342 Chapter 342: Against the king

    The King believed that no one would be able to enter his treasury without his permission. It was the world's safest place in his eyes.

    Long Chen was glad that there were no guards here as he would just have to kill more people if there were.

    He stopped in front of the door and observed it carefully. He noticed the small formation on the door.

    Although Long Chen knew nothing about the formation, he was able to see that the formation looked quite complex.

    He brought the hand of the Crown Prince out of his ancient ring and placed it's Palm on the formation.

    The formation scanned the palm and unlocked instantly as it changed color from red to blue.

    Long Chen removed the hand and threw it back inside his ancient ring.

    He pushed the door open and it opened without any effort. Long Chen entered the treasury.

    The Second Prince also entered and picked up the Heavenly Ruler that was lying on the ground.

    He gave the Heavenly Ruler to Long Chen.

    "Now that you have received the Heavenly Ruler, let's leave this place before someone comes here," The Second Prince insisted as he looked towards the door.

    "There's no hurry," Long Chen said with a smirk on his face as he saw the treasures in the place.

    "I would only be stupid if I don't take everything that's here. The king is already so rich. He doesn't need these treasures anyway," Long Chen said with a smile as he started putting all the treasures that were here in his storage ring.

    The Second Prince just stood there gobsmacked. He wanted to cry as he watched the treasury being looted.

    These were the treasures of so many generations of the Royal Clan and it was all going to an individual, but he couldn't do anything. To him, his life was worth more than any treasure in this world.

    The time it takes for an incense stick to burn was enough for Long Chen to empty the treasury. There were so many treasures there. Now that all these treasures were inside his storage ring, the room looked just too empty.

    "Take me to your room," Long Chen said to the second Prince.

    The Second Prince nodded his head as he left the treasury. Long Chen followed after him and closed the door.

    As soon as he turned back after closing the door of the treasury, he saw the Second Prince just standing there in a daze.

    His hands, arms, and feet were shaking as his face was covered in sweat as if he had seen a ghost. Long Chen couldn't help but look in the direction he was looking at and even he started getting worried.

    He saw a white-bearded man walking towards them. The man had 20 powerful guards around him.

    Long Chen was able to guess who that person was as he saw the Crown on his head. It was none other than the King of the Dementia Kingdom himself.

    Long Chen also saw his cultivation. He was now sure that the man was a Sky Realm Cultivator. He was a Second Stage Sky Realm Cultivator. All the guards around him were peak Earth Realm Cultivators.

    "Yao? What're you doing here? Why did you bring this prisoner here?" The king asked as he glared at Long Chen.

    The Second Prince was so scared of his father, but he realized that if things went south at the moment, both Long Chen and he would be killed. While Long Chen will die from his father's hands, he will die because of the Heart Devouring Insect.

    He knew that he needed to intervene and salvage the situation.

    "I'm sorry, father," The Second Prince immediately got down to his knees as he began crying. The king frowned as he saw this.

    "I fooled the guards and escaped the prison, but brother caught me. He's taking me back to the prison. Please stop him, father. I promise that I will never make a mistake like before," The Second Prince pleaded.

    He hoped that his father would scold him and order Long Chen to do what he was doing and take him back to the prison.

    The King looked at the Second Prince before he looked at the Crown Prince.

    "You're not my son, are you?" The King said in full seriousness as he glared at Long Chen.

    Long Chen couldn't answer either. Even though the mask changed his face, his voice was still the same.

    "Capture both of them!" The king ordered his guards.

    4 guards amongst the 20 stepped out and walked towards Long Chen with their sword.

    The Second Prince was horrified at this turn of events. He had already started considering himself as a dead man.

    "I was hoping for it to be over peacefully, but you just had to appear at the wrong time, right, old man?" Long Chen let out in an annoyed tone as he glanced at the king.

    He brought out his King's Sword. With the appearance of his sword, a heavy sword aura appeared as well.

    "He must be with the assassin that came before. There's no need to capture him. Just kill him right away," The king ordered.

    "Yes, Your Majesty!" The guards responded.

    All the 4 Guards ran towards Long Chen together.

    They swung their swords just as they got near Long Chen.

    Long Chen also swung his sword as well. His sword was about to clash with the sword of the one that was in front of him, but there were 3 others as well.

    Three more swords were coming at him all from different angles.

    A smirk appeared on Long Chen's face as he disappeared from his position and appeared behind the guards.

    His swinging sword hadn't stopped and it managed to slice the guards whose backs were facing him.

    Just like that, 4 guards were killed.

    "I'm not at my peak, but I won't be defeated by someone like you. One time was enough for me," Long Chen let out in a heavy tone as he turned back to face the king.

    "All of you, go! Watch out for his speed! Even we weren't able to see how he appeared behind them. Keep that in mind," The King let out as he ordered the guards.

    The 16 remaining guards ran towards Long Chen with their swords in their hands.

    Long Chen didn't stand still as he used his movement skill. His speed got much faster than it had been, but because of the restriction on his cultivation, it was restricted as well.

    He was only just as fast as the peak Earth Realm Cultivator like the ones facing him.

    Long Chen attacked with his sword which was intercepted by the sword of a guard. Sparks flew everywhere. Long Chen sneakily formed a Qi Blade and stabbed it in the heart of the guard.

    The King saw the strange skill of Long Chen and he couldn't help but frown.

    He still didn't interfere in the battle. He wanted Long Chen to expose all his tricks even if all his guards had to lose their lives.

    For him, his life mattered the most. The guards were just tools that could be used and thrown out when needed.

    In a short time, Long Chen had killed 4 more guards. There were only 11 left now, but they had surrounded Long Chen from all sides.

    8 guards attacked Long Chen from all directions while 3 stayed in their position.

    Long Chen again used teleport as he appeared 100 meters away from the guards.

    "7 Forms of Saint Sword: 5th form- Chaos!" Long Chen let out as he swung his sword in full force.

    A devastating arc of light left his sword and advanced towards the guards that were all standing where Long Chen had been previously.

    Before they could even react, the arc of light passed through their body. Their bodies were cut in half. They couldn't even close their eyes when they died.

    The ground was already covered in blood.

    The King's frown just got deeper.

    Only 3 guards were left. They all just stood there in a daze as they saw their partners being killed. They had already lost all their courage to battle. Long Chen managed to kill all of them without any resistance.

    "I guess it's only you left now. I must say, I didn't expect that you would just stand there and watch your men get slaughtered. I guess you're indeed a king. Were you trying to see my secrets before you make your move?" Long Chen said smilingly.

    "I will say, You're indeed strong. You must be a hundred-year-old ghost," The king let out. He used an old anecdote that Long Chen didn't understand in the least.

    "Sigh, I'm not a ghost and you can't turn me into one either," Long Chen replied as he firmly gripped his sword.

    He had made a decision in his mind.

    'I won't be defeated, even if I have to use my Second Darkness skill!'
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