340 Chapter 340: Kill

    Long Chen felt like using his King's Sword here might be overkill as the Heavy Sword Aura of his King's sword might alert the guards.

    Long Chen stepped closer to the door and knocked on it.

    "Hmm? Who could be here at this time?" One of the guards asked.

    "Maybe it's Crown Prince? He's here to bring the Second Prince back? It has been 7 days since the Second Prince has been imprisoned?" Another guard replied as he walked towards the door to open it.

    He opened the door. As soon as the door opened, a kick arrived and landed on his chest that made him fly back. The guard crashed on the ground.

    The other guards immediately brought their weapons out as they saw a man enter the cell.

    Long Chen entered the place and locked the door behind him so that no voice could go outside.

    He was about to say something, but before he could speak, one of the guards attacked him.

    The attack targeted Long Chen's neck. If it had managed to get to his neck, there was a good chance that he would be dead.

    Long Chen used his Mountain Destroyer to intercept the sword of the guard before it could get to his neck.

    The guard attacked once more, but Long Chen didn't feel like giving him a chance as he teleported behind the guards and stabbed his sword in his chest.

    "Kill the intruder!" The guards roared as the 3 of them attacked Long Chen at the same time.

    Long Chen used his sword with one hand while he used a sword that was entirely made of Qi to match the attacks of the guards.

    Long Chen stabbed the Qi sword in the chest of one of the Guards while he sliced the neck off of the head of another one.

    He thrust both, his Qi Sword, and the Mountain Destroyer in the chest of the 3rd guard at the same time.

    "Urghh..." Blood came out of the mouth of the guard as Long Chen pulled the swords out. The guard fell down to the ground. The ground was covered in blood.

    In the Meantime, the very first guard that Long Chen had killed had stood up as he ran towards Long Chen with his sword.

    Long Chen didn't even raise his Mountain Destroyer. He made a knife made of Qi on his left hand and threw it towards the man.

    The knife managed to penetrate the forehead of the last guard, killing him. The guard fell down to the ground. Till the moment he died, his eyes remained open.

    Long Chen put the sword back in his storage ring as he walked towards the cell of the Second Prince Rui Yu.

    The Second Prince was sitting in the corner watching everything with wide eyes. He couldn't believe that Long Chen was so strong.

    He was terrified of Long Chen. His legs were shaking.

    "Where's the key?" Long Chen asked as he stood in front of the cell.

    "I-it must be with one of the guards. I don't know which one," The Second Prince replied after some hesitation as he glanced at Long Chen.

    Long Chen looked towards the guards and noticed that they were all covered in blood. He didn't feel like searching for it.

    "Well, whatever," He let out in an annoyed tone as he made a heavy sword with his Qi and swung it with full force.

    The sword managed to cut the bars. Long Chen again swung the sword, but this time slightly lower.

    An opening was made that was big enough for the Second Prince to come out.

    "Come out fast! I don't have all day! I only have this one night," Long Chen let out in an annoyed tone as he glared at the Second Prince.

    "Ah, Yeah!" The Second Prince was already scared of Long Chen and he didn't delay in the slightest. He didn't want to be killed after all.

    He came out of the cell and stood in front of Long Chen like a good little boy.

    "Do you have the Heavenly Ruler?" Long Chen asked.

    "I don't. I had it in my hands, but the Crown Prince caught me. He placed the Heavenly Ruler back in the treasury and put me in prison," The Second Prince said.

    "What is the cultivation realm of the Crown Prince? Long Chen inquired.

    "H-he is a 2nd stage Earth Realm Cultivator," The Second Prince replied instantly, although he did stutter as near because of the fear.

    '2nd Stage Earth Realm Cultivator? Before coming to the Dark Soul Sect, I was only slightly stronger than the peak Earth Realm Cultivators. Despite having most of my strength sealed, I would be able to handle him. I've grown stronger since then as well,' Long Chen thought.

    "Take me to his room,"Long Chen ordered him.

    "Y-yes!" The Second Prince walked towards the exit as Long Chen followed him.

    "Act casual and walk with confidence. You're not a thief. Act as if you have been freed and you're back to being the Second Prince. Don't look back!" Long Chen kept giving his suggestions as he saw the Second Prince walking like a thief as if he was trying to not get seen by the guards.

    The Second Prince followed Long Chen's orders and started walking proudly.

    As he walked through the hallways, he passed in front of a lot of guards and maids.

    They all greeted the Second Prince.

    'Hmm? The Second Prince is out? They must have freed him. He's a royal after all,' They thought on the inside.

    The Second Prince couldn't help but wonder why the guards didn't ask who Long Chen was. It was as if the guards couldn't see Long Chen. He wanted to ask if Long Chen was a ghost, but he didn't dare to ask.

    The truth was that Long Chen was using the law of Illusion to hide his presence as he used the illusion of him not being there.

    Fortunately, they didn't have guards coming from 2 different sides as he wouldn't be able to cast his Illusion on both of them. He would have no choice but to kill them.

    After over 20 minutes, the Second Prince and Long Chen got to the room of the Crown Prince.

    "This is the room of my brother," The Second Prince said.

    The room had no windows or anything thus Long Chen couldn't teleport directly inside.

    "Knock on the door and enter the room. Keep him occupied in talk," Long Chen said to the Second Prince.

    "What would I say if he asked how I came out?" The Second Prince asked.

    "Just tell him that you fooled the guards and they let you out. Make an excuse for telling him a secret. Get him as far away from the gate as you can," Long Chen said.

    "Alright," The Second Prince nodded his head, although he still didn't understand what Long Chen was planning to do.

    He knocked on the door.

    "Who is it?" After 5 minutes, a voice came from inside. It was a voice that belonged to the Crown Prince.

    "It's me, brother. Please open the door;" The Second Prince responded.

    The door was opened immediately.

    "Yu? What're you doing here! How did you get out of prison?" The Crown Prince asked with shock clear on his face.

    "I fooled the guards and had them release me," The Second Prince said with a cheeky smile on his face.

    'Those idiots!' The Crown Prince cursed in his mind.

    "Brother! I did all this because I wanted to talk to you! I have a secret to tell you!" the Second Prince said in a low tone.

    "What secret?" The Crown Prince inquired.

    "I can't talk here as someone might hear. Let's get inside," The Second Prince said. He acted as if he was actually worried that someone might hear them.

    "Alright. Come inside," The Crown Prince said as he stepped back.
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