.

    The girl smiled as she walked towards Long Chen.

    She sat beside him as she brought her chest closer to him. Long Chen could feel her soft chest sticking closer to his arms.

    "Do you really not know?" She whispered in his ears.

    "Don't know what?" Long Chen asked. The girl didn't reply and just pushed his chest as she made him lie down on the bed. She climbed on top of him.

    She brought her lips closer to his face. Her chest stuck closer to his chest.

    "The Second Prince has been put in prison. Everyone in the city knows it. It doesn't look like he'll be coming out soon," She said before she brought her face forward.

    Her lips met Long Chen's lips, but instead of enjoying it, Long Chen rolled over. He was now lying on top of her as he separated his mouth from her.

    "He's put in prison? Why?" He asked in surprise.

    The girl placed her hand over his chest as she rubbed it gently.

    "I don't know what he did. The only news that came out of the Royal palace is that the Second Prince has been put behind bars. He's not going to come out in the near future," She informed Long Chen.

    Long Chen couldn't help but frown as he fell in deep thought.

    'Was he caught trying to steal? That should be the reason they put him in prison,' Long Chen thought.

    While he was lost in thought, the girl raised her head as she kissed Long Chen once more.

    Long Chen came out of his daze as he realized that this wasn't the place to think. If he stayed here for longer, he would just start feeling the urge to devour the girl because of his heart demon.

    He hurriedly separated his lips from hers as he tried to move back, but the girl didn't let him leave. She had wrapped her arms around his back as if she was a dying person that wanted to hold onto life.

    Long Chen could feel like things were getting dangerous and his worries turned out to be true.

    His Heart Demon had woken up and was looking at everything. The lust inside Long Chen's heart multiplied many folds as his Heart Demon noticed that Long Chen was trying to resist his emotions and leave.

    Long Chen finally lost control as he kissed the woman back.


    For over 3 hours straight, the moaning voices of a girl kept echoing inside the room. Their intensity didn't decrease and only increased with time.


    After 3 hours, Long Chen came out of the room and left the Pleasure Inn. He didn't look the least bit tired. In fact, he looked even more energetic than before.

    He did not look happy though. In fact, he was quite annoyed at the moment.

    "You made me waste so much time!" He cursed out as he continued walking.

    "It was your desire. I only gave you a slight push," A voice appeared in his head. It was the voice of his Heart Demon that was able to reply to him after it's evolution. It was as if his Heart Demon had gained sentience since it's evolution.

    "I don't even feel like cursing you anymore," Long Chen said as he ended the conversation.

    He started thinking about his mission. The Second Prince was caught, which meant that he would have to go and get the job done himself. He decided that he would infiltrate the Palace at night.

    For now, he walked back to the hotel. He talked to the receptionist briefly before he walked back to his room.

    He spent the rest of the day inside his room. He cultivated his Demon Monarch Physique and only stopped when it was midnight.

    Long Chen walked towards the balcony of his room and jumped out as he noticed that the streets were empty.

    He landed on the street as he started walking towards the Palace.

    As he got near the palace, He started using the Law of Darkness.

    Long Chen had received 2 skills when he comprehended law space. One was that he could teleport to any place within the hundred-meter range as long as it wasn't a place he hadn't seen before. It had limitations that he could only use it a limited number of times in a day and that its range was only 100 meters.

    The Second Skill was Spatial Travel. He could open a spatial crack and travel anywhere within a 200km range. It also had a few limitations. He could only use the skill once in a day. He could only go to the places he has seen before. And the Spatial Movement rarely took him to his exact destination. Most of the time, he was sent anywhere within the 500-meter range of the destination he wanted to get out in.

    Just like that, Long Chen had received 2 skills from the law of darkness.

    The first skill was that he could disappear. It was called Shadow Transformation. He was able to disappear into the wind. Not a single person would be able to see him unless he had a cultivation that is one major realm above him.

    The skill had a few big limitations though. The skill could be used at night only. It could only be used once in a day and that too for 5 minutes at maximum. This was a minor skill though.

    The really strong skill was the Second Skill. Long Chen wished that he would never have to use the Second Skill in his lifetime.

    For now, he used the first skill.

    His eyes that were slightly golden in color had turned pitch black. He used Shadow Transformation and disappeared.

    He used his Heavenly Demon Wings as he flew high in the sky and landed near a balcony.

    He looked inside the palace through the window and as soon as he saw that no one was inside, he teleported inside.

    Long Chen was able to sense the Heart Devouring Insect. Long Chen had a link with all his tamed beasts. As long as they were not too far away, and no barrier was surrounding them that disturbed the link, he would be able to sense their location.

    Long Chen was still invisible as it had only been a minute since he began using the skill.

    He walked through the long hallways of the palace. On many occasions, he passed right by the guards. None of them was able to see him.

    Long Chen got to the underground cellar and saw a heavy metal door. He could sense that Cati was behind that door. The Shadow Transformation was over as well as it had been 5 minutes already.

    He used his divine sense and noticed that there were 5 guards on the other side of the door. The Second Prince Rui Yu was also in a cell there.

    Long Chen brought his Mountain Destroyer out of his storage ring as he prepared for slaughter.
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